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FusionFall Universe Forum Rules [Updated 1/07/2017]
« on: May 03, 2016, 07:29:10 AM »
Welcome to the FusionFall Universe Forums! This is the main hub for FusionFall discussion. Please read this quick list of rules before posting on our forums. You are expected to follow them at all times, and are responsible for keeping up with them if they are ever updated (the last update date should be in the title of this post). All of the following rules applies to both text and images. Thank you!

1. Use appropriate language.
Inappropriate use of wording in any of the forums will result in that specific word being censored. Excessive use of inappropriate wording will result in a warning or ban.  If you try to bypass or succeed in bypassing the censors, you will be warned/banned depending on the severity of the matter.

2. Treat others with respect.
Having different opinions is okay, but if the argument goes too far, the thread will either be locked or removed. We urge all users to respect the opinions of their fellow FusionFall fans.

Disrepect will not be tolerated. This includes mocking, antagonizing, harassing, or otherwise targeting the nerves of another member or group. Although by definition these depend on a member's intentions, moderators will judge incidents based on the perceived effects on the target. Be careful to respect other members' dignity.
(Depending on how big the offense is, violation of this rule can also result in a ban.)

3. Keep double posting to a minimal.
Double posting means posting multiple replies, (one after another), in the same thread. Try editing your messages instead.

4. DO NOT give out or ask for any personal information.
(Real name, address, phone number, age, etc.) Not even through our personal messaging system. The privacy of our users is important to us.

5. Do not troll or spam.
In other words, don't annoy members with negative/repetitive/unwanted/unnecessary comments and criticisms. Put yourself in that other member's shoes. Furthermore, please try to put thought into your posts. Reaction images are fun in small bursts, but we also love to hear thoughtful discussion!

6. Do not impersonate or act on the behalf of a staff member.
If you're trying to prove a point, please link to the thread or related source material containing authentic information confirmed by a developer. Please only cite official FusionFall Universe sources when doing this. Any posts that had been made by developers on ModNet do not count, as most of the information there is outdated.

7. Keep your posts organized.
Make sure you put a thread with a particular topic in the right section and category. The Fusionfall Universe Forums are divided into three sections: Universe, Legacy and Retro.

For example, if you're talking about fan art, post in the Fanworks section. If you want to form a club, post in the Clubhouse section. This extends to the Retro and Legacy categories as well, if you're talking about FusionFall Legacy, make sure you post it in the right section!

8. Only link to appropriate websites.
Linking to sites outside of the trio of FusionFall Universe websites (,, and,  must be deemed appropriate per these rules. Linking to Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts with personal information (or things of that nature) are not permitted. This includes providing information for Skype, Discord, Steam, Kik, Snapchat, Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and/or etc.The following is a full list of the pre-approved off-site information you are allowed to post:

YouTube Accounts and Videos (as long as they do not reveal any personal information about yourself or any other user of this website or break any of the other rules listed here.)
Image Hosting Websites (Imgur, Gyazo, prntscr, ect.)
Nintendo Network IDs / Friend Codes

These rules apply to personal messaging as well.

9. Don't act entitled.
If you want to complain, criticize the work that we do, or just badmouth the developers in general, you're allowed to. You have the right to do so. If you are well spoken and make valid points, we'll listen!

HOWEVER, if we find that ALL that you wind up doing here on the forums is complaining, we will take action.
We want our users to contribute to the discussion as a whole and interact with other members as politely and well spoken as possible. Harassing anyone in the community or on the FusionFall Universe team will NOT be tolerated.

Everyone on the FusionFall Universe team is here because it's our hobby. We're happy that so many other people care about FusionFall as much as we do!

10. Don't Advertise Threads!
You've all got super cool posts, we know! That said, please don't advertise your thread on someone else's thread. You can post a link if someone asks for one or if you think it will help forward the conversation as it stands, but there's no need to go around spamming it everywhere! If people want to read and reply to your thread, they'll do it on their own. Also remember that these forums are to hang out, meet, and discuss with fellow FFU fans, not to advertise your own personal unrelated projects.

11. Read the terms of service!
If you haven't read the ToS (Terms of Service), Please read them! The fact that you're on here signifies you agree to those. So follow them!

12. Have fun!
Don't be afraid to speak out or initiate your own threads talking about something of your concern.
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