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Title: The Fusion Containment and Control Squad(FCS for short) Now recruiting!!!
Post by: jaidenwolfman on November 08, 2018, 11:26:11 AM
The Fusion Containment Squad is an organization dedicated to holding back fuse's minions at localized points determined to be areas to control. Our mission is to hunt down and stop any major Fusion incursions and to reclaim lost and stolen items from fusions along with keeping sectors clear of Fuse's influence. Join the squad today to begin planning of our first official operation. Operations are elite events where we hunt certain fusions to clear an area to prevent further infestation. In operations at the end of the week the operation ends and the people or squad that has Attained the most Rare-Ultra rares or Eliminated the most hostile fusions gets a reward ranging from Ultra rares to crates to Taro rewards. We currently need many field operatives to begin our plans. Our base of operations is established @ City station and we have positions open ranging from Standard operative to Field commander. Join our elite group today recruit!