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Title: FusionFall: Retro Devblog 006
Post by: womayhem on September 09, 2016, 10:22:58 PM
Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Devblog for FusionFall: Retro. This week we're looking at NPC abilities, such as eruption and corruption attacks, both of which have been added to Retro. This brings us a step closer in accurate combat.

A corruption attack is when a fusion tries to attack your active nano. The type of corruption attack varies based on the type of nano, being Adaptium, Blastons, or Cosmix. There is a small delay before the attack is fired. The damage that your nano takes depends on its strength. If your nano is not strong enough it will lose a large portion of its stamina. If it is strong enough it will gain stamina back. Note that corruption attacks can still occur even if you don't have a nano active, in which case the damage would just be directed to the player. In case you forgot what they look like, here is one:


The second type of attack is the eruption attack. This attack places a patch of fusion matter under the player. The only way to dodge these is by running off the patch. After a few seconds the patch will explode and damage players still standing on the patch. The damage depends on the difference between you and the enemy's level. Generally these explode after 3 seconds. Monsters with the stun ability are more likely than others to utilize this ability. Eruption attacks look like these:


We're still trying to get regular combat as accurate as it can be in terms of numbers. Our goal is to make it fair and balanced, and this brings us a step closer to fully-featured combat in Retro. This is one of the core features we want to be sure we get right before entering the beta stage.

Be sure to tune in for more updates regarding closed beta and the requirements to be eligible for the short closed beta period that will occur sometime in the coming months. Be reminded that this closed beta period will last only for a few days. These few days will help us ensure that everything is stable enough to open up publicly. Thanks again for your guys' continued support! It truly means the world to us.