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FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: How do you guys typically get around?
« on: February 17, 2020, 11:52:48 AM »
Depends on my mood, I use Eddy as a sprint nano sometimes, although that is probably inefficient and risky to expend if around mobs. I use the bus as well, but if the bus hasn't arrived yet I run along the sky rail to evade confrontation with fuse monsters, so in that case expending nano energy isn't likely to get my character killed.

When I get the Megas nano however then I'll have an alternative means to evade mobs if I have to, using stealth like the good old days, I do want to get a vehicle though.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Any rules about VPN's?
« on: February 17, 2020, 10:53:11 AM »
Alternate accounts are actually allowed, just don't be excessive and waste system resources storing junk characters that are never used. And you shouldn't send us your IP address for a few reasons.
  • IP addresses dynamically change over time unless you have manually configured it to function differently
  • Sending your IP unnecessarily opens security risks, for FFU your IP is only used for networking and account linking purposes
  • It wouldn't be particularly useful to us
VPNs themselves are not against the rules, in fact they are required to properly connect and play in some regions, but abusing it can lead to you getting in trouble for breaking unrelated rules. But if you're just playing as normal without breaking any rules, it's fine.

That said I would still personally recommend not using a VPN while playing just for the simple fact that it adds latency which can damper your play experience. Connections to the game are already encrypted over HTTPS so you shouldn't need to worry about your password being taken or anything as long as you're being smart and don't let people watch you type it in or give people a reason to put in the effort.

Good points made, although when I post comments here it registers my IP and shows it to me. That left me wondering whether or not the community manager members could also see our IP addresses. But it doesn't matter so long as there are no violations being made by me or others I guess, I know you wouldn't attempt to tamper with our accounts.

If it were random non community managers then I'd be more worried about them seeing something as personal and sensitive as that, but they cannot see our IP addresses thank goodness.

and you raise a good point about the latency thing, VPN's are essentially proxy servers under a fancy new name with encryption and no log policy thrown in if they're good ones. They come with their disadvantages however and I would understand why some website staff would be picky about people using VPN's, as not everybody uses them for a benevolent purpose.

The good way to use a VPN is obviously:
To make it harder to get personal details stolen
Can prevent a Ddos or distributed denial of service attack
Getting around geo restrictions, especially useful if you attempt to watch Netflix or Hulu while abroad.

The bad:
Cyber criminals use them to hide their activities whilst online.
and people use them to get around bans, very bad if someone is a terrorist or a stalker.

I'm undecided on whether or not I should use the VPN while playing the game. It would add an extra layer of encryption to protect my password, especially if I use the WiFi connection on my laptop. But unless I annoy somebody on there which I doubt as I haven't been arguing with people on the game there probably isn't much reason to be worried about that, with hundreds of active users on there, it's unlikely I'm going to be targeted for elimination.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Any rules about VPN's?
« on: February 16, 2020, 04:47:33 AM »
are there any rules about VPN's I should know about? if so, then would it help if I private messaged the community members my real IP address? the one I used at the time of Fusionfall Retro account (both gamer and forum) creation?

or should I disable my VPN while playing? it has been a while since I read the ToS, I know harassment is obviously breaking the rules, as is cheating, and I do none of that on here. But I've seen some things being mentioned about alternate accounts by some people here, which are apparently against the rules, if so, then I almost did something foolish.

No I'm not going to make an alternate account, because I don't have to (thank goodness)
I managed to sort out my email problem I mentioned in a different thread I made. I can keep my old Microsoft alias and everything tied to it and still block out the ads and potential phishing emails, on top of bolstering security by disabling the sign in ability to the older email address, and now it is effectively invisible as on the sign in it says "That account doesn't exist, and I have to use my current alias to sign in.

Sure unsuccessful sync in the sign in activity means people didn't manage to get into it, but still, I didn't want to take chances about it. Please don't ban me if what I wrote here constitutes a violation, I meant no harm.  :(

I'm pretty sure that the only email address you can change is the one linked to your forum account. I tried changing my forum email address but my game email remained the same regardless. If you want a game account linked to a different email address, I suggest creating a new one.

as I suspected I'm out of luck, thanks for the input. Looks like it's back to day 1 in Fusionfall story for me then.
I've taken extra precautions to ensure my new email alias doesn't get spammed as easily and I'm a much more experienced computer user than I was over 10 years ago.

I found it obvious why we shouldn't give our passwords out to anyone, that's something I avoid doing at all costs. But I now realize it's important to keep the email address anonymous too, not necessarily because it would be easier to hack, but because it gets targeted by people wanting to send you ads and in worst case scenario, phishing emails.

I don't mind newsletters, normally you consent to getting those. But receiving piles of junk mail from senders you don't even recognize is annoying, and sometimes they find their way past Outlook's own spam filter and into your main inbox, and I'm not sure if any third party spam filters would've helped with that one.

Anyway thanks, I appreciate it.

Edit and update to the comment above.

I've found a workaround, and it turns out I never had to make a new Fusionfall gamer profile after all. When I created the new Microsoft account alias and made it the primary one, I was able to keep the old one as a secondary (but disabled the sign in on the old one for security reasons due to the unsuccessful sync attempts in the sign in activity). But there's more, I found some settings about the Outlook junk mail folder, and I was able to add people to a safe senders list, my contacts and all. Blocking out the spammers completely. So unless they manage to suss out my new email address which I doubt they will do any time soon, and if they manage to spoof the email addresses of one of my contacts, I'm not getting spam anytime soon! :)

I want to know if it is possible to change the email attached to the Fusionfall in-game account and username.

I've recently changed email alias because I kept receiving loads of spam and plus it was an old email address and it's going to be a bit of a time consuming task to change everything over to it. But can I attach my new email alias on my Fusionfall account or do I have to make another Fusionfall profile for this to work? help would be appreciated, sorry to bother. Have a good life all.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Retro
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:01:44 PM »
Been a long time since I've been on Fusionfall, is there anything I should know about?

any updates that have been applied? I've not been on the game in many months now, like not since before summer.
But I would like people to share some information if they have any, like if there have been fixes for crashes. I hope the devs aren't planning on shutting it down after the release of FF Legacy, the ability to play both games would be nice.

Hope you're all doing well, and I hope you all enjoy Halloween at the end of the month. :)

Off Topic / Minecraftforum moderators suck.
« on: August 10, 2019, 06:35:27 PM »
Lol!!!! the minecraft forum moderators are such losers, seriously.

I've had to make the point that they banned me simply because they didn't like the advise I had given to someone who complained about Minecraft performance issues, recommending that person uses bedrock edition as Java version is slower, and I get both an account strike and a temporary ban for it.

My friends in my email saw the screenshots of the staffs private messages to me and one of them who responded when he found the time off work commented about the fact that the moderators on there clearly have a grudge against me, it's pathetic. This is laughable, and when I responded to the staff on that forum to give them a piece of my mind for their nonsense censorship they ban me again. Idiots Hahahaha!

I've got no sympathy for them, I find this funny, actually, if I wasn't so tired tonight I'd hurt my stomach laughing about it.

Off Topic / Minecraft anti grief suggestions part 2
« on: July 18, 2019, 04:30:55 AM »
To follow up on a thread I made 2 years ago I would just like to let people who are interested know that I've made some suggestions to give people more control over how their whitelisted Minecraft servers go.

I'm not asking for rules to be universal across ALL servers and never said I wanted them
but people should respect rules laid out by people who did not create anarchy servers.

If anything goes is your thing, join an anarchy server.
Don't cause havoc on private whitelisted worlds with specific rules laid out by people who don't want that on their own worlds, if you do then expect to be banned and I've got no sympathy for people who do get banned from said servers. Some people obviously did care about this topic armant, otherwise servers with rules wouldn't exist.

Relyh ""Griefing" and "Raiding" are problems on servers where they aren't allowed. They're bad because they're against the rules and ruin the game experience for others. If you want griefing and raiding allowed on a vanilla survival server, make your own. I play various server types. I would be beyond infuriated if someone were to grief me on the vanilla survival snapshot server I play on as I use the server to focus on aesthetic builds and put hours into doing them. Everyone else on the server is like minded and that has become the ultimate purpose on the server. Alternatively, if I logged onto the factions server I play on and discovered my base to be in ruins and my items missing, I'd simply sigh and get back to reconstructing everything."

Blizzard498 "You need to see the other side of the view. Imagine yourself building something great that your spent hours on that fills you with pride and joy. You log off or leave from the area. The next time you come back all those hours of hard work and joy are gone along with your creation. And all that's there is now is a pile of rubble with a sign saying something rude or offensive, or a group of fully diamond armored 10 year olds spawn camping the living heck out of you and calling you bad stuff they probably shouldn't say."

The way I see it, it would really suck to put a bunch of your time, that you spent on this game instead of anything else, and worked hard nonstop to create a magnificent creation. You log off and come back the next day, only to see the smoldering remains of it and a few rude signs nearby taunting you and your previous creation. It's honestly just rude and unkind, so unless I had done something to deserve it, such as attacking their base or something, it just seems unnecessary. Now on the other hand, if it was raided on a server where that's to be expected (and the ruins of my base would have actually been taken for use), that's a bit different. The main issue being that (at least this is how I feel) all of my hard work was completely removed from the face of the Earth, without me even knowing about it or being able to prevent it."

_LoneWolfe_ "(Hypothetical) Just imagine that someone destroyed your entire house in real life that you built, just because they could and knew someone worked really hard on it. Kind of stinks considering you'd have nowhere to stay, all of your food and such would be gone, your awards and such buried in the rubble... It's a slightly extreme example, but still the same effect on another level (also notice the word grief in the term 'griefing', the definition isn't necessarily anything positive either)."

TheMasterCaver "is one reason why I only play singleplayer; no worries about getting griefed, and a creeper blowing up part of a wall is nothing compared to somebody setting off 1000 TNT in your base.

It'd also be hard to hide a base like this:

It's really depending what server your on. If you are in a full anarchy server, then does not matter, because other players who join those servers what to be in a post apocalyptic feeling (atleast to me)."

snakeblood19 "if you are in a creative server, differnet story. Most players in the minecraft community, express themselves with the hard work they had achieve.
At first I thought people who got griefed were just overreacting and it's just a game(it is). However once I experience this, I can see why people can get upset."

FireKit "If you have to ask why people don't like to be griefed, You're probably too young or immature to think outside your own personal box. Sadly some people have to get 30s before life puts some sense into them and for others there may be no hope.

Theres so many reasons not to use a server, griefing is the main one and so is xrayers, but also limitations on mob numbers and mob tower/redstone restrictions.

There are many people that play this game online and can't leave something they find alone. Even when they know it will be found out and get them banned. They have a serious case of the dumbs.

Myself I haven't played a minecraft multi server in 1-2 years. In which ever version still had stone bricks mine extremely slow. But I got a better computer now and I've been thinking of trying it again."

RurouniTim "Griefing is trying to harass one or more players on a server. To put it simply, it's bullying, and usually it's done for no real purpose.

Now if you're talking about raiding, that's a completely different thing. Raiding is an attempt to sabotage for a reason, gaining resources, eliminating possible threats, etc and many servers allow/are based on this style of gameplay. Some people don't find enjoyment in having their structures damaged without them knowing about it, which is why many people don't play on raiding servers. If you raid bases on a server that doesn't allow it, then you're just griefing/bullying random people over the internet."

This shoots down the nobody cares theory armant made back in 2017.
I don't mean to be negative but I had to make a point about this because it is a real problem on some Minecraft servers which is why whitelisting became a thing on Minecraft worlds, if there weren't disrespectful people then we wouldn't have a need for whitelisting and in a perfect world we wouldn't require backup files, but that isn't the real world in which we live in, unfortunately. I genuinely think Microsoft/Mojang should consider making the bedrock edition server application log user activity down to the finest detail and spell it out in English so people who aren't programmer nerds understand it too.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Which Guide Makes The Most Sense?
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:11:21 AM »
Yeah. In that case, Mojo Jojo does make sense as he stays in character.
Edd is just random... If he is able to concoct a fortress, he is capable of more.

It wasn't really much of a fortress, it was built out of wood and cardboard lol
Even scrap metal would've been a better option as it would've been more sturdy, although heavier to carry around.

one begs the question why Edd didn't just use Goat's junkyard to build the walls.
But I guess the Cul De Sac kids didn't have the strength to carry that much metal around nor had the time. And without Ed, Rolf or Kevin they wouldn't have had the manpower necessary to do it.

The Powerpuff Girls were busy helping KND and the player characters
Dexter probably would've been able to help if Dee Dee wasn't such a distraction.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Fusionfall Legacy vs Retro question
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:25:07 AM »
I would say that choosing which one is better is rude and disrespectful to both teams, BUT Legacy is improving a lot of issues from Retro in addition to loads of new content. If those fixes are genuinely good, I vote Legacy. And they probably will be, considering the team they have.

The people need to remember is even if Fusionfall Legacy ends up with vastly more content, it's still the same game at the core, the story will be the same, minus the additional characters. The final objective of the game will also be the same, defeat Lord Fuse and save the CN Universe.

It's also going to have finite content still, what happens after a lot of people beat that game? will they want to start from the beginning with new characters?

anyway I agree with your first sentence, putting one version of the game down would be disrespectful of the work the dev teams have put into each version, and Fusionfall Retro with its promised bug fixes is superior even to the OG Fusionfall from 2009, same game, but this time less problems and it runs in its own separate client instead of requiring the Unity web player extension inside a web browser, eliminating all the fuss with incompatibility with web browsers.

it's kind of like comparing Game Freak and Pokemon Company original Pokemon games to the remakes, no matter the content or the graphics, nostalgia will be a factor in why some prefer or still want to play the older versions, people like to see the differences, possibly for purposes of learning or commentary on Youtube.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Legacy vs Retro question
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:23:17 AM »
I have a quick question to ask everyone, I don't know what kind of progress is taking place in the development of Fusionfall Legacy, other than the odd screenshots posted on the Twitter page, showing that Legacy will have vastly updated graphics compared to the original

but which is going to be better out of Legacy and Retro overall? can this question be answered now?

I've made suggestions on what side quest I think could be added to Fusionfall Legacy
and I'd love to see people make corrections or add suggestions to improve my suggestion, or make a constructive criticism on why it shouldn't be done if they disagree.

My suggestion was based on an old CN TV series called 2 Stupid Dogs.
but also combining it with an old childrens fable about the boy who cried wolf.

and I'm sure there are plenty of other mission suggestions similar to my own with regards to Fusionfall Legacy, people want more missions than the original had. It is based on an MMO after all.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Windows 7 or Windows 10?
« on: February 08, 2019, 12:19:38 AM »
Windows 10 plays the game perfectly for me. Also if by chance you should have any problems with the game you can always run it in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. Have fun and good luck.

Which isn't going to happen, if most people who play the game are running the game just fine on Windows 10 on their PC's, then it's highly unlikely that "compatibility mode" will resolve the problem for the remainder of Win 10 users.

I've got 2 PC's (laptop and desktop) with Windows 10 that run this game without hassle most of the time
and I'm pretty sure the occasional network error had nothing to do with OS incompatibility.

I go with the latest OS so long as it works for most of the applications I use
If Windows 10 had been causing me too many problems, then there would be a reason to go back to 7.
But as another person stated, Windows 7 is outdated and I'll add the statement that it will most likely cease receiving updates in the near future, just as XP already did in 2014.

I see no reason to use old OS's unless you've got vintage games in your collection that simply will not work with Windows 10. But from my experience with PC games on G.O.G and Fusionfall, that isn't the case.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Which Guide Makes The Most Sense?
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:04:47 PM »
Edd is after the Crazy Brain Candy, which can make hundreds of kids into FuseŽs slaves. Other than that tho Edd is just a troll guide, with most of the people you get assigned with (like Bloo) barely caring for the Crazy Brain Candy only after you do like 5 tasks for them. Its funny, hilarious, and has alot of references and funny lines.

Mojo is actually my favorite in terms of story. I love how you help him try to take over the world just as Fuse is trying to do, and everyone in the world doubts you and Mojo. It was only after Mandy came in and helped you fool his plan (despite the fact she also wants to make an army of her own).

Dexter and Ben are practically the only 2 after Fuse. Dexter for making heroes disappear, and Ben for research to take down Planet Fuse. They have cool plotlines too, but imo not as fun as the other 2.

I'd use Mojo as a guide on one of my 4 characters, it's just a game. But I'm not going to deny the fact that helping him goes against the ultimate goal of the protagonist characters such as Dexter and Ben 10, or even non guide characters such as  KND, Bloo from FHFIF or Powerpuff Girls.

Where Mojo Jojo is concerned, I see that part of Fusionfall Retro as the "dark story".
although it still fits within the concepts of Role Playing Games.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Which Guide Makes The Most Sense?
« on: February 06, 2019, 11:12:38 AM »
Ben & Dexter make the most sense. Edd is just troll level as a guide.

Mojo makes the least sense, since all he wants to do is become a global dictator, which basically defeats the purpose of defeating Fuse, you're replacing one villainous hierarchy with another.

At least Edd has innocence of a child as his excuse for making you do pointless tasks which contribute very little to the cause against the Fusion invasion besides the gear, but I suppose it adds comedy to the whole game. Cartoon Network characters were constantly breaking the forth wall in terms of story anyway.
You didn’t expect Mojo Jojo to NOT use a worldwide conflict as an excuse to up his power, did you?

No, but that's beside the point. While it's true that Cartoon Network storylines aren't exactly known for being the most logical and they break the fourth wall, like Looney Tunes do.

The thing is when you have him as a guide to go against an alien invasion, the characters you play as were taking a pretty big risk, one being betrayal. We do it because the game is about fun.

But if this were real life, I doubt the situation would be the same and you better believe Mojo Jojo would be the last person I'd want to work for.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Which Guide Makes The Most Sense?
« on: February 06, 2019, 05:37:20 AM »
Ben & Dexter make the most sense. Edd is just troll level as a guide.

Mojo makes the least sense, since all he wants to do is become a global dictator, which basically defeats the purpose of defeating Fuse, you're replacing one villainous hierarchy with another.

At least Edd has innocence of a child as his excuse for making you do pointless tasks which contribute very little to the cause against the Fusion invasion besides the gear, but I suppose it adds comedy to the whole game. Cartoon Network characters were constantly breaking the fourth wall in terms of story anyway.

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