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Fall-Bay: Trading / Step on up to Kyra's tiny shop
« on: January 03, 2019, 09:25:44 PM »

FusionFall Fanworks / [Story] Boomer's Invited to Christmas Eve Dinner
« on: December 20, 2016, 10:43:25 PM »
Hello everyone! I hope your December days are going well. I am here to bring you all a Christmas story featuring everybody's my favorite Rowdyruff: Boomer. I felt he was a good character to have starring in a Christmas fanfic, and I hope you all enjoy what you're about to read.

(Chapter One)
The air was chilly, a prime indicator that winter was in session. The decorated trees indicated the holiday season was underway, and the countdown clock to the side of the Sunken Mall informed everybody that Christmas was only two days away. From a top his vantage point on the rooftop buildings, Boomer watched as the stoppers ran about the mall, dodging other shoppers and entering the various stores that were starting to reach their maximum capacity. The season was certainly a busy season, especially the closer it got to the twenty-fifth day of month. Having a very limited grasp on the holiday, Boomer spent his time each day watching the scene in amazement, and this day was no different from the prior days.

As he watched the people scurry around like a chicken with its head chopped off, he took notice of their attires. The shoppers all donned warmer clothes to combat the cooling weather, trading in their tee shirts and shorts for turtlenecks and leggings. He even spotted individuals who did not normally wear clothing on a daily basis sporting some sort of article of clothing around their neck or on their hands. Boomer looked down at his own clothing, taking note that it didn't look similar to their outfits. He wore a long-sleeve shirt and pants, but he didn't wear any sweaters or scarves or hoodies or gloves. He wore the same thing he wore during the summer and fall. He wasn't bothered by the cold, and so he didn't see a need to change his outfit, but as he continued to look over the peoples' outfits, he wondered if he should.

Christmas was a strange holiday to him. He and his brothers understood that the holiday was a happy one; the kind that heroes and the civilians celebrated. He grew up seeing the decorations and the trees and the lights and the presents, but he didn't understand any of it. He always thought about it every year, but he still, even now, didn't understand what it meant. To him, the holiday looked like organized chaos, if the frantic shoppers were any indicator. Why would anyone want to be a part of it?

"Hey, you're Boomer, right?"

The sudden voice asking for him startled him from his people watching. Turning to find who would be speaking to him, he found a brown-haired boy standing just a couple feet back from him. The boy was just a child, and hardly looked terrifying or powerful, but Boomer wasn't one to trust first impressions. Cautious, Boomer stood up from where he sat and turned to fully face the child.

"Yes," Boomer responded, not bothering to ask how the child knew his name. He already knew; he was infamous enough to identify.

The child offered him an easy smile, disarming the blond who was not used to such friendly behavior.

"Jackie talks about you sometimes, when Madame Foster asks him about the investigation you two are on. She really wants to meet you, and asked me to come talk to you," the boy continued.

"About what?" Boomer asked in confusion. Somebody actually wanted to meet him?

"She wants to know if you want to come to dinner for Christmas Eve," the boy answered.

Boomer was stunned by the answer. Not only did somebody want to meet him, but they wanted him to have dinner with them the night before Christmas.

"Is that allowed?" he asked in uncertainty.

The boy's smile faltered slightly, looking sad at the question before going back to his friendly smile.

"Of course it is. Madame Foster's personally inviting you. She runs the house, so what she says goes," the boy reassured the teenager. "So, are you going to come?"

Boomer's preservation instincts told him to say no. He couldn't be sure that this wasn't a trap, and what if the evening went wrong? But he couldn't just deny it out of fear, right? Heroes didn't back down, and he was a hero-in- training, so he needed to toughen up and step out of his comfort zone.

"Tell her I will," Boomer answered, sounding as confident as he could.

The boy's smile widened in a grin, and it was entirely friendly. The smile was contagious, because Boomer smiled back, however small it was.

"Great, I'll let her know," the boy said. He turned around, perhaps to run off to Madame Foster, but he caught himself and turned back. "Oh right, it'll be held at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. You know, the building over in Peach Creek Estates?"

The Rowdyruff did know where the Home was; he had visited it once before when he went to recruit Jackie for the Townsville Zoo case. However, he did not want to say anything to the boy, and simply nodded in understanding.

"Thanks," Boomer answered, pausing when he realized that he didn't know what the boy's name was.

The boy picked up on the reason for Boomer's pausing and chuckled lightly.

"Oh, guess I forgot to introduce myself," the boy mentioned. "I'm Mac."

"Boomer," the Rowdyruff replied. "Though you already knew that."

Mac smiled, and then took in Boomer's appearance.

"Aren't you cold?" Mac questioned. "Don't you have any warmer clothes?"

"No," Boomer responded, looking at his clothing in a hint of confusion. "This is pretty much all I have."

Mac frowned briefly, but he hid it quickly. Boomer still saw it, but didn't comment on it.

"Anyways, the dinner's tomorrow at six. You should arrive a little early to get a seat. I'll see you there," Mac stated, turning around again and running off.

"See ya," Boomer said in response, left to himself once more.

He was officially invited to Christmas Eve dinner.....

......This would be fun, right?

Instead of working on my Let's Talk series, I found myself making this song parody instead. Please enjoy.

FusionFall Fanworks / [Story] Nano Boomer Comes to Life
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:29:12 PM »
A little something I thought of while driving home from work. I'd like it to be known that this is my take on Nanos, and does not reflect the game's official depiction of a Nano or how a Nano is made so don't come running in here telling me this isn't how a Nano operates; this is fanfiction for a reason.

When he opens his eyes, everything comes to him.

He knows his name. He knows of what he is. He knows he has a power, and he knows its ability and what it can do. He knows he can fly and float, and it is the only thing that keeps him from touching the ground. He knows of a past that is simultaneously his and not his; a past that belonged to his two creators. He knows all of it instantly.

He looks around his surroundings, taking in a setting he is aware of and also hasn't seen before. He is in a cave, with Fusion Matter covered on the walls and ground and ceiling. He glances downward, and it is then that he sees he is not alone. It is a human; he knows this name to be the enemy of his Fusion past. She is female, and she is a teenager.

He locks up in sudden fear because he doesn't know what to do.

He is the byproduct of a being that already exists. As a byproduct, his DNA was printed with the coding from his original. He knows the memories, the dreams, the desires, the fears, the emotions of his original, and they are all his too. And so, when he sees the girl, he doesn't know how to approach her. He is a newborn Nano, made from the DNA of his original, and fueled by the Fusion Matter from the Fusion Clone.

He wants to run. He wants to get far away from her because he does not know how to approach her. But there is a deep seated nature within his body that won't let him leave. It is possessive. Deep inside, there is an instinct that tells him she is his, just as much as he is hers. And it is because of this that he still stays floating, staring at her.

He can't run from her, but he doesn't dare approach her. His original didn't know how to speak to other people, and that trait has fallen onto him. Perhaps the girl is aware of his weak trait, because she smiles, and for a moment, the image of a blonde haired girl surfaces in his mind. This smile is soft and friendly, but more importantly it makes him feel safe. She steps up to him and reaches out, touching his arms gently like he's made of glass. Perhaps she's afraid he'll run; he did have that thought. He offers no resistance, and so she wraps her fingers around his arms and pulls him downward. When he doesn't run, and instead flows with her movements, her smile widens and brightens. She stops him so that the two are able to see each other eye-to-eye, and he can't find a single hint of malice in her green eyes.

"Hello, Nano Boomer," she greets him. "My name is Kyra, and you're my new friend."

And just like that, he is happy.

Q&A Zone / Kyra's Inquiries & Responses
« on: November 03, 2016, 08:06:06 PM »
Why not?

Hello and welcome. Any questions you want answered so long as they comply with the site's rules and regulations about my person can be asked and answered here.

FusionFall Fanworks / [Story] Demongo and Halloween
« on: October 19, 2016, 12:47:36 PM »
I wrote this three years ago, but I wanted to share it for Halloween. Enjoy!

Demongo had no idea on what Halloween was.

He'd first heard about the holiday from the monkeys and humans he was stationed with at Hunter's Crest (well, he was there by choice; the two groups were forced there). They had been talking about it in their little groups, looking giddy and excited for the upcoming day.

Poor Demongo had no clue on what the day meant, or on why they would be dressing up or attending parties like they talked about. Honestly, they understood that there was a war going on, right? Not that Demongo cared or anything; his priorities laid with reviving his master. However, he could not get victims recruits to do his bidding; they were too busy talking about this infernal Halloween day, which from more spying, revealed that the humans would dress up in outfits called costumes and, if you were young, go out trick-or-treating; the older humans would go to parties or something in their costumes.

The more he learned about it, the more intrigued he was with it. However, the humans and monkeys wouldn't speak with him, so he was left with unanswered questions that he wanted answered. And unfortunately, the only people he could possibly ask were on that floating ship, his mortal enemy Jack, and the diamond-bodied Tetrax. Neither of them would be willing to assist him in the matter, so he'd have to go and find someone else who would be helpful. Someone he knew personally.


Demongo knocked on the door of the house with the strange looking tree. He was in Endsville to meet up with Grim, an associate of his since the two worked in a similar profession: death. Demongo waited patiently, before he grew annoyed and tapped on the door even harder. After a third set of knocking, the door finally opened, revealing a teenage boy in a red cap. Huddled behind him was a Fusion Monster, though the Soul Collector paid it no mind.

"Is the Reaper here?" Demongo questioned.

"Grim? Oh no. He's down in Orchid Bay!" Billy responded, cheerful and not at all afraid of the man with the flame head. Living in Endsville sort of numbs a person's normal reaction to the abnormal.

Demongo frowned a little.

"I see," he responded.

"Wanna leave a message?"

"Yes. I wish to know about this Halloween business," Demongo answered. "You humans have been talking about this for a great while now, and it has piped my curiosity."

"Oh, Halloween? I know all about that!" Billy responded enthusiastically.

"You do?" Demongo asked, his interest now peaked.

"Why sure! I even almost caused it to be Halloween every night," Billy responded.

"Really?" Demongo asked, surprised that a simple human could do such a thing. Maybe he would be useful to his master?

"Well, not me. Some freak with a pumpkin for a head stole Grim's scythe and almost made it Halloween every night. He even called out some weird candy monsters," Billy answered.

"I see," Demongo answered with a nod; so as he thought, it had been a demon to do the work. "Tell me, what is the point of Halloween?"

"To have fun o'course," Billy responded. "We dress up, we go out and get free candy. It's fun!"

"I suppose for a human it may seem as such," Demongo responded.

"But it's all magical and stuff! And with Grim's scythe, you can do practically anything!"

"Practically anything? Like...say I wish to revive my master with it...?"

"Well I don't see why not," Billy stated with a nod, not realizing who he was actually speaking to.

"I see," Demongo practically purred, his mind working out a plan. He grinned widely. "Well human, since you have been useful to me, I shall spare your life. I will be taking my leave of you. Good day."

Demongo wrapped the cape around his body and teleported away, leaving a smiling Billy at the door. The boy closed his door, commenting to himself,

"What a nice lady."


Orchid Bay was rather boring; the pirates weren't doing anything that was worthwhile, and there weren't a lot of Monsters that demanded any attention. So Grim was left to do nothing but tan his white bones, waiting for something interesting to do. He was caught by surprise when Demongo suddenly appeared in front of him, a grin that read "I'm-up-to-no-good" upon his face. He reached out and grabbed the scythe, ripping it from Grim's hand.

"I need to borrow this," the demon stated, not waiting for any permission. "Bye."

The demon teleported away before Grim could utter a word. Letting the past interaction replay in his mind, Grim released a groan.

"If he does what I think he'll do," Grim muttered to himself, "then dis will only be a disaster."

FusionFall Fanworks / [Story] The End
« on: August 29, 2016, 12:34:03 AM »
Three years ago, I wrote this story just before the end of the game. I thought, with Retro and Legacy on their way, it would be fitting to post it on this site the day the game was shut down. The art below was drawn by Sassquire. Please, enjoy.

It was just a game, right? None of this was real. These tears...these A.I.s weren't real, were they? They weren't experiencing death...right?

The world around me was breaking down as I stood amongst the A.I.s at the Sunken Mall. I observed how the beloved characters cried and looked on the impending doom, accepting their fate. Was this part of their coding?

Of course it is, half my brain shouted as I watched Bubbles hug Mojo tightly. Don't be stupid. It's just a game! The developers are letting you experience the end of the game!

But, the other half countered sadly. This isn't just a game. It's their life.

I shook my head at that notion. A game having a life? Absurd. But...

"Is this really the end Double-D?"

I paid attention to the three Ed's conversation. The three were huddled close to one another, seeking out protection from each other. Double-D looked the most composed, Eddy looked numbed, and Ed looked sad. It was quite strange to see such reactions on their faces, considering how out of character it looked. Maybe they were glitching, or perhaps it was coded that way for this part of the game?

Or maybe they're experiencing impending death? my brain offered, to which I waved off.

"Yes, Ed," Double-D answered with a resigned sigh. He began to pat Ed's head, the only way to keep the taller boy calm in such a dire situation. "I'm afraid it is."

"After so long," Eddy whispered numbly.

"But why Double-D?" Ed asked, sounding so sad and lost.

Double-D looked like he had choked on a sob, because he released a rather choppy,

"I don't know why."

"This isn't fair!" a voice cried angrily.

I turned my attention to Ben Tennyson. Amongst the other A.I.s he stood as the angriest. He wasn't sad like the others; he looked down right upset.

"How can they turn their backs on us after our dedication to them! Haven't we given them everything!?" Ben continued.

"You know there's nothing we can do," Max responded, trying to calm his nephew down. "We served our purpose."

"That's not right!" Ben argued.

"We know Ben," Gwen responded sadly. "But there's nothing we can do."

"But what about the Users?!" Rex argued, standing up for his friend. He seemed angry as well. "Can't they help?"

"No," Six responded stoically, probably the most composed character of them all. "There's nothing they can do. They're in this with us as well."

"It's still not right," Lance snapped as he stood protectively over Octus and Ilana.

"I wish we could have had more time," Numbuh Three spoke up sadly from where she sat on the ground.

"I hadn't even resurrected my master," Demongo lamented from the outskirts of the group.

"I never got a date," Johnny mourned from where he sat by Coop, who commented, "I never got to salvage Megas."

"I didn't get to jam with my band," Ace responded numbly, from where he stood with an arm wrapped around a stoic Buttercup's shoulders.

"There is much we had left to accomplish," Jack said sagely, composed like Six, but containing sadness in the frown of his lips.

"But we weren't given the chance," DeeDee mourned as she held Mandark and Dexter in a hug.

"The odds were against us," Computress commented, logical as ever.

Courage whimpered sadly, burying his face in Juniper's shoulders.

"We were new too," Finn spoke up, standing beside the Adventure Time characters, Chowder, and Flapjack.

"We had so much to offer," Johnny Test said as he was petting Dukey.

"When the Future left, it was a sign," Grim brought up sadly.

A building crashed somewhere close by, but my main focus was on the characters who were mourning the future they could have had.

At the life, my mind supplied. At the life they could of had.

"Will we ever come back?" Eduardo asked, whimpering and crying.

Frankie was beside him, rubbing circles on his back to calm him down while Mr. Herriman looked over the residences of the House sadly. Even Cheese was silent, holding onto Mac just as Bloo was.

"No," Drew said weakly as she sat with Zak's head in her lap. She was stroking her fingers through his hair, comforting him in their final moments like any mother would. "No, we're not coming back."

The Sunken Mall suddenly cracked, and began to split open. The characters' eyes widened; they knew this was the end. The world below them was crumbling, and even I stepped back several times from the cracks. I looked around and realized it was getting ready for a big drop; the game was going to drop itself at one entire moment. The characters seemed aware of this as well, and they just looked on with resignation. This was it...

"There's only one thing we can do," T.O.M. spoke out, clear and calm.

...This was the end...

"And what's that?" Hoss Delgado asked.

...After so long...

"Stay gold."

...It's over...

I, along with the characters, fell after his words, and I heard myself scream with the other characters as we fell into the bottomless pit. As we fell, I saw Double-D, who had been separated from his best friends, reaching out to me. Compelled by his look of fear, I reached out for him as we fell.


My eyes flew open, and I threw my helmet off of me. My heart was pounding, as I reached for something solid. "GAME OVER" was flashing on the visor lens. Taking deep breaths, I looked over to the computer screen it was linked up to, and saw that the entire page was gone. That was it. Game over. No more FusionFall.

I looked down at my hand, the one that reached out to Double-D, and I felt a tear escape as I remember the faces of them all. Jack...T.O.M...Dexter...Blossom...They were all gone. They were...they were...

"Dead," I muttered out loud as another tear escaped. "Dead. Dead." More tears fell as I began to sob hysterically. "They're dead! They're dead! They're gone! They're dead!"

I fell to my knees and cried. Why...why were they dead? Why were their lives taken from them? Why wasn't there another option? Why couldn't they have lived?!

When did the game gain a live to have? I thought as I cried.

It had always had a life, my mind responded back. You just didn't see it till now.

Off Topic / Olympics 2016
« on: August 05, 2016, 10:31:51 PM »
Anyone going to watch it? I'm really only curious about the opening ceremony.

The Rec Room / Wulin Warriors
« on: July 26, 2016, 01:09:14 AM »

I'm curious if anyone remembers this series. It's a puppet-show based on the Taiwan series Pili.

Back in 2006, on Toonami, Wulin Warriors ran for all of two episodes. Because of its poor reception (and really, really bad dubbing), the show was cancelled, so only the two episodes were released, though the other twelve dubbed episodes were released to the internet.

I remember seeing an episode from this back in '06, but I forgot what it had been called, and had been searching for it for the longest time. I finally found it and saw the fourteen episodes, and I gotta say, this is my guilty pleasure. The dubbing is something to cringe over, and it's acknowledged the original series is far superior, but there's something about the show that draws me in. I can't really tell you what it is exactly since I'm not positive myself.

So, who else has seen this or even remembers it?

FusionFall Fanworks / [Story] The Aircarrier's Descent
« on: July 01, 2016, 11:45:37 PM »

So, today's Pic of the Day "Transmission Lost" got my mind working over a story for the picture. I'm probably 100% wrong, but that still didn't stop me from writing this quick little one-shot. Do not take this thing seriously; it's just basically my musings after seeing this beautiful picture.

His lungs were burning, doing everything in their power to cycle oxygen in and keep the body functioning. He was supposed to have a higher endurance because of his time on the soccer team, but his body was exhausted. The Spawns had multiplied to unimaginable numbers, and his Omnitrix stopped working. Without the use of his alien technology, he had resorted to using his fists to beat the Spawns back. He had no real sense of time since a green haze had taken over their sky, blocking out the sun (Professor Utonium had commented it was a miracle the sunlight was still capable of reaching the Earth, else they would have all been dead sooner). Even without the sun, though, he figured he'd been beating back the Spawns for over an hour. He would have continued, had his communicator not beeped to life, sending out a distress call. The Dexlabs' Aircarrier was under attack, and the crew needed instant assistance. He didn't hear what the problem was; he simply jumped at the call for help.

As he came up a hill, he came to an abrupt halt. He didn't know what it was, but from somewhere deep inside of him, a bad feeling had him stopping. After a quick sweep of his environment, it didn't take him long to see what the problem was. High above the sky, before his very eyes, the Aircarrier that had sent the distress call was hovering in the air over the remains of the abandoned city. It was hovering too close over the abandoned city. None of Dexlabs' Aircarriers (especially not this one; this was the last of its kind) were supposed to be at that altitude. He now understood the dilemma the Aircarrier was facing; they were falling. Once the quick rush of dread ran through his body, he went to his Omnitrix, attempting to access the panel so he could morph into one of his many aliens; Humungousaur or Waybig would do just the trick. As before, the Omnitrix refused to work, protesting with high pitched beeping. Gritting his teeth, he tried to get it working two more times before he had to call it quits.

Looking back up, he watched the Aircarrier draw closer to the ground. If nothing was done within the next handful of minutes, a disaster would occur. Gritting his teeth, a helpless feeling washed over his being. The Powerpuff Girls had been missing for months. The Kids Next Door's numbers had been drastically reduced. Providence's agents had been depleted, and their airships malfunctioned. His cousin couldn't be found. Megas was trapped in its Fusion Matter grave, just as it had been for the entire war. The Mandark-Bot, Robo-Dexo 2000, DeeDee-Bot, and Dynamo had all been dismantled by various Fusions months prior. His Omnitrix was too contaminated from the Fusion Matter to be of assistance. Anyone who could have possibly helped was indisposed or unable to. The realization that the Aircarrier would crash left a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn't like this feeling of helplessness; he didn't like it at all.

The heavily damaged Aircarrier listed to the portside, heading in his direction. Wide-eyed, he fell into a fighting stance, bringing his arms up and clenching his hands. He knew it would do him no good; what could a mere human do against a six hundred thousand ton airship? He fell into the stance out of necessity; he needed to feel useful. If he could feel like he could make a difference, perhaps a miracle would occur, and the Aircarrier would magically take to the sky once more.

Miracles were far and few between.

The Aircarrier drew nearer, much to his dismay and horror. Within minutes, the Aircarrier crashed into the Cell Tower that was located several yards from his location. The noise the crash made was loud enough to make him flinch. It was the debris and force that made him cross his arms to protect his face and body against the flying parts. He forced his body to stay still; he would not crumble or fall backward, not as long as he had a say in the matter. He felt metal pieces that once belonged to the Cell Tower fly past him, some managing to leave shallow scratches on his person. When he no longer felt like he was being pushed, he lowered his crossed arms and surveyed the destruction.

The Aircarrier that had once been in the air, now occupied the ground. The Cell Tower that had once stood could no longer be found; its structure had been broken and scattered. Even from his place, he could see Fusion Matter littering the airship. A nasty looking Terrafuser sat above the bridge of the airship, no doubt the cause of the quick spreading Matter. How it got there was unknown to him, and he guessed it didn't matter. Getting rid of it wouldn't stop the Airship from falling; he was already past that point. Grabbing his communicator, he stared in dismay at the signal bar that occupied the left corner of the device. It couldn't detect a signal. His fingers clenched around the palm-sized device, nearly cracking it with the pressure he was applying to it. It was just as Dexter had informed them: if one Cell Tower fell, all signal was stopped.

The Earth's heroes were scattered or missing. The Earth's lands were being sunk by the sea of Fusion Matter that tainted their once beautiful blue water. The Fusions were multiplying every second of every day. Their air support was taken out. Their communication was lost. They were at rock bottom.

The despair that Ben had kept at bay since the start of the war swept in like a tidal wave, bringing him to his knees. He couldn't shake it; couldn't avoid it.

It was all he was capable of feeling.

Off Topic / RWBY's Officially Unofficial Topic
« on: June 12, 2016, 03:48:44 PM »

RWBY, Rooster Teeth's anime-esque web series created by the late Monty Oum, is a series about four young girls (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long) attending Beacon Academy to become Huntresses, protectors of their world called Remnant. Its the job of the Huntsman and Huntresses to protect Remnant and its people from the forces of Grimm, soulless creatures who are out to kill humanity.

Currently, RWBY has three volumes and one spin-off series, RWBY Chibi. The main series is in its off season and will start again in the fall. RWBY Chibi is currently airing and will most likely end sometime before RWBY begins. No official word has been given about the date, but with RTX 2016 just around the corner, their RWBY panel should shed more light on not only what the newest volume will contain, but also when it will start.

So, this thread is for a discussion about the story, plot, characters, and music of the series. What was your favorite volume? Your favorite character? Your favorite fight? What do you want to see in the future? What are you still confused about? What questions do you still have about the series?

FusionFall Fanworks / [Video] Let's Talk|Kyra Plays
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:17:04 PM »
From the original thread back on FFL

Soooo, this is my attempt at making a series for my channel. It's going to be Let's Talk, and it'll focus on FusionFall Legacy (and probably Retro). I don't know how many videos will be in it, or when a majority of them will be released, but I'm going to give this a shot. So far, it might just be me talking rambling, but I may pull in some guest speakers to discuss certain topics. Once I figure out how to record a group conversation, I'll inform anyone interested in getting in a group discussion.

List of Videos:
Season One
Devblog #32
Devblog #33
FusionFall Universe
Pics of the Day [Part 1]
Pics of the Day [Part 2]
Livin' Like Larry
Pics of the Day [Part 3]
Pics of the Day [Part 4]
Pics of the Day [Part 5]
Character Suggestions
Pics of the Day [Part 6]
Pics of the Day [Part 7]
Pics of the Day [Part 8]
Pics of the Day [Part 9]
Pics of the Day [Part 10]
Pics of the Day [Part 11]
Pics of the Day [Part 12]
Pics of the Day [Part 13]
Channel Update #1
Pics of the Day [Part 14]
Pics of the Day [Part 15]
Pics of the Day [Part 16]
Pics of the Day [Part 17]
Pics of the Day [Part 18]
Pics of the Day [Part 19]
Pics of the Day [Part 20]
Pics of the Day [Part 21]
Pics of the Day [Part 22]
Channel Update #2

Season Two
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 1]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 2]
They Came from Townsville Zoo [Reaction]
Special Guest - JT
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 3]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 4]
Special Guest - Gkid
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 5]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 6]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 7]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 8]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 9]
Character Suggestion: Captain Planet
Special Guest - Dogon
Inside Look - Boomer
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 10]
Pics of the Day [S2 Part 11]
Inside Look - Samurai Jack
Super Secret Crisis War!

Season Three
Thanksgiving Special
Halloween Suggestion
Moonbase Suggestion
NEW: Mr. Green Suggestion

With Retro literally around the corner and Legacy in the far future, I thought I'd do some gameplay, but I didn't want to put up another thread and clog up the section, so I'm combining it down here.

Episode 00

Coming later

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