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-Summer BBQ-

"You can't fight fuse on an empty stomach, come and have a taste of my BBQ supreme!"

Suggestions / Monster redesign
« on: February 05, 2019, 05:15:10 AM »
After reading some posts, I noticed that some people believe that some Fusion monsters should receive some redesigns.

So I created this post so people could state some slight modification they feel could improve the monster's asthetics.
URL for wiki:

Here's one modification I could think of:

I feel that this tree based monsters

Could change based on how infected the area is.

For example:
Ghastly growths (The monsters in Darklands) should have a more twisted appearance  (I.e Tree trunk that create this monster should have more holes with fusion matter coursing through it, lesser leaves)

Ghoulish Growths (The monsters in The wilds) should have (lesser holes and more leaves)

This would reflect on how severe the area is, since the Deeper parts of Darklands show little to no signs of plant life, the Ghastly Growths should look more "dead" in a sense while Ghoulish Growths, that are found in the sprawling wilds full of plant life should show more signs of "life".

Off Topic / What inspired your in-game name/name for this website?
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:40:02 AM »
What made you choose this name?  :) If it's too personal or sensitive, feel free not to write it down.

My name: Casualty
Inspiration: A friend gave me that name so I stick with it for a very long time in most games.

I noticed that there are this strange vessel like object that is shooting green rays of light into the sky. They are shown in the Tech Square update video and in the original game, but its function and name is not mentioned. So...what do you all think?

Original game:
^^Bottom image.

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