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Suggestions / The Fusion Lair Overhaul (Variety in Game Design)
« on: October 04, 2018, 11:13:20 AM »
Salutations! It has been a while since I've made a gameplay suggestion on this large of a scale, but some ideas have been flowing into my head as of late and I wanted to share them with you all. You all may already be aware of the shortcomings of FusionFall. One of the biggest shortcomings is the lack of variety in gameplay when it comes to Fusion Lairs and boss fights. It is understandable why the game was released as it was, and that it was still a really good game for its time and player base or else we wouldn't have either Retro or Legacy today.

However, with a project like Legacy, which is not going to release until the late-2010s to early-2020s, the standard at which the game should be, and the expectations of the fans are much higher than that of the original. That is why Legacy is pushing the boundaries to be not only what FusionFall was meant to be, but so much better... or well, that's what we can assume from everything shown off so far at least.

Firstly, I would just like to clarify that this thread is NOT me placing huge expectations and such on the developers. The developers have lives, and are not getting paid at all to develop Legacy with what spare time and resources they have. It is completely understandable if some of my ideas are not taken into consideration since they are too ambitious considering the circumstances. However, I hope to provide them and you guys my own ideas and opinions on how to improve FusionFall in order to get a discussion going - in regards to Fusion Lairs.

This post is going to be split into two main sections: The Lairs and The Fusions. Let us begin!

The Lairs

Okay, I know that this has been said many times before but... the Fusion Lairs are boring and repetitive. The same few generic designs (cave and laboratory being the most notable) are used over and over again. With the sheer amount of Fusion Lairs in the game and the developers very likely being on a tight schedule, it is understandable why the original game chose not to design unique dungeons for everyone and opted to go with the easy route so to speak. The lack of variety in terms of gameplay present within the lairs themselves is also another factor which hurts the overall quality of the game, and sort of wasting the potential it has. This is not just limited to the Fusions and their boss battles (which I will cover later on), but how the player could interact with the lairs depending on the context (where it is, who's inside, what's happening in the mission etc.) of things. Since Legacy is going to have a lot of additional content in comparison to Retro, this shortcoming would become even more apparent if not responded to.

It's really good that there is already confirmation from the developers that Fusion Lairs are going to be more interesting and have better variety. Now, I am going to offer my two cents on how this can possibly be achieved when taking into account including possible gameplay and developmental limitations.

The Scenery
This is one of the first things that people think of when discussing how Fusion Lairs can be improved. Fusions Lairs have much more potential than just a generic cave or laboratory, and even the developers know it. It has already been confirmed that there is going to be more variety in this regard; which is good. Now for what this variety is remains to be seen.

I personally believe that the general theme of the Fusion Lairs should definitely reflect the Infected Zone, or location, that they are in. For example, a Fusion Lair in the Crystalline Caverns may be a cave... filled with crystals and mining equipment which give off a much lighter tone, or a Fusion Lair in the Nuclear Plant may be a laboratory... which is dark, full of nasty radioactive waste with warning sirens going off that present a darker tone. Moving on from caves and laboratories for a second, there are plenty of other forms Fusion Lairs could take. This includes mine shafts, ruins or maybe even an underground lake or stream. I'm especially excited to see what the Townsville Aquarium Fusion Lairs may end up looking like from the inside.

Let's also not forget that Fusions Lairs are not just limited to being underground. There is plenty of potential for lairs inside buildings, and maybe... sealed off locations outside??? What if you tracked down a Fusion which has made its base in a remote part of the forest which is inaccessible unless you enter through the Fusion portal or use other means? A dark alley? On top of a tall building that you must scale from either the inside or outside? There are plenty of possibilities.

Finally, Fusion Lairs should really be catered to the context of the mission and what's going on. For example, if a Fusion has been stealing computers why not have computers lying around everywhere? Attention to detail is always appreciated. If a Fusion is meant to be inside the reactor of the Power Plant why not have the reactor actually be there, or if a Fusion has taken over part of the Aquarium why not have the lair actually be part of the inside of the building? This would also allow to possibly have actual locations from the shows be Fusion Lairs as well. An abandoned section of Dexter's Laboratory perhaps?

Fusion Lairs for Nano Missions (Primary taking priority) or other important missions should receive special treatment especially.

The Gameplay
Fusions Lairs are generally linear with a set path where you fight off a certain type of monster until the Fusion is reached at the end. Now, why not expand upon that simple formula so with the sheer number of number dungeons there are going to be it doesn't feel like the players are doing the same thing?

First of all, obstacles and parkour should definitely be present in some Fusion Lairs. Platforms and such could very well be borrowed from outside in the Infected Zones, and players could experience anything from the classic avoiding falling into the pit of death to climbing to higher ground.

However, that's not all which could be present in Fusion Lairs. What if certain Fusions Lairs played differently compared to others? Here is a list of ideas I have compiled off the top of my head.

- The Fusion Lair is one room or location where the Fusion is waiting to fight you one-on-one.
- The Fusion Lair has a time limit as something could happen if you don't stop the Fusion's plans in time.
- The Fusion is fought at the beginning of the lair, and then you have to escape. Maybe there can also be a time limit and/or another surprise boss at the end?
- The Fusion is not there at all as it is a trap or decoy.
- The Fusion Lair has multiple paths to reach the end. Maybe a few of them could have paths which are dead ends which means you die if the wrong path is chosen.
- The Fusion Lair has restrictions which prevent you from doing certain things such as jumping or using all of or one type of Nano.
- The Fusion escapes if you engage in combat with any monsters or trip any alarms before reaching them.
- The Fusion Lair prevents you from advancing unless the correct answer of a multiple choice question is answered. Who wouldn't mind some trivia?
- The Fusion is running away and you must chase them.

Since I don't want to lose what's been written so far, I'm only going to post the one section for now. However, stay tuned for edits and the section on the Fusions themselves. Thank you for reading and feel free to post any constructive feedback and/or criticisms to contribute to the discussion.

Off Topic / We Have Hit 100,000 Members!!!
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:11:58 AM »
FusionFall Universe has recently hit a total of 100,000 registered users!

This is an incredible milestone... Let's hope for 100,000 more in the future now that Retro is out ;D

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Young Gwen Confirmed???
« on: August 05, 2018, 05:27:47 PM »

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Player Names
« on: August 05, 2018, 05:09:12 PM »
When we get the chance to play Retro, what player names are you all going to call yourselves? I have already decided that I'm going to call my guy "Lord Turbostar".

Suggestions / Steven Universe for FusionFall Legacy
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:24:28 AM »
Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my case for the show, 'Steven Universe', to be represented in FusionFall Legacy! It has been stated that any property could theoretically be implemented into the game if it fits and keeps the spirit of the original game intact. Steven Universe does in fact fulfill this criteria with flying colours and has plenty of potential for content and storylines within the FusionFall Universe.

This suggestion thread will be split into two main parts. The first section will detail why the series should be represented in FusionFall Legacy, and whether it is possible. The second section will then be what potential content (NPCs, Areas, Nanos, Weapons etc.) the show could bring to the table and my own ideas for how to implement them. Now... let's get started!


Why Should 'Steven Universe' Be In FusionFall Legacy?
The answer is quite simple if I say so myself. 'Steven Universe' is one of Cartoon Network's most popular properties at the moment. The fact the show is owned by Cartoon Network already helps its case a lot to be in FusionFall Legacy as FusionFall is a game where the network's all-stars team-up to combat an alien threat. Whilst it would be cool to Drake & Josh be in the game, the chances of that ever happening are actually slim to none solely because the show didn't air on Cartoon Network nor is owned by the studio. It has been stated that this is a major factor to whether or not a show can be in the game, and is quite self-explanatory. Like, characters like Spongebob, Batman or Goku would never be in Super Smash Bros. for example.

'Steven Universe' is a show, like Ben 10 and Sym-Bionic Titan among others, where the characters already deal with threats from outer space. The characters of 'Steven Universe' would fit really well within the universe built by FusionFall, and there are some interesting locations from the series which could be added to further flesh out the world. Not that is much of an issue since the cast is already quite diverse with shows like the Powerpuff Girls coexisting with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Ed, Edd n Eddy. 'Steven Universe' is also very popular and wouldn't receive as much if any backlash to being implemented in comparison to Uncle Grandpa for example.

Yes, 'Steven Universe' wasn't implemented in the original FusionFall due to being newer in comparison to the likes Adventure Time or Regular Show. However, the show already has five seasons, and let's be real here... FusionFall Legacy is still likely going to be in development when the show wraps up in most likely a few years. We have yet to see a series confirmed which wasn't already represented in the original game even Total Drama which has now been scrapped had items. So... it would be cool if Steven Universe could be the first property to do so. This will also open up the doors for other newer shows which have been around for a while like Uncle Grandpa which has already ended, We Bare Bears (my second favourite show on this list after SU), Clarence and Mighty Magiswords to name the most notable.

Hopefully I have convinced you, ladies and gentlemen, on why 'Steven Universe' should be in FusionFall Legacy. However, there is one issue I have yet to mention... the story. 'Steven Universe' is definitely a plot driven series. Characters and locations among other things change as the story progresses and new details are learned. For example, the recent revelation that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond or the return of Bismuth as hopefully a permanent character. This is an issue for the developers as they would have to choose a certain point in the story to have FusionFall Legacy be set around, and it hasn't concluded yet. It is probably best to wait for the series finale before implementing the series. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the developers would choose to have the game be set after the series finale. Preparations to implement the show could probably begin now with changes possibly being made over time as new episodes are released. Of course, they can make any necessary changes to have the show fit into the lore of FusionFall.

Wow... I didn't expect to write four paragraphs. I guess that's how much I want to see 'Steven Universe' in this game :P

What Could Steven Universe Bring To The Game?
The answer to this question is also quite simple... A LOT. This is section that most people who read this are probably looking forward to. Steven Universe has quite a lot of potential content which could be implemented into the game. However, not everything would be implemented if we are thinking realistically. I definitely don't want to be someone who suggests like 30 NPCs when I know full well that the developers have limits and developing a game takes quite a lot of effort and time out of their days. So... I will be thinking about both what would need to be added if the show is in the game (for example, you Steven would need to be a NPC), and what realistically could be added in addition to that without having too much.

Note: This section is a Work in Progress

Steven Universe, like others shows, has a main cast of characters alongside major characters, recurring characters and minor characters. Of course, the main characters would obviously need to be in the game, and the major character have a large chance. However, the other recurring characters and minor characters are up for debate. I have set a limit of 12 to 14 NPCs for myself. I wouldn't necessarily expect all of these characters to be in the game, but these are the most likely. These selections are based upon the current point in the story before the episode 'Reunited'.

1. Steven Universe (Main Character)
2. Garnet (Main Character)
3. Pearl (Main Character)
4. Amethyst (Main Character)
5. Connie (Major Character)
6. Greg Universe (Major Character)
7. Peridot (Major Character)
8. Lapis Lazuli (Major Character)
9. Lion (Recurring Character)
10. Lars (Recurring Character)
11. Ronaldo (Recurring Character)
12. Bismuth (Recurring Character... for now)

13. Ruby (I'll explain later)
14. Sapphire (I'll explain later)

To be added...

To be added

Weapons and Armour
To be added...

This suggestion is a work in progress, but thanks for reading! Feel free to post any constructive criticism or feedback.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Clarification
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:11:00 PM »
As it seems a few users are confused in regards to recent developments, I would like to clarify that FusionFall: Retro is still coming out and development is ongoing as far as I'm aware as a member of the Community Team. Yes, there haven't been many announcements as of late, but that doesn't mean the project is doomed in any shape or form. It's not unusual for a game developer to not provide any updates for a period of time.

Yes, the Community Team pretty much only knows as much as everyone else in regards to the development of the game, but please don't spread false information such as saying that the game is never coming out.

Thank you

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.
« on: June 16, 2018, 05:26:55 AM »
Greetings everyone, and welcome to Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N. which rhymes now that I repeat the name to myself.

Let's be real here... Legacy discussion has been quite dead as of late. There's no other way you can put it. The first page of this board still has a thread from a month ago! What happened to the constant discussion, ideas and speculation being thrown around? I really miss those days where the forums were more active.

Now I'm going to admit that I haven't been the most active person this year until very recently. That is life, and you have to set priorities. FusionFall Legacy has also not had a lot of news as of late. It's fair to assume that people have stopped posting about Legacy as much as they used to as there is simply nothing new to discuss. However, I wish to change things for the better. That is why I have commenced Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.

What is Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N. you ask?
Well, who doesn't enjoy a little speculation? Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N. is where you, my fellow forum member, participate in a classic FusionFall Legacy discussion about whatever you want!

There are many things regarding FusionFall Legacy we don't yet know about. Will this character be in the game? How many Nanos are there going to be?

I am opening this thread to you, ladies and gentlemen, to simply speculate about the game, or you're free to create your own thread if you want. Let's prove to everyone who believes there isn't anything left to discuss that we are still hyped for FusionFall Legacy!

Suggestions / The Nano Expansion 2.0
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:32:47 PM »
The following suggestion is a remake of a thread from over a year ago. You can find the original suggestion through the following link:

Most members would agree that Nanos are one of the main selling points of the game and the reason as to why quite a few people played FusionFall in the first place. You don't really see anything quite like them in other games. While some people may argue that the simplicity of the Nanos are what made them great, many others including myself believe that there is potential for the feature to be expanded upon. This thread is a compilation of various ideas involving Nanos that could improve the overall experience for players in FusionFall Legacy and set it apart from the original game.

A Leveling System
Do you know what Nanos are missing? A sense of progression and an incentive to use more than just three of them throughout the game. A leveling system for Nanos could fix both of these problems. It has already been hinted that FusionFall Legacy will contain over one hundred Nanos. It would feel like such a waste for each player to only use a specific few and completely ignore the rest. This is where the leveling system saves the day. By adding a sense of progression, players would have an incentive to use and level up all of their Nanos. Why should players level up their Nanos you ask? Exclusive rewards of course! Reaching a certain level for each Nano rewards a cool piece of gear that can only be obtained through leveling. There may even be rewards for maxing out a group of Nanos. There will be other reasons for leveling up your favourite Nanos as well. These include increasing the effectiveness of a Nano Power, improving the stamina of the Nano, unlocking the ability to change powers for free instead of paying a fee of Taros and possibly more.

Nano Synergies
Have you ever felt like using a specific set of Nanos should give the player some type of bonus? Synergies between Nanos are the answer to that! Nano synergies are essentially passive boosts given to the player for using two or three specific Nanos. A Nano could be involved in more than one synergy. These boosts include the likes of Bonus and Scavenge, but can stack with the Nano Power variant.

These are the only two suggestions I have for now, but stay tuned for more in the Future!

Off Topic / Happy Birthday Stevie!!!
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:02:04 AM »

I would just like to wish the best moose in the community, Stevie, a Happy Birthday!

I did not create this thread because he is technically my boss...

Suggestions / "Chase" Nanos
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:41:13 AM »
Salutations! I haven't made a suggestion in awhile, but have a really neat idea of another way of acquiring Nanos in FusionFall Legacy. Remember Infected Zone races? Well, this suggestion is somewhat similar to those.

"Chase" Nanos are acquired through chasing a Fusion Monster who has unfortunately stolen a Nano Creation Item from DexLabs, or wherever else. In order to collect the Nano Creation Item, the player must first locate the thief, and then initiate a timed chase where they must either reach the Fusion Monster time or beat it to the finish line.

The only catch is that most of these chases will involve some sort of parkour that may make it difficult for the player to win. However, you can always try again by returning to the start and initiating the chase once again.

Chases cannot be seen on the mini-map and are not part of quests. The player must use their detective skills, and the occasional hints from NPCs, to locate the culprits. Like the Nano Creation Items acquired from Roaming Fusions, the player must find a Nano Station in order to receive their new Nano.

Feel free to post feedback and constructive criticism if you believe this idea can be improved. I hope you guys liked and support my suggestion.

~ L0rd

Suggestions / The Forever Plains - An Area Suggestion (Remastered)
« on: October 02, 2017, 08:47:28 AM »


The Forever Plains is a new area that would most likely be part of the Expanded Storyline if considered for the game as it likely does not fit in the Suburbs, Downtown, Wilds or Darklands. If the Land of Ooo is ever confirmed to be explorable in the game, the Forever Plains could be located nearby due to its Medieval themes.

Alongside the area, three NPCs and an entirely new NPC Group have joined the fight against Fuse.


Ever since the Forever Knights had been completely vanquished, the Forever Plains lied dormant. That all changed when Enoch was brought from the past to the present through an unknown power. Finding the Forever Knights to be disbanded and an alien invasion on the horizon, Enoch set out to return the organisation to its former glory through recruiting people to his cause and locating any remaining members. One of these recruits was Tobias from Elmore, who lied about his age and followed the Knights back to their hideout. This hideout is a small village outside the Forever Knights' original base of operations: the castle. Unfortunately, the castle had been turned into an Infected Zone, known as the Forever Fusion Pits, while Enoch was away. Despite this, the Forever Knights knew it was time to show the world that they were indeed its saviors.

The main priority of the Forever Knights is to retrieve the alien technology and artifacts from the laboratories inside the castle as it is too valuable to be lost to Fuse and could help their cause. Whilst doing this, they continue to trade alien technology to those with the right amount of money.

Meanwhile, the strange stone formation to the east of the castle and village has been radiating magical energy as of late. This has caused Charmcaster to investigate the phenomenon.


To be added...

Infected Zone

The Forever Fusion Pits



Enoch is the current leader of the Forever Knights, and self-proclaimed Forever King due to the organisation being left in disarray after the events of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. He was brought from the past to the present, alongside Young Ben and Gwen, and was shocked to learn of the sad state of his brethren. Finding the Forever Knights to be disbanded and an alien invasion on the horizon,, Enoch set out to return the organisation to its former glory through recruiting people, mostly teenagers, to his cause and locating any remaining members. The recruits were left in the dark about the true nature of the Forever Knights as Enoch used the cover of the invasion in order to use them to accomplish his goals which are to continue selling alien technology, study the aliens and of course destroy the alien threat. Enoch's current objective is to retrieve any alien technology and artifacts from the laboratories inside the castle as it is too valuable to be lost to Fuse and could help their cause. It was time to show the world that the Forever Knights were indeed its saviors.

The missions given out by Enoch involve delving into the Forever Fusions Pits Infected Zone in order to retrieve lost alien technology and artifacts, making deliveries to characters such as Mojo Jojo, and clearing out the threat in the area. He can be found in the village outside the castle alongside Tobias and a few other generic Forever Knight NPCs.

Enoch was reluctant to give an item for the Nano Project and decided it was best that a creature in his likeness made from fusion matter shoudln't exists. However, fusion monsters managed to steal one of his masks and create a Fusion which can be found within the castle. Fusion "King" Enoch drops the Enoch Nano which is Adaptium after being defeated in the throne room at the end of a questline.


Tobias is a resident of Elmore who fled the city after it was initially attacked. That was a bad decision as he found himself in strange lands which were far more dangerous. After being lost for quite some time, Tobias stumbled upon the Forever Knights who were recruiting people to join their cause. Seeking protection from the fusion monsters and wanting to fulfill his dream of becoming a knight, he approached them and became a recruit after following the soldiers to their hideout. Enoch at first believed he was an alien and had him locked in a cage, but soon released him after realising that the boy could be of some use. Although Tobias believes he is now a knight and calls himself "Sir Tobias", he is not actually considered a member and is simply being exploited to complete menial and dangerous tasks.

The missions given out by Tobias involve scouting out the surrounding area, defeating fusion monsters and retrieving his lost property. Tobias also asks the player to let Banana Joe know that he is still alive and is now a knight.

Tobias immediately obliged when approached to give an item to the Nano Project, and a Nano Tobias was created using a spare headband. However, a second headband was found by fusion monsters to create a Fusion Tobias who drops the Blastons Nano. The Fusion is not found in the Forever Plains.


Earl of Lemongrab


Fusion Enoch

Fusion Charmcaster

Fusion Hex

Fusion Monsters

The Traveller - Boss Monster


Terror Golem

Fornever Fright

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Controller Support Confirmed
« on: September 27, 2017, 09:59:24 PM »
Enough said

Who else is hyped?

Edit: You can see it at its best here at this moment in the Tech Square Showcase

Suggestions / Omnitrix Hijinks - An Event Suggestion
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:33:37 PM »
Today, I will be suggesting an event that could occur once each year after the initial release of FusionFall Legacy. I cannot currently think of a name for it, but will provide details on what it is about.

Since the Ben 10 franchise is quite large and has many characters and aliens that may not make appearances in the game, why not have an event where Fusions of Omnitrix aliens start to appear across the world for a limited time period of a month or two? Alongside these Fusions, new NPCs will join the fight against Fuse with this event.

All of the NPCs and Nanos involved in the event will remain in the game permanently after its conclusion. Any event quests, Fusions and exclusive items will become unavailable until the next year.


Location: Genius Grove
Helen is located in Genius Grove in order to keep the peace in the Suburbs. There are reports of Fusion Sonorosians roaming nearby. She has set up base outside Dexter's old house in order to monitor his laboratory for alien activity. However, it remains to be seen whether there are other Fusions in the district or not.

Location: City Hall
Manny is providing assistance from City Hall due to the number of Fusion appearances Downtown. He regularly makes contact with Max Tennyson who is also tracking the Fusions. Hunting aliens is what Manny is good at.

Location: Mount Blackhead
While Alan is in the Darklands, Helen in the Suburbs and Manny in Downtown, Cooper has the responsibility of the Wilds. He is in contact with Gwen and is investigating the many secluded areas a Fusion may have made its lair. An abandoned Plumber base lies dormant somewhere in the jungle and strange readings have been detected in the Crystalline Caverns.

Location: Forsaken Valley
Alan has stationed himself in Forsaken Valley alongside Tetrax to investigate the Fireswamps and Firepits due to rumours of a Fusion Pyronite being located in the area. Since Tetrax is in the area, he shares the responsibility of giving out missions alongside him.


XLR8 - Nano Mission - Helen
Dropped by Fusion XLR8 - Sector V

AmpFibian - Nano Mission - Helen
Dropped by Fusion AmpFibian - Genius Grove

Cannonbolt - Nano Mission - Manny
Dropped by Fusion Cannonbolt - Townsville Park

Chromastone - Nano Mission - Cooper
Dropped by Fusion Chromastone - Crystalline Caverns

Heatblast - Nano Mission - Alan
Dropped by Fusion Heatblast - Firepits

Ultimate Echo Echo - Nano Mission - Ben
Dropped by Fusion Ultimate Echo Echo - Tech Square

Echo Echo - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Mega Fusion Echo Echo - Genius Grove

Wildmutt - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion Wildmutt - Townsville Zoo

Willdvine - Nano Mission Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion Wildvine - Really Twisted Forest

Blitzwolfer - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion Blitzwolfer - Nowhere

NRG - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion NRG - Nuclear Plant

Water Hazard - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion Water Hazard - Bravo Beach

Armodrillo - Nano Creation Item (Roaming Fusion)
Dropped by Fusion Armodrillo - Tar Pits


Fusion Heatblast - Firepits
Fusion Wildmutt - Townsville Zoo
Fusion XLR8 - Sector V
Fusion Ripjaws - Skull Rock
Fusion Ghostfreak - City Point
Fusion Wildvine - Really Twisted Forest
Fusion Blitzwolfer - Nowhere
Fusion Echo Echo - Genius Grove
Fusion Ultimate Echo Echo - Tech Square
Fusion Chromastone - Crystalline Caverns
Fusion Spidermonkey - Monkey Mountain
Fusion Water Hazard - Bravo Beach
Fusion Armodrillo - Tar Pits
Fusion NRG - Nuclear Plant
Fusion Gravattack - The Ruins

This suggestion is a work in progress!

Suggestions / Omnitrix Nano
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:01:25 PM »
Do I need to explain myself?

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Total Drama NPC Predictions
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:38:12 PM »
I would like to predict who out of the original cast would be represented in FFL. Please remember that these are my personal opinions.

- Chris
- Chef

There is the possibility that they may only choose to include Chris and Chef due to the size of the cast. That is why I have listed them as the only certain NPCs.

Definite - No explanation needed
- Owen
- Duncan
- Gwen

- Heather (Participated in Island, Action, World Tour and All-Stars)
- Courtney (Participated in Island, Action, World Tour and All-Stars)
- Lindsay (Participated in Island, Action, World Tour and All-Stars)
- Leshawna (Participated in Island, Action and World Tour)
- Harold (Participated in Island, Action and World Tour)
- Geoff (Participated in Island, Action, the Ridonculous Race and hosts Total Drama Aftermath)
- Noah (Participated in Island, World Tour and the Ridonculous Race)
- Alejandro (Participated in World Tour and All-Stars)

- Bridgette (Participated in Island, Action and World Tour)
- Trent (Participated in Island and Action)
- Cody (Participated in Island and World Tour)
- Sierra (Participated in World Tour and All-Stars)
- Izzy (Participated in Island, Action and World Tour)
- DJ (Participated in Island, Action and World Tour)
- Ezekiel (Participated in Island and World Tour)

Unlikely - Not relevant
- Beth
- Justin
- Tyler
- Eva
- Sadie
- Katie

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