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Off Topic / Minecraft anti grief suggestions part 2
« on: July 18, 2019, 04:30:55 AM »
To follow up on a thread I made 2 years ago I would just like to let people who are interested know that I've made some suggestions to give people more control over how their whitelisted Minecraft servers go.

I'm not asking for rules to be universal across ALL servers and never said I wanted them
but people should respect rules laid out by people who did not create anarchy servers.

If anything goes is your thing, join an anarchy server.
Don't cause havoc on private whitelisted worlds with specific rules laid out by people who don't want that on their own worlds, if you do then expect to be banned and I've got no sympathy for people who do get banned from said servers. Some people obviously did care about this topic armant, otherwise servers with rules wouldn't exist.

Relyh ""Griefing" and "Raiding" are problems on servers where they aren't allowed. They're bad because they're against the rules and ruin the game experience for others. If you want griefing and raiding allowed on a vanilla survival server, make your own. I play various server types. I would be beyond infuriated if someone were to grief me on the vanilla survival snapshot server I play on as I use the server to focus on aesthetic builds and put hours into doing them. Everyone else on the server is like minded and that has become the ultimate purpose on the server. Alternatively, if I logged onto the factions server I play on and discovered my base to be in ruins and my items missing, I'd simply sigh and get back to reconstructing everything."

Blizzard498 "You need to see the other side of the view. Imagine yourself building something great that your spent hours on that fills you with pride and joy. You log off or leave from the area. The next time you come back all those hours of hard work and joy are gone along with your creation. And all that's there is now is a pile of rubble with a sign saying something rude or offensive, or a group of fully diamond armored 10 year olds spawn camping the living heck out of you and calling you bad stuff they probably shouldn't say."

The way I see it, it would really suck to put a bunch of your time, that you spent on this game instead of anything else, and worked hard nonstop to create a magnificent creation. You log off and come back the next day, only to see the smoldering remains of it and a few rude signs nearby taunting you and your previous creation. It's honestly just rude and unkind, so unless I had done something to deserve it, such as attacking their base or something, it just seems unnecessary. Now on the other hand, if it was raided on a server where that's to be expected (and the ruins of my base would have actually been taken for use), that's a bit different. The main issue being that (at least this is how I feel) all of my hard work was completely removed from the face of the Earth, without me even knowing about it or being able to prevent it."

_LoneWolfe_ "(Hypothetical) Just imagine that someone destroyed your entire house in real life that you built, just because they could and knew someone worked really hard on it. Kind of stinks considering you'd have nowhere to stay, all of your food and such would be gone, your awards and such buried in the rubble... It's a slightly extreme example, but still the same effect on another level (also notice the word grief in the term 'griefing', the definition isn't necessarily anything positive either)."

TheMasterCaver "is one reason why I only play singleplayer; no worries about getting griefed, and a creeper blowing up part of a wall is nothing compared to somebody setting off 1000 TNT in your base.

It'd also be hard to hide a base like this:

It's really depending what server your on. If you are in a full anarchy server, then does not matter, because other players who join those servers what to be in a post apocalyptic feeling (atleast to me)."

snakeblood19 "if you are in a creative server, differnet story. Most players in the minecraft community, express themselves with the hard work they had achieve.
At first I thought people who got griefed were just overreacting and it's just a game(it is). However once I experience this, I can see why people can get upset."

FireKit "If you have to ask why people don't like to be griefed, You're probably too young or immature to think outside your own personal box. Sadly some people have to get 30s before life puts some sense into them and for others there may be no hope.

Theres so many reasons not to use a server, griefing is the main one and so is xrayers, but also limitations on mob numbers and mob tower/redstone restrictions.

There are many people that play this game online and can't leave something they find alone. Even when they know it will be found out and get them banned. They have a serious case of the dumbs.

Myself I haven't played a minecraft multi server in 1-2 years. In which ever version still had stone bricks mine extremely slow. But I got a better computer now and I've been thinking of trying it again."

RurouniTim "Griefing is trying to harass one or more players on a server. To put it simply, it's bullying, and usually it's done for no real purpose.

Now if you're talking about raiding, that's a completely different thing. Raiding is an attempt to sabotage for a reason, gaining resources, eliminating possible threats, etc and many servers allow/are based on this style of gameplay. Some people don't find enjoyment in having their structures damaged without them knowing about it, which is why many people don't play on raiding servers. If you raid bases on a server that doesn't allow it, then you're just griefing/bullying random people over the internet."

This shoots down the nobody cares theory armant made back in 2017.
I don't mean to be negative but I had to make a point about this because it is a real problem on some Minecraft servers which is why whitelisting became a thing on Minecraft worlds, if there weren't disrespectful people then we wouldn't have a need for whitelisting and in a perfect world we wouldn't require backup files, but that isn't the real world in which we live in, unfortunately. I genuinely think Microsoft/Mojang should consider making the bedrock edition server application log user activity down to the finest detail and spell it out in English so people who aren't programmer nerds understand it too.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Legacy vs Retro question
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:23:17 AM »
I have a quick question to ask everyone, I don't know what kind of progress is taking place in the development of Fusionfall Legacy, other than the odd screenshots posted on the Twitter page, showing that Legacy will have vastly updated graphics compared to the original

but which is going to be better out of Legacy and Retro overall? can this question be answered now?

I've made suggestions on what side quest I think could be added to Fusionfall Legacy
and I'd love to see people make corrections or add suggestions to improve my suggestion, or make a constructive criticism on why it shouldn't be done if they disagree.

My suggestion was based on an old CN TV series called 2 Stupid Dogs.
but also combining it with an old childrens fable about the boy who cried wolf.

and I'm sure there are plenty of other mission suggestions similar to my own with regards to Fusionfall Legacy, people want more missions than the original had. It is based on an MMO after all.

Off Topic / Fusionfall Retro question
« on: January 21, 2019, 03:44:46 PM »
What's everyone's favourite aspects about the game?

the story?
graphics? (although very outdated by todays standards)

Me? being immersed in an imaginary world has something to do with me liking the game I guess.

I am unsure how long the game is going to last however.
I'd like it to still be around for future generations to have their turn in both Retro and the remake Legacy
but nothing good lasts forever and a lot of things could result in Fusionfall Retro being terminated, finances, cease and desist from Turner, disasters etc.

Just the mere fact that humans are mortal gets in the way of things
even if scientists found a cure for aging, you'd have a pseudo immortality, not a real one.

Off Topic / Account deletion option, is this viable in the near future?
« on: November 10, 2018, 06:21:56 PM »
Ok I might be in the minority wondering this one, but is there any chance of making it possible to delete forum accounts?

Now that the past of Fusionfall Retro is out I have no further reason to be on here. Most of the relevant questions regarding Fusionfall Retro seemed to be answered.

and really I don't know anyone on here on a personal level, so I was wondering if I could just remove all the account information on here? more specifically forum posts which I don't consider that important? I haven't done anything wrong, I would've been reported if I had done. It's just that I want to move on.

I'd still play Fusionfall Retro and respect the work Womayhem and the others put into the game
But I've had second thoughts about coming here, when nobody on here knows me personally.
That's the very reason I closed my Twitter account recently.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Retro
« on: October 04, 2018, 11:25:24 AM »
So a lot has been happening since I've been off this forum.

the past of the game is out and I saw both the feeds on the official fan Fusionfall Twitter page and a video showing the recent changes to the game.

Is it complete? is there anything else left out now apart from patching glitches people report and maintaining the server? or can we fight Lord Fuse?

I know that you can get missions off Blossom in Sector V past now
I've not logged into the game recently, but I have seen a trailer plus a video showing this.

This forum has netted 124776 total members, nice!
How many are active on the game at any given time? a couple of thousand perhaps?
I admit I did overestimate the popularity of this game, still there are a lot of humans on this planet.
7 billion, although not everyone can afford a computer and not everyone is competent or old enough to use one.

I have a quick question regarding Fusionfall Legacy

is it going to have leaderboards? with statistics such as kills, assisted kills, taros collected, taros spent, crates collected, crates sold, nano revives, times being KO'd, deaths (and used resurrect ems), how many vehicles purchased, how many times you've visited each sector etc?

would be awesome if you ask me. :)
that way we'll be able to tell who farmed the most loot.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Retro online beta question
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:45:06 AM »
Should I make a permanent character and just grind taros whilst I wait for the past to be added on later?

I'm concerned that our avatars will be wiped and then we'll have to redo our progress again.
That's one reason I haven't kept hold of a character and just started over and over again for the fun of it.

I don't want to grind for taros if I end up losing it all due to certain changes made to the server.
It's something that's been pestering me for a while now. Any thoughts?

If you had some time machine to travel back to the past and undo past events, would it be cool?

give your reasons for and against.
Other than the grandfather paradox problem
let's talk about hypotheticals here.

To me it would be handy, but I also worry about how my future would've been had I undid some past events in my own life. You see the problem with rewriting history is it would change the future forever, if you're unable to predict what would change then that is not a good thing.

and if you were only able to go to the past a limited amount of times
you better be extremely careful what you did change about history.

I believe Time Squad had this problem in their cartoon show, and they were careful for reasons mentioned above.

Anyone trying the beta of this game on Intel integrated graphics? if so, please share your experiences with it here.

I wouldn't expect the best results from that, but I'm wondering how many users here have actually tested the game on such a hardware setup (i.e Intel HD Graphics 620) and what OS they're running. (Windows 7, 8 or 10 etc)

this information would be helpful for other users wanting to play this game.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Fusionfall Retro
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:11:03 AM »
It appears that the future zone with the KND treehouse is accessible in the new beta release of Fusionfall.

apparently you can only go up to level 4.
and you can run this in fullscreen with the resolution matching your monitor.

Server seems pretty stable, other than the alleged collision detection problems another poster mentioned.
I'm able to equip items without the game crashing on me.

I've got to say the results are impressive so far.
For a fan redeveloped game this is turning out to be very good.
When the past zone is added on then that's when the real test begins.

Off Topic / Pokemon and saves
« on: August 02, 2018, 10:32:30 AM »
When does saving a game become cheating?

Personally, I think normally save states would be cheating, like on numerous emulators and their ROMs that were created and even ported to newer gen consoles over the years.

But I'm just not sure what to think about this in regards to Pokemon, especially in situations like before legendary encounter. The fundamental issue with the original games from gen 1 is that legendaries would only appear once, and on top of this if you were using any sort of pokeball other than a master ball, they had a probability based success rate, the lower the health of the wild pokemon the higher the chances, the same is true with status changes

but the thing is even with an ultra ball it's not guaranteed that you'll successfully capture the legendary first time. Mewtwo would be on level 70 and Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno would be on level 50.

I also find that it sucked that you only got 1 masterball and you were either forced to use a save state, or buy ultra balls for the other 3 legendaries in the game and try your chances.

That's not a skill based system, that's a gamble and that's part of the reason why I think everyone used saves before legendary encounter to play Pokemon. Cheating or not, the obstacle wasn't exactly fair to begin with.

I'd rather RPG's not have these sort of mechanics where you either try your chance or not ever get a chance to get that item or character ever again unless you start the game from scratch. So I hope this doesn't get implemented into Core RPG in 2019, I'd rather legendaries keep appearing, but with a rare spawn rate, until the day you finally manage to capture them.

Off Topic / Favourite Cartoon Network characters, who has one?
« on: July 30, 2018, 02:40:46 PM »
Who has a favourite Cartoon Network character? even from childhood in the 90's when What A Cartoon started.

Me? I don't know who is the best of the best and I don't want to state it without inadvertently contradicting myself later on upon forgetting who I said was the best in the past, I would say Ed Edd n Eddy are definitely up there, but there are so many other great and funny ones.

Carl and Johnny Bravo are funny, Johnny Bravo would do a lot of stupid things, but he is a likeable character even though he can be a jerk at times. And when he isn't in politics he's almost harmless, save from a few exceptions, like when he had his own friend Carl locked up. Whenever he tried to cause trouble he would often get the tar beaten out of him. But Johnny is that mentally challenged you could almost consider him innocent, even with the misogyny accusation thrown in when he harasses women for a date.

And in the season 4 episode 10 when he was a teenager in high school, "The Time of My Life", you begin to see why Johnny behaved the way he did, he was making up for lost time. :) I consider it a sort of a deep episode, am I the only one? probably not.

I liked how each character had a life story to tell, something you wouldn't normally expect in kids TV shows.
Courage the Cowardly Dog had a history behind him as well, like when Muriel adopted him after a troublesome "puppy-hood", of course it was told in the intro, but there was an episode based on Courage's history too.

Anyway have your say, I won't bite. :)
this is a light hearted conversation, the opposite of the Pokemon Lets Go rant I made earlier.

Off Topic / Pokemon Let's Go
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:24:16 AM »
Ok, I have to mention this because this is something that's been bothering me recently, and it's about Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu.

First, from what I've discovered about it, they're getting rid of random Pokemon battles.
This to me isn't a good game change, if anything it's breaking the game and cannot be considered a legitimate generation 1/kanto remake by any stretch of the imagination.

So basically Game Freak got rid of Pokemon random wild battles because there were fans asking for them to be removed? they must have been a minority, because there appears to be a lot of other people who disagree with a change like this and I'm one of them.

they got rid of them because of what? that people were too lazy to use repel or escape rope? fantastic job, only one problem, and it's a big one, how do you grind for XP and make your Pokemon stronger without wild battles? trainers? not if the trainers were already beaten and not repeatable you can't, until you get to the rival and Elite Four that would be impossible. So thanks Game Freak for defeating the entire point about what makes an RPG game, level grinding.

catching Pokemon for XP? that's a bad mechanic, because what if it's a Pokemon you already have? do we need to literally catch 100's of the same Pokemon I already caught just to level up our Pokemon now?

I admit I was excited initially about this game being released, but not anymore. Now I'm left with disappointment and also anger at the stupidity of the fanbase who supported it. It appears they're appealing to casuals who play Pokemon Go on mobile now, and not people who actually want a legitimate new instalment of a main series Pokemon game.

I cancelled my preorders of these games because of this.
Never again will I support this company until they learn that you can't just keep changing the rules/core mechanics of a game and expect it to be a good thing. Rules are not meant to be broken, they're meant to be obeyed.

Suggestions / Fusionfall Legacy suggestion #2
« on: July 24, 2018, 11:22:56 AM »
I have a 2nd suggestion for a side quest for Fusionfall Legacy, don't take it too seriously, I'm ok if it gets dismissed but I ask that this thread at least be read and taken the time to consider first.

I've already made 1 suggestion for a side mission, love it or hate it I don't care. but as a fan within the community I feel I have a responsibility to help the developers with some concepts or ideas which could help them improve the game.

This side mission would be based on Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack characters, and it would be called Boogie Lites.
it would be a mission based on a Fusion counterpart of Boogie Man, who wants to install a new glitterball into orbit around the sun and partially block its rays while providing the disco effect to Earth's inhabitants, like the original Boogie Man did in the TV series, but this time has fusion demons helping to protect him.

the mission would be picked up from Demongo from Samurai Jack, who explains how the Fusion version of Boogie Man spawned, it is because ever since Boogie Man's defeat and death by the Powerpuff Girls, Demongo had stole his essence and briefly used him in a battle against another warrior, but before he could use Boogie Man to defeat him, undead Boogie Man was captured by Fuse's army for cloning, and Fusion Boogie Man was created in an infected zone.

it is the job of the video game playable character and the guide to prevent the sun being blocked by the new disco ball, or Lord Fuse would have a stronger army who can thrive in darkness for eternity.

Upon completing the mission, the original Boogie Man's soul is returned to Demongo
and the player is awarded loot for doing Demongo the favour in exchange for his help defeating Fusion Boogie.

Anyone in favour of this side quest being added or not?
and what kind of loot would you suggest should be granted to the player for completing the mission?

Edit, I forgot to add the plural to the mission name.
as the PPG TV episode Boogie Frights which the name is inspired by, was a pun on the song called "Boogie Nights" from Heatwave

"lite" is referred to as something lesser
hence why I've used that phrase in the mission name suggestion. :)

if Fusionfall Retro and Legacy are released and don't get taken out by Turner/CN, but in the unlikely, best case scenario, the company endorses the games so much that they'd be willing to hire the development teams.

What then?
could we expect to see console ports of the games in the future?
and how long would the MMO's be around for after they're finished and released?

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing this ending up on Nintendo Switch and becoming crossplay with PC, but this is unlikely to ever happen, even if Turner/CN does not send cease and desist letters to the dev teams. I'm betting others would think that would be very cool and would like to play this on their handhelds, but over a WIFI connection of course.

I'd hope at the very least they would add support for Switch Pro controllers as Steam already had done. But given that they wanted Retro to be like the original but with bug fixes, it looks like it'll only be supporting Microsoft Xbox controllers or the like which were supported by the game at the time.

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