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Hey how's it going, I had this idea of what if the original Fusionfall was still open today? This probably has been asked before and really now that it's 2020 and with SU finally over, there's probably alot more room to discuss what would happen NOW compared to when a potential post was made in the past.

How I'm setting this up is with some ground rules:

1.) Fusionfall would be in the exact state it was when it closed down. Meaning all the bugs, economy being exploitable, hackers, lack of a chat censor, etc. Would all be in place. Things like the academy would still happen and everything that was added before the game got closed would still be there, specifically the day of the closure.

2.) The devs themselves apparently stopped making money from it after awhile and lost interest. So if that's true it would still happen in this timeline however, the company would need to protest or try to pitch Cartoon Network a reason to keep the game going similar to what Devan did, which should be considered for these events.

3.) Any possible tie ins or potential brand crossovers like the movie tie ins Fusionfall OG would do could be considered however, it would be easier to not include them since it could be harder to decide which brands Cartoon Network would tie in with or movies during the time the game was up or if they would even would.

4.) Fusionfall being closed would be the narrative going around still on the day of it's closure, leaving the team in a tougher spot in this hypothetical situation. Even if in this scenario, they weren't going to pull the plug to begin with, with it just being word of mouth.

And that's all I can think of, for my idea on how this would of went down I feel like we would need to assume the team was passionate enough about the project or at least saw the potential to make money off it still even after CN stop supporting the project. I feel like with everything wrong with the game with the time, it would take a considerable amount of luck and the team's ability to keep the game up would be at it's ultimate test. Since the team would actively need to scramble together and show a proof of concept as well as show that the bugs in the game can be fixed especially with the potential controversy and while that maybe impossible with their current team to fix the bugs right now and without the lack of resources needed from CN to hire more workers to help, unless they had any other projects or were willing to pay out of their own pocket then they would need to rely on something else...

Pitching the marketablity of the game and the potential it could have, would probably be their best bet. That way they will be able to convince CN to give them the resources they need to fix these problems and allow them to have the tools needed to fix it as well as the motivation. So how would they do this? Simple by showing the popularity of other MMORPGS and show their sales profits as well as the growing popularity of the internet overall, explaining it could be used as a means to market their internet presence or promote their brand in a more interactive way. At least, that's the angle I would assume they would take, I'm not an expert on marketing so maybe there's something better they could do I'm missing especially with this being kinda inconsistent with when the game was closed down.

But there's one issue, the game itself the longer it stays up has a higher chance of controversy rising, especially with a lack of a chat filter getting in the way and the amount of hacking going on. It would be an EXTREMELY hard task to accomplish and server costs rising and the game seeming more and more like a failure it is probably more likely then not CN would just pull the plug on them eventually, due to it not seeming worth the time and effort. But since this is assuming they would be able to keep it open, what if CN gave them the go ahead? While unrealistic, it is worth talking about. So if CN pushed more money into helping the game get fixed up, the first thing they would have to consider is the chat filter not working and the amount of hacking. The team would after planning out what they would do the game and the future of it, would begin working on fixing the bugs first. Since now that they have proper motivation they have all the reason to do so, even more so then in this hypothetical situation where they see the potential in the game and want to act on it. It might be tough considering how rampant it is, but it's more then possible with enough work, especially with Retro proving that it's possible to fix these issues, I don't have a doubt in my mind with probably alot of difficulty they could fix the issues the game had before it's closure.

Secondly, I think with the rise and popularity of their "newer" shows they would probably contiune to keep pushing the newer brands along with newer characters like with the Academy, things like Ben 10, Chowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc. would lead to older characters being left aside due to the older audience of CN being older now and it being alot more profitable to just cash in on the newer brands. Things like Ben 10 Omniverse, Steven Universe, Gumball, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and so on would have representation alot sooner. However, what about the original plans for the game, would they still be added? Sadly, I don't think so, while the ideas seem great you have to keep in mind that alot of this stuff would get in the way of what the pitch to keep the game up was, to promote newer shows and to be more marketable and to cash in. While they could of added the older ideas later, I feel like they would of been changed overall, to fit with this new setting and would have less focus on older characters as it would just be pointless to promote them unless it's something iconic like Johnny Bravo being added where they're recognizable enough to be added without it alienating newer fans. The new fans would definitely have power over the older fans with this.

Thirdly, the question arises what about things like Teen Titans Go or the reboots of the CN series? I think that's pretty easy to explain, I feel like since TTG would be a huge cash crop to the company, even if they don't techincally own it, they would still add them to the game similar to Johnny Test. With the reboots, I think for Ben 10 they would either remove the old Ben replace him with the reboot Ben or just add reboot Ben as his own NPC depending on how much effort they want to put into it. It's also possible that things like the Four Arms nano and Humungosaur one would be changed model wise to fit the reboot contiunity as it would just be easier to promote the reboot that way instead of making brand new nanos of the same aliens for the reboot version. The powerpuff girls I believe would stay the same, with the only difference being their newer missions would be based around the reboot with the girls acting like they're reboot selves then their classic contiunity. That's mostly how I see it since, I don't think they would really need to change much about the girls besides some dialogue and making new missions for them as I feel like the team while with the proper motivation would probably try to take the easy way out with some of this stuff, and to make things less complicated for newer fans would just do small edits and adjustments for the newer shows. Steven Universe I can definitely see being added as it's an incredibly popular show that alot of people love and would bring alot of attention to the game especially with the messages it tries to push. I could keep going but we'll be here all day, I think it's safe to say that most of the newer shows if the team of could think of an organic way to fit them into the story would be added, if not, code items would probably be used to promote them and with the reboots things would just be changed slightly or new missions/npcs would be added to comphensate for the two different versions of the characters.

Finally, I think if the game continued, alot would of changed from the original and it probably would of felt like a different game entirely due to how much would be altered and changed and eventually I feel like the game would become even less profitable over time, especially with it being really old and kinda outdated gameplay wise, without proper graphically and gameplay changes it just wouldn't be possible for the game to stay up in it's current state even with all these changes. I like to think that in this version of events the game would simply be rebooted in a way more closer to the the original which would be the better option over trying to put a bandage on a ran off guy's legs on the street, which would probably lead to older shows getting the boot until later on where they think they could profit off them being included later. Which would probably be the easier route. But in all actuality, I can't see the game being worth it in CN's eyes especially in the state it was in so alot of things would need to go in the team's favor at this point and it wouldn't be worth it in the end.

But what do you guys think? What do you guys think the game would be like if it was still open and how it would do so? Could Fusionfall work in 2020 and how would they handle the newer properties? If I missed something feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to explain myself or correct it when I can!

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Where's Wilt head stitches?
« on: November 22, 2019, 10:58:30 PM »
It's pretty self explainatory where <<Do not swear or imply swears, LOL NO>> is my boy Wilt's head stitches? <<Disrespectful content, k.>> it's like two stitches on his head, any chance they can be added? LOL <<Stop editing my posts Stewie this is clearly a serious matter, love Sogeking>>

Here's an image for reference:

One other thing I noticed from the newest update is the addition of the BMO backpack as a code item, something that was an item originally implemented into Legacy as a user submitted creation? My question is can more items such as the Ben 10 Omniverse Hoodie or those Bloo and Wilt hoods that were shown off before for Legacy being implemented now too?

Hey how's it going so recently I saw the new Rodney item from Squrriel Boy and I was thinking, wouldn't it be possible to add Jake from MGPM or Robot Boy in a similar fashion where they move around your character like Rodney does? Maybe even characters like High Five Ghost or maybe a shirt like the one Finn wears except it has a pocket in it where Jake can come out for abit, maybe even some aliens like Grey Matter, Jury Rigg, or something like Diamondmatter from the OG series as items that can crawl around you too or Ball Weevil can juggle on a plasma ball on your head or something. I mean, I know this may be abit too much too ask, however with characters like Rodney being able to be like interactive buddies that can hang on to you, I feel like there's alot of potential for other characters to do the same!

I know this may seem like a weird addition to make however, I feel like the concept of Nanos considering their like your little companions that join and help you out along your adventure should expanded upon similar to Pokemon Aime from Pokemon. Stuff like interacting with your nanos, playing with them, feeding them, customization (albeit I don't expect this to be fleshed out too much since it may be complicated to implement) etc. would be a nice touch, heck, maybe like in Pokemon the more you interact with your nano and the bond between them, the nano ability they have can slightly increase in effectiveness, kind of like a permanent gumball albeit slightly less effective, maybe in between the base nano's abilities to a gumball boosted nano ability to make gumballs still useful.

I know the idea of pets in Fusionfall may seem kind of redundant due to Nanos existing, however I feel like giving Nanos a pet like funcationality could help make Nanos feel more companions then just walking-talking abilities. Even if you don't like the pet idea, I do at least want Nanos to become more fleshed out then they already are/shown to be since I feel like nanos have a lot of potential in terms of what you can do with them.

I've discussed in the past with someone on a previous thread about abilities and such similar to Kingdom Hearts, however one idea someone had on it was giving Nanos a rage mechanic, where depending on how much damage you take nanos can enter a rage state to boost their abilities. I feel like this could tie in perfectly to the proposed affection mechanic as the idea of Nanos getting angry as you alot of damage might seem in lore kind of pointless since it doesn't imply in game we have an attachment to the nanos nor do they to us, meaning it would be a little weird they may get upset over you taking damage besides maybe when you die sometimes they get upset. I feel like with the affection mechanic not only, would it feel like your nanos strongly care about you getting hurt but the rage mode could be unlocked by it and could increase in efficently.

 An idea I had for this would be if rage mode is activate the nano's ability could be used 2-4 times however, the more it's used after the first time, it's power or effect decreases in efficenty or length depending how many are used, and the amount that could be used can be increased BY this function. Making the affection mechanic and easy way to not only use stuff like Damage-Point abilities in succession but could add more complex playstyles to the game and giving an optional way to grow your character and at least for the lore of the original, this could easily be used to explain the whole you need to level up to increase your power part of the story as what I've stated above could be directly what they mean especially when getting all the nanos is a mandatory part of the original game's completion. I know Legacy is going to have things like optional nanos again and a different story then the original however, I feel like regardless they could be used to also further strengthen nano's importance to the game and the potential lore.

I know that was like 3 or more paragraphs of a potential concept based on something that might not be able to be implemented especially because it could be complex to add, however, I feel if this all was added it could greatly expand our little buddies's importance and flesh out Nanos in a unique and interesting way while also adding an extra thing for players to do and strive towards when playing the game.

Excuse me for bothering you but whenever I start up the game not only our menus rapidly appearing and vanishing, but everything either freezes, I lose control of my character along with the menus and what I'm typing and the game only loads me and the ground around me with everything being invisible on top of the game lagging incredibly hard. Meaning, I can't properly even play the game correctly without it spasing out on me. Any fixes to the issue?

Hey how's it going, I'm just wondering if the original Fusionfall's Blitzwolfer, Snare-Oh, and Frankenstrike sets are going to be added into Retro anytime soon or if they can?

FusionFall Retro Discussion / More noods...
« on: June 28, 2019, 11:05:37 PM »
I was thinking is it possible to get more noods/bubbleheads added? Stuff like the 10 Year old Ben Tennyson nood, George of the Jungle, Eddy, Courage, Jerry (From Tom and Jerry), Scooby Doo, Skunk Fu, Gwen, Kevin, DNAliens, Mung Daal, the different colored default noods, etc. in Retro as retextures since apparently they fit in with the whole limited theme of Retro all off these we've seen in bumpers so I'm hoping these gets in.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Amount of Pods in City Point?
« on: June 23, 2019, 01:52:52 PM »
How many pods do you need to collect in City Point to finish the race, like the max amount?

FusionFall Retro Discussion / How to get a 4 star rating?
« on: June 22, 2019, 10:21:43 PM »
How do you get a 4 star rating in a race?

Okay let's move it all here so I can properly discuss it without derailing the original thread especially when its leading to people taking things out of context and making it harder to read.

So after going through multiple trailers of Fusionfall I managed by accident to find an older trailer of the OG game with Ben in it where he flat out states the "omnitrix is on the fritz" I'm assuming this means his omnitrix is somehow broken or inactive during the invasion hence why Ben might of lost unless I'm missing some important lore, heres the link if you want to see for yourself.

So yeah I accidently discovered a way to put 2 items from different guides on at the same time while being apart of a different guide entirely from the second item. I figured I report it even if it's pretty harmless since it's something against the rules to withheld. Overall, I feel like this should be a feature since it seems to be working fine especially when it's just a cape and a sword especially when one was melded into a lower level weapon. (BTW, is something I don't understand if the item is only suppose to have the style or look or something with the properties of another weapon why would the fact it's guide exclusive weapon carry over when it's only suppose to look like the weapon like the name implies rather than actually be the weapon.)

Hey guys what's up so after watching a few videos I was thinking? Instead of just mashing the z button and summoning nanos non stop is kinda boring compared to like Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. I feel like if the complex had the depth and weight and maybe even stuff like combo finishers, movement abilities, transformations, nano ability depth, etc. I suggest checking this video out to the end and telling me what you think.

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Possible Full Body Renders
« on: May 02, 2019, 09:46:33 PM »
Hey I have a question? Just like how the original Fusionfall managed to have full body renders of the characters mostly released or able to be found online, will the new renders of either new or redesigned characters be released anytime soon?

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