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Off Topic / Worst to Best Ben 10 Sets
« on: October 23, 2019, 03:46:56 PM »
Hi all, since Iíve had a lot to do with Ben 10 sets on here in the past (having made a bunch of custom sets and even designed and pitched a set to be added into the game), Iíve been wanting to make this for a while. I thought I'd wait until the Halloween event dropped in case we got any new sets, but we haven't. Iím basically ranking all of the official Ben 10 Alien sets from FusionFall from worst to best.

Firstly some context/rules:

Iím only doing sets based on Ben 10 Aliens, as in Benís transformations. That means sets such as the Ship set, Necrofriggian set, the various Forever Knight based armours, Rojo, Gwen 10,000, Vilgax Minion, Waybad and the Plumber sets are exempt from this list, though if people enjoy this one I might do something similar for other sets sometime.

Also, as youíll see from the images Iím using, Iím only covering the official set itself. If youíve seen my Ben 10 Custom Sets thread, youíll know that I usually try to enhance incomplete sets with other items in the game, for example I use the Battle Ready Nemesis helmet for Cannonbolt, the ice helmet and shards for Diamondhead, etc. Iíll only be going over the official set items, however in the case of some Ultimate Alien code sets, I will include accessories for the same set that were from other codes/later sold in the Ben 10 Ship E.G.G.E.R, such as Armodrilloís helmet and Ampfibianís Tendrils. I will not talk about extra items from code sets that are unrelated to the set itself, such as the Ultimate Aggregor or Ultimate Kevin heads.

Iím also not going to cover the Ultimate Swampfire set, as I was never able to complete the Ben 10 mission that gave out the torso and back item, and as such never had experience of the full set, nor have I seen an image of the completed set, so I donít feel like I can fairly talk about it or place it in my list.

I will be referring to the three 2011 Halloween sets as Benwolf, Benmummy and Benvicktor. I know they were renamed in Omniverse, but these sets are based on and named after the original series versions, and also I personally think Blitzwolfer is a really, really dumb name. If the sets come back someday and are named after the Omniverse versions, I may reconsider this choice.

These sets will be ranked based on the following categories:
-Appearance (How cool they look, unique models, etc)
-Accuracy (How well they represent the alien)
-Awesomeness (How fun it is to wear this set)

While this is my list and I am pretty much stating my opinion on these sets, Iím trying not to be bias and let nostalgia, the memories I have of these sets, and my thoughts on the aliens they represent get in the way of the above categories. As much as the Ampfibian set was my favourite in OG, itís not even in the top three here.

Without further ado, here we go.


Wildmutt is easily my least favourite Ben 10 set. It was a dull orange that looks like Wildmutt when he was sick in S1-E12, and the head looked really dumb with the players face showing. Of course I canít blame the setís design on poor execution as really thereís no way for a two-legged player to accurately portray a 4 legged alien without looking weird. Another issue this set has, as well as a few other sets to be fair, is the lack of an Omnitrix symbol, which always bugged me. It did however have a nice texture that captured the spines in Wildmuttís fur, and if I remember correctly the feet were an original model to match Wildmuttís hind feet.

To be honest, I wonder why this set was made. Iím not too sure when it was released, but the image from the show leads me to believe it came out alongside Ben 10 Ultimate Alien S1-E16: The Forge of Creation, in which Ben, Gwen and Kevin accidentally bring 10 year old Ben into their time period. 10-year-old Ben also used Heatblast, Fourarms and Stinkfly in that episode. Personally, I would have made a fourarms set over Wildmutt as it would have likely been easier to work with. They could have just had the other two arms crossed or something.

Eye Guy

Eye Guy is a set I donít have much memory of, and is likely one of the lesser remembered sets. The images you see here are literally the only ones I could find online. Interestingly, it was one of the sets you couldnít get via trading, but the code was still usable when I started playing the game, which was just after the academy update, so luckily I was able to get it.

Itís low on the list because as accurate as the pieces are, the fact there was no headpiece to complete the set, and the fact it has no unique modelling except maybe the feet, made it kind of lame. Plus at the time, Eyeguy had only been used twice in the original series (and thatís only if the alternate ďgoldĒ intro to Secret of the Omnitrix counts), and Omniverse was yet to come out for most of FusionFallís run.


Despite the fact I spent days trying to collect all 4 parts from the gold eggs, the Waybig set isnít anything particularly special to me, and while I know itís just meant to be a costume, it doesnít feel right to me to look like Waybig but be a normal sized person. Sure you can try camera angle tricks to make it look bigger, like I did in the above screenshot, but itís still not so awesome. This set would have been a lot cooler if we had the Waybig Nano as well, but weíre likely going to have to wait until Legacy for that. I guess weíll see how this expansion thing plays out.


Benmummy was my least favourite set that came out in Halloween 2011, easily being the least exciting of the trio. Despite the details and unique models, just like Wildmutt, this set didnít have an Omnitrix symbol. It also had a glitch where the players head would show through certain parts of the helmet, which didnít look too great (though itís not shown much in the promotional image from the event, shown above). Itís not a bad set, itís just not brilliant either.


Okay, so an interesting case for Chromastone here, itís been in both versions of FusionFall, BUT at this time, the back shard piece for Chromastone isnít in Retro, which is weird since the ice shards are, and theyíre literally a recolour of those. I donít understand why we never got the Chromastone shards in Retro. That, and the comically oversized helmet, land it so low on the list. I just canít take it seriously. Ironically, Chromastone seems to have one of the smallest heads in comparison to his body in the whole Ben 10 series.


Spidermonkey is a particularly interesting set in my opinion, the first set in this list to have a weapon. Iím not giving it extra points for that or anything, however I will be discussing the weapon along with the set. Spidermonkey was in the original game, but it was one of the few Ben 10 themed items I didnít own myself. I was happy to get in in Retro, though it is a little underwhelming. Aside from the gun and back arms, there are no unique model and itís basically a holosuit base with a blue colour scheme. Also something to note is that the icon for the back arms shows a tail, which doesnít exist on the actual model. Also, Spidermonkey has six limbs and you (wearing the back arms) have 8. I donít know if the back arms would look better if they accurately only had two extra arms, I guess not which is why they gave it four.

Now, this paragraph is talking about the weapon and I go off on something of a tangent here, but the weapon is weird. So, itís a rifle. Now rifles are my personal favourite weapon type in FusionFall, and Iíve used a lot of types. As cool as some of them look, some of them fire really stupid projectiles. A prime example would be the Ultra Rare rifles from the Darklands, their projectile resembles a spitwad or a snowball, and looks way too lame for a gun that looks that cool. It should fire a laser like the starter gun (which should totally fire lighting, itís literally called the lightning gun). However the Spidermonkey Web Shooter would be perfect for this white ball thing, as it sorta looks like a web. So what does it fire? A RED LASER. Of course!


Ghostfreak is an odd one. Itís one of the few exclusive drops from the Mega Fusion Echo Echo boss raid, and in that regard itís pretty cool. However, it looks really weird. First, it has yellow eyes all throughout the set within the cracks of Ghostfreakís skin, one of which where the Omnitrix symbol should be. It also has the mask that looks like his Alien Force design (with the green eye), even though the armour looks more like the original series version of Ghostfreak, before he escaped the Omnitrix. Sidenote, Iím trying not to go too deep into the lore here, as Iím aware not everyone on here watches Ben 10, at least isnít as much of a geek as I am about it. Thereís also a level 11 shattergun weapon, dropped by Doom Boilers and Tiger Wolves if I recall correctly. This is a really cool set, and one of the best things from the Ben 10 update in my opinion, but itís all over the place in terms of accuracy.


Goop is probably one of the most versatile sets in the game and has a lot going on for it. For starters, as you can see from the above images, there are two options for heads. I love the UFO and you can use it with pretty much any outfit, though for the Goop set itself I prefer to use the Bubblehead. Another bonus is that you can now wear your UFO without being hounded by trade requests like in OG (anyone else remember that?)

 Thereís also a gun, but it doesnít come with the set, itís a level 9 rare rifle you can get from the Scrap Tyrants, the Jock o Lanterns, or as the mission reward for Gooey Junk (Part 2 of 2), from Coop. This one does fire the weird spitwad projectile, but I donít have a problem with it.

The set also goes nicely with the Fusion Spawn bubblehead, the toxic spawn backpack, and the fusion tendrils.


This is where my whole bias thing gets hard (pun unintended) as Diamondhead is one of my favourite aliens of all time. While I was (and still am) excited that he got a set, I was pretty disappointed when I learned thereís no helmet (which could probably be made using and maybe resizing Tetraxís model, just an idea if any developers are reading this). Also the boots are both black when of course one of them should be white. Iím assuming that couldnít be done, and if thatís the case then fair enough, but it does detract from the set a little. Also no Omnitrix symbol. He also has a thrown weapon, but this does nothing for me as thrown weapons are completely worthless as actual weapons, and are generally barely visible in hand.

Big Chill

I donít know if anyoneís noticed this yet, but I took all of the screenshots for sets that exist in Retro myself in places that I think suit the alien. Goop surrounded by fusion matter and other slime, Diamondhead and Chromastone in Crystalline Caverns, etc. I took Big Chillís screenshots in Orchid Bay, in front of the area the Ice Kingís castle was in the original game. It ought to be there, but it isnít.
Anyway, Big Chill continues the streak of aliens with corresponding weapons, and he is one of the coolest looking sets in the game, pun totally intended. Itís a complete set that covers the player fully, and looks accurate to the alien while doing so. To nitpick, I would say that the shoes arenít accurate to Big Chillís large two-toed feet, but it doesnít really stand out enough to be a major problem.


The image Iím working with here is an awkward one, but unfortunately itís the only one I could find that showed a player wearing the set. Similar to Eyeguy, Benvicktor only officially showed up once in the original series, and the set was released before Omniverse came out. Itís a shame he was introduced so late in the series as he was a really cool transformation, as well as Benís first electric alien. The texture and modelling details on this set is great, and the accessories are both really cool, though the back item (based on Benvicktorís twin electric coils) doesnít show in the image unfortunately. If this set ever comes back in Retro I can see myself wearing the wig a lot as my characterís bright blue hair kind of annoys me sometimes.


Remember when I said my bias may be an issue? Yeah, this was my favourite set in OG hands down, and it was all thanks to the Nano. I pretty much ran around in this set constantly along with the Nano, kind of like a mini me. I was ecstatic (pun intended) to find the helmet in the Mega Fusion Echo Echo update, only to find that the helmet was the only part added in. Iím genuinely curious why this is the case, if any developers are reading this Iíd really like to know. As much as Iíd love to see the AmpFibian set (and Nano) return and relive the good old days, I canít say my thoughts towards the set havenít changed.

Looking at the set objectively, and ignoring the Nano, it wasnít amazing. I think the blue was a little too light, and again as a non-humanoid alien, the set was never going to look exactly right. Also, the tendrils that go with the set had a weird purple tint to them. That being said, it was still a fun set that means a lot to me, so Iím meeting my nostalgia half way and putting it up a little higher on the list that I maybe should.


Humungousaur is a greatly detailed set, with scales in both the texture and the models, and honestly it just looks awesome. My only issue with the set in the original game is was that it didnít come with a head of any kind, but if it ever gets added into Retro, the bubblehead will fix that issue right away. Another issue is I canít wreck monsters with a few punches outside of the early suburbs while wearing this set. This set, like Humungousaur himself, is an absolute beast. Also has anyone else noticed Humungousaur is spelled wrong in game?


Hereís another set I never got in the original game, due to the fact I could never beat the level 10 Ben 10 guide mission, and Heatblast didnít start until level 14. A set based on Heatblast, arguably the most iconic alien in the series, was a must for FusionFall, and if any set was going to be from Benís guide missions, Iím glad it was him. That said, I donít like how the helmet never showed any glasses/masks you were wearing until that was fixed in Retro, and the Omnitrix symbols on the knees look weird. As well as the fact the Omnitrix on his chest is off-centre. However the feet look great especially, and the set comes with a shattergun weapon, the Heatblaster. It looks more like a pistol to be honest but itís still pretty awesome.


I think the Cannonbolt set has an interesting history in FusionFall. In the original game, it was used a lot in the gameís marketing, in posters, artwork and trailers. I imagine it must have sucked to find the set was locked until the last three levels of the game. It continued to be a somewhat prestigious set in Retro, and then Mega Fusion Echo Echo came along and made it painfully easy to get. This has slightly affected my thoughts and feelings towards the set. However, itís still one of the coolest sets in the game in my opinion, and itís one of the first sets I think of when I think of FusionFall.

In terms of appearance, the set is odd. Cannonbolt is a big round guy, with short stumpy legs. Naturally he was going to look weird, but I think it still works. The yellow armour shells on the set stand out nicely, and the set looks great from all angles. The pants specifically are some of my favourite in the game, and I often wear them as part of my main outfit. I also wear the battle ready nemesis helmet and the black bank robber mask with this set to complete the head, which especially looks great from the back.

Ultimate Cannonbolt

Almost everything I just said about the original Cannonbolt setís design, but with bumpy things, and in my favourite colour. I even have the blue battle ready nemesis helmet ready in my bank in case this set is ever added to Retro.


And here we have the Russian Radiator, NRG. At the time Iím writing this post, this is currently my favourite set in Retro. The unique modelling is great, especially on the torso. The colours are spot on, and really this is everything I would expect of an NRG costume set. I have no further comments other than I seriously love this set.


Benwolf is a great set, though you canít see much of it in the promotional picture, so I dug around and found the icons. The detail on this set is phenomenal, especially in the feet and torso. The tail was also a great addition, one that caused a pretty big ruckus in the trading community after Halloween. Interestingly, the tail was tradable where the snout wasnít. Iím really hoping this set comes back too, partly as I really like it but mostly as I just think we need more tails in the game.


Armodrillo is an outstanding set. It some great modelling and texture details, including a metallic look that makes it look even cooler. It comes with a tail, and thereís also a helmet that was from another code, and later the Ship E.G.G.E.R. The only flaw is that the biceps are technically supposed to be black, but itís not a huge issue. The full set looks amazing and it was definitely one of the best in the original game.

Ultimate Humungousaur

It was a tough choice, especially trying to look past my own nostalgia and bias, but after much Alien X-Like deliberation, I came to the conclusion that the overall best Ben 10 FusionFall set (so far) is Ultimate Humungousaur. In terms of appearance, this set has everything. A body armour with INCREDIBLE detail, with scales, spikes, the Ultimatrix symbol (again with spikes) and two accessories in the form of the helmet and the tail, both of which are unique and awesome. Pair this the cactus cannon, triple threat, or the massive bio plasma cannon and you can simulate Ultimate Humungousaurís missile hands.

One downside I had with this set in the original game was the helmet, as it hid masks and only showed your face, but that problem has finally been resolved in Retro so, should this set ever come back, it wouldnít be an issue any more.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it as it took a long time to put everything together. How would you rank each of these sets, and which is your favourite?

FusionFall Fanworks / Fusemon - A cross between FusionFall and Pokemon!
« on: September 29, 2019, 05:06:10 PM »
Hi all,

Ever since I got into Pokemon earlier this year, I've frequently been comparing FusionFall to it. We collect small creatures that have various powers and come in various types to help us in our quest, especially in battles. We even have certain types being extra effective, or weak, against other types. With this in mind, I drew a mock battle between myself and my favourite battle Nano* Fourarms (who else?) against Fusion Ben and a Fusion Spawn.

Since Fusion Spawns are arguably the most iconic/recognisable of Fuse's minions, and I didn't feel like spending like half an hour drawing a giant monster, I decided to ignore the fact that in order to have Fourarms you need to be level 18 and Fusion Spawns are level 1 (and also in the future)  :P

*I say battle Nano as my favourite Nano in the game is of course Swampfire, but the poor little dude's almost useless in a fight. Also, should it be Fusemon or Pokefall?

FusionFall Fanworks / FusionFall Ben 10 Set Designs
« on: September 22, 2019, 07:19:57 PM »
Hi all,

I wasn't too sure where to post this as I don't usually make suggestions for things to be added to the game, and all the design forums were for Legacy and not Retro, but I really wanted to get this further out there. After a few minutes of searching I figured the fanworks section would be best as it's technically fanart.

Anyway, Swampfire has been my favourite alien for as long as I can remember. I've wanted a Swampfire set since the original game, and I've discussed the idea both in my Ben 10 custom thread, and in game. I was talking to some other players about Ben 10 sets earlier today and the concept of Swampfire came up, as I showed off my custom. Funnily enough Devan himself was there at the time and agreed that a Swampfire set could work, which is part of the reason I'm posting this in the hopes that it could actually happen. I'm obviously aware that just because a dev says something could happen doesn't mean it will, but it did give me a glimmer of hope, and I wanted to share the drawing anyway as I think it looks pretty good.

Excuse my excitable scribbly writing. As you can see, I implemented the helmet from the original game, which I believe would work nicely with the plain black bandanna to complete the face. I also believe that the Ultimate Swampfire legs and feet from the original game could likely be recoloured to dark green to create the legs and feet of Swampfire. I'm not sure if these items are still in the game files somewhere, but I'd like to imagine so since many of the code sets from around the same period have been released in Retro so far. I think if a shirt from the Goon sets, if given a few colour and texture tweaks and an Omnitrix symbol slapped on could work nicely for Swampfire as well, so chances are only one completely new part would be needed (assuming recolours don't count as new parts).

As a huge fan of Ben 10 and FusionFall Retro, it would be epic to have an official set, a weapon and a Nano for my favourite alien. Again I'm not assuming this is ever going to happen, but I can dream right? Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I've finished a second image for this project, which is an item/inventory mock up, showing images and descriptions for each item in the set. This one was hand drawn but digitally coloured, with typed up one of the fonts used in game, Jefferies (in case you were wondering why it looks so familiar), to give it an even more realistic look. 

Technical Issues / Bug Reports / Forum Profile gifs
« on: September 21, 2019, 05:45:27 PM »
Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've been trying to change my profile picture to a gif and every time I try I just end up with no profile picture at all, which is extremely annoying. Does anyone know how to get it to work?

Turns out you change https to http and it works. Sorry.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Genius Grove Future Spot
« on: September 18, 2019, 05:18:28 PM »
Hi all,

With all the talk about the Future recently, I decided to replay it. Not because I thought anything would be different yet or anything, but I just wanted to have a proper look around. I decided to explore Genius Grove, an area I barely went to on my inital playthroughs as I pretty much rushed through it, grinded the blindfold, or just camped Don Doom for a bit.
I saw a few interesting things that I took screencaps of:

This strange area at the south east corner of the map, which isn't in the past.

The sliders look drastically different (and cooler)

This plumber's holding a bio plasma cannon. Not sure if this is unique or they all do everywhere and I only just noticed.

You've all probably seen this stuff and I'm just late to the party, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Gold Egg Locations?
« on: September 15, 2019, 09:10:27 AM »
Hi all,

Is there currently a guide to all of the gold egg locations in the world? I don't just mean the suburb ones that drop set parts, I've been trying to find the egg in every zone. Genius Grove was a pretty tough one, it's on top of the wires at the south end of the map (I sure am glad they didn't put the Waybig parts in that thing!).

I also know the locations in Sector V, Pokey Oaks North and South, Peach Creek Commons and Estates, Candy Cove, Eternal Vistas and Meadows, Fosters Home, Nuclear Plant, Habitat Homes, City Station, City Hall, Mount Blackhead, Acorn Flats, Twisted Forest, Devils Bluff, Forgotten Falls, Monkey Mountain, Dinosaur Pass (I think), Huntors Crest, and the Precipice.

If anyone else knows the other locations, or if there is actually a guide, please let me know. It's kind of a shame the rest of the eggs only contain egger items or gumballs (would have been a cool way to introduce other items and sets), but it would still be nice to know where they are, and if there isn't currently a guide I might make one. I'm particularly stumped on Goat's Junk Yard at the moment.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / New NPC Idea - Dr. Animo
« on: September 05, 2019, 06:09:48 PM »
Hi all,

This is a totally wild idea (literally) and I doubt it would ever actually happen, but I had a really cool idea that I wanted to throw it out there just for the heck of it.

There are a lot of Ben 10 NPCs in the game aside from the main cast, including Vilgax, Hex, various Plumbers, and Tetrax. They all have roles and two of them even have Nanos, though I question if Hex was really worthy of one. But there's a Ben 10 villain who I think would have been perfect for FusionFall but was never introduced: Dr. Animo.

For those unfamiliar, Dr Aloysius Animo is a mad scientist whose whole shtick is mutation and genetic experiments, mostly on animals but he's tried to experiment on Ben and his alien DNA a few times. In the original series he had a device called the transmodulator, a helmet that allowed him to mutate animals and he even reanimated a T-Rex and a woolly mammoth back to life in his debut. I honestly can't think why Animo was never part of the game, he was certainly notable enough as he's appeared in all 5 Ben 10 shows and both of the animated movies.

I've thought a lot about how easily Animo could fit into the game. If I were to add him in, I'd have him in the wilds, maybe around the camp area in Acorn Flats, which is a notoriously boring place at the moment. His missions could involve retrieving DNA from Fuse's monsters for him to study, and maybe Gwen could have you spy on him to add a little extra to it. He could even bring new items into the game, such as the transmodulator helmet (which could also include his goggles, kind of like the solomon hat), or items based on his animal minions like his mutant frog.

Again, I doubt this would ever actually be implemented, but I thought it was a cool enough concept to share with you guys.

FusionFall Retro Technical Issues / Bug Reports / X-Ray Windscreens
« on: August 14, 2019, 06:30:33 PM »
This has probably been mentioned before, but I noticed that if you're in a hovercar wearing a mask (I'm wearing sunglasses) the windscreen shows your character without it.

It might be a little hard to make out.

Not a game breaker or anything but thought it was interesting enough to note.

Hi all,

Kind of a weird, random (and maybe a little ironic) post here but I just thought about it. Not even that sure if it should've been posted here or in the off topic section but I guess it applies to Retro mostly. If you could ask any character in the game one question, what would you ask, and why? I'd probably ask Ben what his top 10 favourite aliens are.

Off Topic / Ben 10 Omniverse (the MMO)
« on: July 23, 2019, 02:51:23 PM »
Hi all,

Running around the game after the new update seeing everyone sporting various Ben 10 alien themed body parts brought back a few memories of the old Ben 10: Omniverse MMO. I didn't play that game for long myself, in fact I think I started playing a few weeks before it shut down. Anyone have any memories or thoughts on the game?

Also as a bonus, what's your favourite item from the new update? Mine would be the Ampfibian head as the Ampfibian set was my favourite in the old game.

Q&A Zone / Ask Admiral
« on: July 21, 2019, 12:44:08 PM »
Hi all,

I was just looking around on the off topic part of the forums and stumbled across the Q&A section - At first I thought it was for the community team only or something but saw other players doing threads so interest got the better of me and I figured I'd jump in too.

Fire away I guess.

FusionFall Retro Technical Issues / Bug Reports / Nergal Glasses
« on: July 20, 2019, 05:48:13 PM »
Hi all,

I got Nergal glasses on my lvl6 alt, but for some reason I can't equip them. Any idea what's causing this? The icon is blue but every time I try clicking the equip button or right clicking the icon, nothing happens.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / FusionFonts
« on: July 20, 2019, 07:15:02 AM »
Hi all,

I'm working on a few art projects based on FusionFall at the moment, including designing some Nanos/Fusions. I'd like to make some authentic looking screenshots for them, like recreating the power select screen when you unlock a new Nano.

If anyone knows where I can get the font the game uses, or a very similar one, please let me know.

Hi all,

There's a thread going around about character backstories on the main Retro thread, and it made me remember my old FusionFall fanfiction. Unfortunately I only got to write three episodes as my computer broke and by the time we got a new one I'd forgotten my login details. However, I just read through it again for the backstory thread and I dare say it held up pretty nicely considering I wrote it way back in 2015, long before Retro came out.

I'm hoping links are allowed on here, if not someone let me know and I'll edit this when I get the chance.




I really enjoyed reading through the old story and I'm tempted to continue writing it somewhere. Maybe DeviantArt, maybe directly on the forums (is there a character limit on here?) or somewhere else. If anyone knows any good websites to write and post stories and would be interested in reading more of Adam's journey, please let me know. I might even draw more comics based on FF:W, as my drawings are a LOT better than they were back then. Thanks guys!

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Set origins
« on: July 14, 2019, 03:30:31 PM »
Hi all,

As a Cartoon Network game, it's no wonder that a lot of items and sets are based around Cartoon Network shows. For instance there are several weapons based on Kids Next Door, and loads of armour sets based on Ben 10. Other items and sets are obviously based on generic culture like the cowboy sets, pharaoh sets, etc. But I'm curious where a few specific sets came from, whether they're from a specific show or just a concept thought up by the OG developers. I didn't watch all the shows growing up.

I'm mainly talking about the Dark Avenger, Cyber Shogun, Nickelbottom, Clockwork, Beetle and Infiltrator sets. If anyone knows what these sets are from, I'd be interested to know, or if anyone knows the origins of other obscure sets, feel free to share that too. Thanks!

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