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    I was walking to Bravo Beach to relax and enjoy the sea. Nothing is better than a good summertime on Bravo Beach. When I‌ arrived, I was shocked, a Fusion Boss was attacking citizens near the Beach and the roads. They started running around and screaming. I was not prepared for the occasion. While I‌ was thinking about what can I‌ do to help them, Bubbles went by in light speed and started attacking the Fusion Boss. After some strikes, Fusion Boss made a huge eruption attack to Bubbles and she was hurt badly. That Fusion Monster was strong and Bubbles' attack by itself wasn’t enough to defeat it, I‌ needed to do something.

    The only protection and attacking options I had was my Nanos at the time. I‌ called out my Dee Dee Nano to do a Damage Attack. Fusion Boss turned to me after I attacked it and started running towards me. It hit me with a corruption attack and my Dee Dee Nano got hurt and returned back, I‌ was hurt badly too. It was time for Juniper Lee Nano, she used Leech Attack to both damage the boss and heal me. I‌ was healed a bit, still wasn’t enough to recover fully. While I‌ was distracting the Boss with my attacks, Bubbles went to get help and inform her sisters. Fusion Boss was still focused on me so I started running with Numbuh 2 Nano to win time. Luckily I had a gumball on me that allowed me to power up my Nano, I was running so fast that the Fusion Boss couldn't catch me. I‌ was still running from the Boss when Bubbles came with Blossom and Buttercup. They started attacking Fusion Boss with their powerful attacks and strategies. I was damaging it with my Dee Dee Nano from far to help the girls, she was recovered while I was running. After all those attacks and fighting, Fusion Boss was finally defeated and turned into Fusion Matter. I‌ went to Powerpuff Girls and thanked them for their help. Bubbles said, “Well, after this long battle, we should have a party here on Bravo Beach while we are still here!” I‌ said that was a great plan. Blossom went to inform everyone for the party, while Bubbles and Buttercup were preparing for the party. I‌ helped Bubbles with the drinks and food while Buttercup set the area for the party. Everyone started coming to Bravo Beach after some time; Boomer, Dexter, Computress, Ed Edd and Eddy, Wilt, Frank, Bloo, Mac, Coco and whole other people were coming to the party. This will be a blast!

    After spending some time and swimming in the sea with them, I‌ took my orange juice and laid down at a lounge to relax after the battle. While I was relaxing and looking at the sky, I realized that I’m so lucky to have these heroes, Imaginary Friends, Eds and a beautiful city with a sea that has a great view. The only problem is the Fusions and Fuse themselves, but one day I‌ will become powerful and defeat Fuse once for all!

Suggestions / FusionFall Legacy Concept: Guide Skills
« on: April 01, 2019, 03:02:02 AM »
     Hey everyone! I’m back with a game changer idea. I thought to myself, what if we had skills in FFL? How could it change the combat and other things? So, I thought it was a great idea and I tried to implement this new mechanic to the FF Universe. I tried to fit the system into the Universe without breaking the core gameplay (Nanos and weapons etc.)

So how will it work? Let me explain here:

Skill points (SP): You can get 2 skill points every 4 Level starting from level 8. Why did I start it from level 8? Because new players will have time to understand the core elements of the game until this level before unlocking a new mechanic.

Here are the levels you can get SP:

8-12-16-20-24-28-32-36-40-(it can expand with new levels that will come with FFL)

Guide Skills: The skills you will get trough out the game will be determined by your Guide selection. Each guide will have unique skills that you can unlock and upgrade. You cannot unlock other guide’s skills if you have a guide selected.

(WORK IN PROGRESS, I will update this thread when I get new ideas for skills, or even you can give me an idea!)

Here are the Guide Skills:


- Turret: Made by Dexter himself to help you fight those evil monsters! (ACTIVE SKILL)
Cooldown (CD): 4 minutes
Duration: 15 Seconds
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP
Turret upgrades: Damage (%10) - 1SP, Health (%10) – 1 SP, Duration (+10 seconds)  – 1SP, Fire Rate %10) – 1SP
Bonus: When fully upgraded your turret gets %5 extra Damage and Health increase!

- Barrier: Get yourself a defensive barrier to reduce your enemies attacks for a short duration! (ACTIVE SKILL)
Cooldown (CD): 3 minutes
Duration: 5 Seconds
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP

- Weapon Damage Increase: Thanks to Dexter, you can upgrade your weapons to deal more damage! (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increase Value (Base): %5
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP
Upgrades: Level 2: %10 – 1 SP, Level 3: %15 – 1 SP

- Vehicle Boost: Dexter’s new invention make your car go faster! (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increase in speed: %10
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP

- EXP Boost: You can get more EXP out of monsters and missions! (possibly dungeons or raids if there will be those) (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increased EXP: %5 more EXP
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP
Upgrade: %10 – 1 SP

- Inventory Upgrade: Lets you carry more items! (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increase in space (Base): 2 slots
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP
Upgrade: Level 2: 2 more slots – 1 SP, Level 3: 1 more slot – 1 SP

- Nano Upgrade: This new tech makes your nanos even more powerful! (PASSIVE SKILL)
All Effects: %5 Improvement
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP
Upgrade: %10 – 1 SP

- Cannon Turret: Edd’s newest invention! This little machine launches little bombs that can damage an area! (ACTIVE SKILL)
Cooldown (CD): 4 minutes
Duration: 20 Seconds
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP
Turret upgrades: Damage (%10) - 1SP, Health (%10) – 1 SP, Impact Area Increase (4 Radius?)  – 1SP, Fire Rate (%10) – 1SP
Bonus: When fully upgraded your turret gets %5 extra Fire Rate and Health increase!

- Health Bonus: You can get permanent bonus health thanks to Jawbreakers! (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increase in health (Base): %5
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP
Upgrades: Level 2: %10 – 1 SP, Level 3: %15 – 1 SP

- Taros Boost: You can get more Taros out of monsters and missions thanks to Eddy! (possibly dungeons or raids if there will be those) (PASSIVE SKILL)
Increased Taros: %5 more Taros
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP
Upgrade: %10 – 1 SP


- Confusion Ray: This piece of tech makes your enemies go crazy and attack their own kind for a short duration! (ACTIVE SKILL)
Cooldown (CD): 4 minutes
Duration: 10 Seconds
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP
Upgrade: Duration (+10 seconds)

- Monkey Skyway Price Reduction: Since Mojo is your guide, you get a certain amount of reduction in cost when you use Skyway! (PASSIVE SKILL)
Decrease in price: %10
SP Required to unlock: 1 SP

-BEN 10

- Ally Alien: You can spawn an ally alien to help your fight the evil thanks to Ben! (ACTIVE SKILL)
Cooldown (CD): 4 minutes
Duration: 20 Seconds
SP Required to unlock: 2 SP
Ally upgrades: Ally Damage (%10) - 1SP, Ally Health (%10) – 1SP, Duration (+5 seconds) – 1SP
Bonus: When fully upgraded your ally gets %5 extra Damage and Health increase!

I will be updating with even more skills when I get an idea, or even with your ideas! If this can be implemented, I can draw some rough sketches about the skills, how will they look etc. I worked so hard for this thread and I hope we will see a new mechanic like this in FFL! Thanks for reading my new idea. Don’t forget to write your own ideas and thoughts about this!

Suggestions / Freezy Spawn-Bot (Temporary Name)
« on: June 25, 2018, 05:42:48 PM »
      Hello! In this topic, I want to share a monster design. My drawing is bad because I had to draw with a mouse.
      So this monster can be found in snowy areas. Think, a spawn riding a ufo type machine to float around (and have an effect while they are floating which I draw in the picture), freeze everyone with their freeze machine and strike them with their hammer!

      The spawn in the machine wears a mask and the spawn itself is turquoise, which is like an ice spawn.

      I thought how devs can implement the combat. This monster will slow down our character (basically a debuff) with the freeze machine and attack with their hammer.

      Here is the design of it (2 things that are behind the monsters are ice/water tanks like an ammo.)

Hello everyone! Recently while I was playing Retro Early Access, I realised that outlines are pixelated. On August 2 outlines were smooth and hd but now it looks pixelated and it bothers me. I hope that I'm not the only one experiencing this. Can you guys test so I will know if it is something to do with the game or my computer. Here is the picture (left one is from 2 August and the right one is from today)

We are so close to playing FFR finally, and I will record my gameplay and post it on youtube + I will do live streams on Twitch.

If you want to follow me here is the link for Youtube and my Twitch Name:


Twitch: FrizyHyper1

- In this Topic, I will list my wishes and what I want to see in the near future about FFL!
- About Devblogs;

1) A devblog about FFL's New Combat, What's new? Maybe a video about it.

2) A devblog about the FFL Map Layout. What is changed?

3) A devblog about the Nanos, showcasing every type of Nanos (primary, secondary and terrarity) and how to get them maybe with a gameplay?

CHECK 4) A devblog about FFL Tutorial which can show off the new future map. What is changed in the future? CHECK

A devblog about new weapon types if there are new weapon types.

6) A devblog about Hookslice Hills (I'm still waiting for it  ;D )

7) A devblog about Rolf, his missions and his nano. (similar to Livin Like Larry Devblog + this was promised since December 2015 Livestream :D )

- Other things I want to see;

1) A brand new "Mission Gameplay" video.

2) Monthly Character and Nano Showcase / Reveal.

3) A video about what is done/changes since 2015.

4) Brand new PotD season. (Season 3)

5) More Livestreams (Q&A, Gameplay etc)

6) More fan-based items and weapons from "Calling all designers!" Thread.

   Don't forget, this is my wishlist and these may happen or not. This list is what I want to see. You can discuss here if you agree or disagree with these or what do you want to see most! Also, you can post what do you want to see! I can add them to the list. :)

Development Discussion / Drac is Back! (Halloween Spooktacular Part 2)
« on: October 31, 2016, 03:24:54 PM »
That Dracula Nano omg.

Suggestions / Level Up Your Nanos!
« on: October 27, 2016, 03:26:43 AM »
Imagine you can level up your nano!

So first, when you got your nano, it will be Level 1, If you want to upgrade it, you need to go to nano station, but you need a item called Nano Upgrade Item in order to upgrade nano. ( Example, You want to upgrade your edd nano, You need nano station, Nano Upgrade Item and 5000 taros for leveling him up to Level 2, for level 3 you need 2 Nano Upgrade Item and 10000 taros in order to Upgrade.

What does upgrade makes? Example You have Numbuh One nano with heal, When you upgrade him to Level 2, It will heal you more and it will have more HP than Level 1.

Whats the cap for leveling up? 10 Level is cap.

I hope you guys like it!

FusionFall Fanworks / Fusionfall Legacy 2016 Chrome/Opera Theme
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:07:14 AM »
     Hello Guys! Today I created a chrome theme for Fusionfall Legacy, I made few of these last year, so I made a new 2016 version!

     I know FFL/FFR wont work on chrome but, If you use Chrome for you daily web browser, It will be a cool theme for you!  ;D

     If you want more Themes, Let me know! :)

     Here is the video tells how to apply theme for chrome:
     Here is how the theme Looks like in the chrome:

     For Opera I did just created the image so if you follow this steps, you can apply the theme for opera! :)

     Here is the video tells how to apply theme for opera:

Q&A Zone / Frizy Q&A
« on: September 13, 2016, 05:51:40 AM »
Feel free to ask anything!  :D

FusionFall Fanworks / Fusionfall Universe Unoffical Discord Channel!
« on: July 16, 2016, 05:45:06 AM »
Hello everybody! Today, I made a discord channel for everyone that can join.

   In this server: You can enter group channels (there are 10) for talking with your group in game, the limit is 4 because the games group limit is 4, you can offer trades in fusionfalltrade text channel, and talk about game in Fusionfall General Voice Channel and more! If you want to enter private chat, PM me in the discord for permission.

Please do not post your Discord name etc. here. 

Note: If you want to enter my server, basically, press plus button that is in the left bar, than click to join server and enter <<Do not post links to Discord>> this code here.

I hope everyone enjoys here! ;D   ;D  ;D  ;D

Here is an image:

Suggestions / More Inventory and Bank Space in FFL!
« on: July 10, 2016, 07:49:30 AM »
Please don't argue about, If devs are confirmed it, Because I don't know If it confirmed, Im just saying my idea here.  ;D

I think, with the Legacy, It will come with a lot of new items to collect, So we need more spaces like 175 space for bank or 75-80 spaces for Inventory ( I don't remember the old Inventory space limit) for collecting / grinding.  ;D

I hope devs add this to the game!  ;D  ;D  ;D

Hello everybody!

As you can see I am going to make Fusionfall Universe Forum Funny Writings Video (FFU Forum Simulator), but I need some Ideas, or even pieces that funny.(Idea is from GrizzilyCowboy64 in the dragonierknight Youtube Topic)

I will collect them and make a video. (Like this: to GrizzilyCowboy64)

If you guys help me I will so happy :)

Note: I will write to description that helped me to make this video

My Youtube Link:

Q&A Zone / Frizy's Q&A
« on: July 08, 2016, 02:43:30 AM »
Ask me anything you want!  ;D

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