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Hey all! Welcome to my Writing Submission! I just wanted to preface this by saying, to get the best experience while reading my story, try to read everything in the voices of the characters. I did a lot of research trying to figure out everyone's speech patterns and how they talk Ed was the hardest because I couldn't figure out how to do his yelling mid sentence correctly so that's why there are some super wacky text formatting in certain lines, crazy vocabulary in some places, and god awful spelling in Ed's lines. Hope you Enjoy!

Sandy Edventures
A Edd Edd n Eddy Scam Story
By Soul

Horizon shot of Bravo Beach; Pirate Ships are off in the distance sailing the vast cool, light blue ocean, the sand is bright, nearly blinding to the human eye. The sky is a warm summer amber, and the sun is rising on the coarse, sandy shores of the Downtown seaside district.

Itís the beginning of a bright and sunny day in the modern city of Townsville, and itís an absolutely delightful day to have fun at the beach!  The water is cool and fresh, the weather is clear and the sun is as bright as ever. Enter, Bravo Beach, a small tech based city with a beautiful site of the sea. Down by the boardwalk, a group of mischievous, yet foolish boys set up a makeshift concession stand to sell their latest and greatest invention.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy are walking along the boardwalk on Bravo Beach. Ed is holding planks and a hammer swaying side to side while walking, almost hitting people around him. Heís oblivious of his surroundings and doesnít realize that he almost hit like, seven people with wooden planks. Edd is gazing around at the tall skyscrapers of downtown, visibly giddy at what heís currently staring at. He pulls out a tape measurer and starts to measure the sand and the various buildings. Eddy starts to walk sneakily and precariously on the boardwalk, looking around to see if anyone is eyeing at him, almost as if heís hiding something. The group of Edds pick a spot on the boardwalk close to the beach, but not too far from the main road to set up their latest scam.

Eddy: Well boys weíre here! The famous Bravo Beach, letís set up shop over here and scam these suckers! Ed, start building up the stand!

Ed drops his hammer and planks, and attempts to get started on building the stand, but is distracted by the cool ocean off in the distance.

Ed: But EDDY The sites are so beautiful Look at the Ocean It Is HUUUUGE! The river by the Cul De Sac is NOTHING compared to this!

Eddy: Just build the dumb stand ya moron!

Ed continues to build the stand, and it looks like he has no clue what heís doing.

Edd: Eddy, Ed is right! Bravo beach has such a gorgeous view from the boardwalk! I wish we could visit here more often. It would be really nice to get out of that dingy Cul De Sac once and a while.

Eddy: Who cares about the sites? Double D?! Weíre here to do one thing, and that's to scam the heck out of these fools, and I got just the perfect plan to do it!

Ed stops work on the stand, and all of his attention shifts immediately to Eddy.

Ed: TeLL US the plan EDDY! Let us Know! Let us KNOW!

Eddy: Calm down bozo, and keep it down! We gotta stay quiet about this. Now Ed, did you bring all of your old pair of shoes?

Ed pulls out a nasty and grody plastic bag with bandages and garbage coming out of it from his pocket


Eddy: Alright, now get back to work! And you Double D?

Edd pulls out a clean, organized bag.

Edd: I did, theyíre all here in this neat bag, Now be careful, weíre going to have to return these because they arenít exactly mi-

Eddy snatches the bag from Edd

Eddy: PERFECT! Ooooh, this is gonna be great! Weíre gonna be so rich! And weíre gonna be able to buy one of those new Missing Hero flavored Jawbreakers!
Think of it now boys, us, chomping on those sweet Jawbreakers, sitting on a huge pile of cash!

Ed in the background continues to build the stand hastily

Edd: Well, will you at least tell us what the invention is?

Eddy: I call itÖ

Eddy starts to paint on the stand

Eddy: The Als! Sandals, without the sand!

Edd is visibly shocked and changes to a disappointed expression

Edd:...... I don-

Ed pushes himself over Ed and interrupts his sentence


Eddy: I know right? These suckers wonít even know what hit em!

Ed finishes the stand, it looks pretty bad, but it gets the job done

Edd: Donít you think youíre being a bit too optimistic Eddy? These scams donít always come out in our favor, and the people down here arenít like the kids in the Cul De Sac! The people here in downtown are bright! This city is  the pinnacle of creativity and inventions! Everyone here is so intelligent so smart, so full of ambition and power!, Thereís no way theyíd be so easily tri-

Dad slams a wad of cash onto the stand

Dad: What are you selling? Als? Sandals without the Sand? Ah yes! Iíve been lookin for some Sandals that will keep the sand out of my feet, how much for em kid!?

Eddy turns back to Edd, with a smirk on his face

Eddy: 25 taros sir! Just give me a sec to give to get them reddy, what size are you?

Dad: Size 10 my boy!

Eddy: Gotcha, theyíll be out in a sec!

Eddy Goes behind the stand to go consult with Ed and Edd. The group starts to whisper about what theyíre going to do.

Eddy: Alright boys, whatís the plan?

Edd:..... We thought you had one! Did you not plan anything after this?

Eddy: I donít know. I didnít think Iíd get this far. I didnít expect anyone to actually buy into it! I didnít even explain what it is, the people down here really are chumps!

Edd: Well then why would you ask us to bring pairs of old shoes?

Eddy: I thought we could make em into something, I donít know! I thought you would have a plan too!

Edd: Eddy thatís not how this works! You canít just expect me to have a plan when you didnít tell me anything!

Edd and Eddy start to bicker back and forth on whoís fault it is they donít have a proper concrete plan.

Ed butts in between the Eds, pointing his finger in the air and looking scarily ecstatic.


Ed pulls out one the big shoes from his bag, and writes ďAlsĒ on the front, and paints fake buttons on the sides

Ed:HERE YOU GO SIR! Courtesy of the Edds! A super special version of the als just for you! It has buttons on the side, and they do stuff for you!

Edd turns to Eddy and starts to whisper in his ear

Edd: Thereís no way heís going to take it. He might be a little dumb, but I donít think heís that stu-

Dad: HAHHA! Yes! I finally got some sweet new kicks! I can finally walk around without getting Sand everywhere! You Boys are Geniuses! I wonder what all these buttons do?!

Dad runs off, skiddy and very happy towards the beach
Ed turns around to Edd and Eddy and has a wide grin.

Edd: IÖ I-IÖ I canít believe that actually worked Ed! But, donít be too cocky, that guy was probably just a fluke, Im sure no one else here is that stupid!

Billy, Goo, and Numbuh 3 Slam money onto the stand, alarming Edd and making him jump up in fear[/i]

Eddy Turns To Edd slowly, with a wide smirk on his face.

Edd:Well boys, I guess itís time for us to make some sweet Eddy money!

A montage begins of the Eds selling their inventions to many residents of downtown. Even a Fusion News Network comes by to film the hot new craze!

Pan Back to the Eds, who are currently frolicking in money bags

Eddy: Well boys, look at us now! We're rich! Those suckers don't even know what hit em! We're rolling in taros!
Edd: I can't believe this actually worked Eddy! Look at all these bags of money that we have around us just standing here and not in a protected safe! Do you think it's time we buy those jawbreakers?

Dad slams the als on the stand
Dad:NOT SO FAST BOYS! I would like a refund!

Eddy: Hey pal, cantcha read the sign? No refunds

Dad: What sign?

Ed hastily paints on a sign that says ďNo RefundsĒ

Dad: Well, no refunds ay? Well I'll just take this bag of money for compensation!

Father and Morbucks come zooming in from the Beach

Father and Morbucks: Did somebody say FREE MONEY? AGHGHHGHGHAHGHGAHGHG
Guy with Sombrero: Yooooooooo! Free Money? I can buy a Big Chill Wings

Eddy: Where did these guys come from?

A crowd starts to form around the Ed's, taking all of their money bags

Prince King Morbucks: Sweet! With all these money bags, I can go buy those sweet new kicks!

The crowd destroys the Ed's stand, nearly nothing is left but 50 taros on the ground. The crowd runs off to another stand near by. The Eds follow them to go investigate

The Eds go down the boardwalk, to see a huge crowd of people surrounding another stand.

Edd: What's with all this ruckus?

Mac: Haven't you heard? These Fusion guys that look suspiciously like you are selling these sweet new kicks!

Eddy: Our Fusions?!

Edd: Fusion Edd? He's one of the smartest fusions to roam the planet! His tactician! His brains! His intelligence! He's vastly superior to me in every way!


Eddy: And my Fusion? The most snarkiest, sly, scammer in the world! He's capable of running an army, his own mafia!


The Eds get closer to the Crowd, all the noise and commotion is too much for them to say anything to the Fusions

Dad: You have them in different COLORS?! I'll take Mandark Maroon!

Ace: Can I get these in uhh, FusionMatter Green?

Principal Pixefrog: I'll take these badboys in a nice, Big Billy Brown!

Numbuh 2: I'll have these in Bubbles Blue!

Eddy: What's with  all this Hullabaloo?! We were sellin the same thing! Why is everyone goin to them but not us!

Samurai Jack: Because your product is unsatisfactory. Even though these are fusions selling these sandals, they are quite charming in how they present them. I will leave them be for the time being, as they seem to not be making any trouble
Samurai Jack Put's draws sword back in his sheath
for now..

Edd and Eddy leave the stand, and they start to make their way back to the suburbs. Ed is seen running around in the background

Eddy: This sucks! We were so close Double D! We could have been sitting on piles of gold, we could have been rich! Those dumb fusions sure did mess up everything... What a bunch of losers!

Edd: Well, we did enough leftover money to buy 2 Jaw Breakers Eddy, maybe we can buy 2 and spli-

Eddy: OR! Instead of spliting one with Ed, we can just buy 2 and keep em for ourselves! Besides, that dork is somewhere in downtown, he's so lost by now! Do you know how big this city is? Besides, if we buy em now and eat em quickly, he'll never find out! Cmon, let's go!

Ed is seen from a distance running towards Eddy

Edd: Eddy, I don't think now is a best time to go...

Eddy: Why? Cmon, let's get out of this high and mighty shmancy fancy place!

Ed is literally booking it towards Eddy, he's like, a block away

Edd: Eddy, maybe we should wait

Eddy: What's your problem? If you don't want to go, I'll go my-

Ed slams into Eddy, running him over

Ed: DO NOT BE SAD EDDY! For I, have a surprise for both of you!

Ed whips out 3 jawbreakers

Eddy: You got us the Jawbreakers! And Our Favorite Flavors!

Edd: Supreme Super Cow Rasberry!

Eddy: Captain Melonhead Watermelon!

Ed: and I got myself FusionMatter lemon lime!

Cut to Dexter in his Lab: Hey Computress have you seen my very unstable nano prototype? I thought I left it around here somewhere. Eh well,  I guess it's fine if it's gone. I sure hope no one broke in, stole my prototype, thinking it was a jawbreaker, and ate it, because if they did, they would totally not survive for more than three daysssss

Eddy: Wait... I thoght we only had money for 2, where'd ya get that one Ed?

Ed:Don't worry about it Eddy.

And so the Eds run off back to the Cul De Sac, with their Mission accomplished. Mostly. Basically. Eh it was a good enough scam.
The End

FusionFall Fanworks / Nergal Jr Item Concept
« on: March 05, 2019, 04:44:28 PM »
Hey all! Soul here, and I took some time (wayyyy too much actually) to make this little concept I had in my head for a while a reality.

I thought it would be neat to complete this Nergal Esque set in FusionFall with a set of Nergal Jr glasses! I know the devs can't really import models, so proper Jr Tendrils or a Scarf wouldn't be possible, but I thought a glasses recolor would be the next best thing!

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Trading Bug with Taros
« on: February 03, 2019, 01:03:33 AM »
Essentially, I traded with a guy for some Ultra Rares and Taros. I got 300k and 4 items, and he got Two items. We were both alright with this trade, nothing fishy was going on, and we went through with it. I got my money and items and so did he. Though, after a little while, my Taros disappeared. I discussed this problem in a discord, and I was told that shortly after a trade, teleportation or warping can cause Taros to go away. After I got my items and taros, I ran around for a bit and then logged out. I went back to go re-organize some stuff in my inventory, and realized I had gone back to my original amount.

Image of the trade:

Image of my current taros:

I decided to report it here since others I've talked to have had this problem. I hope this gets recognized and looked into  ;D

Fall-Bay: Trading / Looking for Ninjutsu Shirt
« on: December 21, 2018, 01:07:26 PM »
Just looking for the Ninjutsu Shirt. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Im willing to trade plenty of UR's and Taros for it.

Fall-Bay: Trading / Hats up for Trade
« on: September 02, 2018, 08:35:15 PM »
Hey, Trading 2010 hats for 2010 Glasses and Nergal Tendrils. We can negotiate the offer. PM me if interested.

Off Topic / What happened to waves?
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:49:08 PM »
What happened to MattWaves? He's no longer a Dev? Is this a glitch or something?

FusionFall Fanworks / FusionFall Demo Project Thing
« on: May 31, 2017, 06:42:31 PM »
Don't Mind the title, I have no idea what to name this.
I've been  making a little FF demo with some friends so that we can give all of you guys something to play while Retro and Legacy are in the works. I know you've been waiting eagerly for FF content for years. So, we made this small  demo so that you guys can play it and enjoy. I'll try to update it as much as possible, so that you guys can stay satisfied.

Im going to be releasing the demo today(Tomorrow?) at 12:00 EST. 9:00 PST I just need to finish up some parts of the Demo First. While you guys are waiting, have some nifty screenshots of it -

Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention the Areas. In the first release of the demo, its going to have Heroes Square and The Park. Do mind, that my version of Heroes square is nothing like the original, I didn't have any reference while making it, so I just made it all from memory.

I also forgot to mention that I'll be doing a video on this Demo showcasing everything, so that those who can't download it can view it yourself. (The Download link will also be in the video itself too)

Credits -
World Building - Me
Modeling - EemDyscent and AustintheEpic
Animating - TailsVsMeeming and Brodan

Off Topic / Happy Birthday Soul!
« on: October 10, 2016, 09:52:17 AM »
Yep, its my bday.
Tfw no one makes a bday thread for you and you make it yourself

Suggestions / Omniverse Suggestions
« on: October 09, 2016, 07:21:02 PM »
I never heard or seen any confirmation of any omniverse redesigns except for Gwen and Ben.  I actually enjoy/prefer the new versions of the characters than the other ones. If Ben and Gwen get a redesign, I think it would be fitting for the others to get one too.

As for the areas, I think it would be pretty cool to have new areas in the game that are from Omniverse.

I would really love to see Hex in his new outfit:

and a new area where hex could be located:

If you don't know, this is Friedkin University, the university where Gwen is going to school and where Hex is a teacher.

Another character I would like to see would be Adwaita the evil turtle creature that killed charmcasters father.

Charmcaster is an important character I think should be in FFL, I see some good quest potential for her.

A good area I think would be great is Undertown, located in Bellwood

Lastly, I think a Mr.Smoothy shop should be added in random locations around the world, like Morbucks Coffe.

I love Vilgax's new design, He looks a lot more menacing and evil.

Rath and Waybig both have nanos, and I think they should be changed too

I really love the new Luchador version of rath, We found out that Appoplexians (Rath's Species) aren't naked, and wear clothes. I think this would be a good choice of clothing for him.
I'll be adding more later on, stay tuned!

Off Topic / Anyone remember Qubo?
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:33:29 AM »
If you didn't know, Qubo is a TV network full of animation and live action, and has some pretty good shows. I used to watch it a lot back when I was a Kid.

There are plenty of other great and amazing shows on the network, like Jane and the Dragon, and some sort of Cowboy He-Man ripoff? Can't remember it very well. Sadly, the shows were short lived, and only ran re-runs of them. So about a couple of weeks of watching it non stop, I've seen every single episode of every single show.
Qubo wasn't a very popular network (In my opinion) So I was wondering if any of you guys heard of it.
Edit: Just found out  Qubo is a digital channel, and as such, can be only accessed with either a digital converter box with an antenna, or an HDTV and an antenna.

Suggestions / Foster Characters.
« on: August 27, 2016, 12:24:31 AM »
Maybe these guys can be in FFL? I would love to see em

FusionFall Fanworks / Soul's Bad MS Paint art - Spooky/Fusion 2-D
« on: August 23, 2016, 11:00:04 PM »

The Rec Room / What is your favorite song?
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:03:00 PM »
Don't know if this belongs in the Rec Room or Off Topic, feel free to move it if you need it, or lock it its a Dupe.
Anyways, what is your favorite song? My favorite song is
We'll meet again By Vera Lynn

FusionFall Fanworks / Soul's Mediocre Music Track.
« on: August 04, 2016, 06:35:58 AM »
I make music, New tracks every week, Some of them short, some of them long. Expect them on Tuesdays.
Here is my first one.
The Matrix

FusionFall Fanworks / Soul's Art
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:24:32 PM »
I have art of the new nick project, all official

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