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We've seen so much stuff added to retro that wasn't in the OG Game. So in terms of a timeline of months/years, how much new content can we actually expect in retro?

On the other note, if the devs have figured out how to implement brand new content into retro (From what I remember they couldn't) Then what sort of timeline could we expect to see?

At some point could we possibly get a "Roadmap" like how bungie plans out seasons for Destiny?

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Other unknown things in the build?
« on: January 10, 2019, 12:27:23 PM »
So with all the new items making their way into FFR, as well as vehicles from after the academy, is there any major content from later versions, or cut content in the game files of the build that retro is based on?
By major i mean things like
Dungeons (like the eternal vistas portal from the original game)
And is the blurb on the homepage saying “rather than spoil who will be joining the fight against fuse in 2019” be referring to MAJOR content updates?

It’d be really cool if this was the case!

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Missing Monsters?
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:03:56 PM »
Hey guys,

So some of the monsters that should be in Retro according to the Fusionfall wiki are not present within the game at the moment, this is a catalog of the missing. (Fusion Monsters Wiki:
the monsters on the list are from the OG game pre-academy, however I have not personally sighted ANY of the following in the game, And i have been told the same by several other players. PLEASE let me know if i missed any, or mistakenly placed any on the list.

Camp Kidney:

-Crazy Metal Boy Scout
NOTE: The other version of this monster appears in prickly pines, but the crazy metal boy scouts are missing entirely, with their area being taken by tiger wolves.

Leakey Lake:

-Great Ironjaw / Lord Razortooth (
NOTE: Yes, the model was missing in the original version, but they were still present, using the same mesh as the Wild Cogfish. This version of the monster is not present in Retro.

Orchid Bay:

- Jetskill /Jetskill Hunter (
(Different from the Turbo Jetskills in Bravo Beach)

Bravo Beach:

-Beach Bully / Big Beach Bully (
 (these are different from the Boardwalk Bullies Present in Orchid Bay)
NOTE: Beach Bullies should be present up in the housing area by the Bravo Beach monkey skyway.

Forsaken Valley:

-Frilled Killer / Amped Frilled Killer (
 (Different from the Frilled FIENDS in Dinosaur Pass)

-Terrordactyl / Terrordactyl Screamer (
 (Different from the Horrordactyls in Dinosaur Pass, Which are NOT supposed to be in Forsaken Valley.)

Dinosaur Pass:

-Fossil Brawler / Bare-Boned Brawler (

-Triceraclaw (
NOTE: The Boss version of this (Triceraclaw Poppa) spawns frequently in dinosaur pass. but not the normal monster.

Again, Please let me know if i placed any monsters on here by mistake, or missed any that should be on here. All of this is according to the Wiki Page linked at the top of this post. I Don't want to provide false information to you guys, so i urge you to respond with any errors i made so i can edit this post.

Off Topic / Pokemon Fan Dev Team
« on: October 31, 2017, 05:05:09 PM »
Hello Guys! I'm putting together a team to create a pokemon fan game! if you'd like to join please fill out this form.
<<Edited; Link contains other links leading to Skype/Discord.  Please do not share those types of links on the forums.>>

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Rath nano is post-bday bash right?
« on: August 26, 2017, 01:33:03 PM »
i saw something somewhere, i think it was the wiki, that said the rath nano would be in retro. will it? i thought it was post birthday bash and added alongside the amphibian nano...

is the wiki wrong or am i?  :( :( :(

Off Topic / Band Camp?
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:40:48 PM »
Hey there guys! so for all you marching band peeps you probs know that this month is band camp for many marching bands, where we all get together and head up to a camp for a week of practicing and bonding. my school's marching band camp is this coming week, (the week of the 21st of august) so who else is doing band camp this month?

Basically my idea for this power, would be that some nanos could be used to raise the chances of finding CRATEs on monsters. as well as enable you to find an Exclusive set i would like to make called the Treasure Hunter's Gear.
The gear scales with level of the monster, so fighting a level 34 monster would give level 34 Treasure Hunter gear.

I want to create a design for said gear, but i have no clue how. if someone could help me, that'd be great...

Suggestions / Some new nano ideas for FFL
« on: August 18, 2017, 07:24:20 PM »
All of these ideas would be secondary nanos due to being mostlyside characters.

Nano 1: Hybreed (From Ben 10 Alien Force)

Despite not being in Omniverse, the Hybreed were a huge part of Alien Force, they are the leaders of the DNAliens and very strong/formidable enemies. they possess incredible physical strength, and endless hordes of their DNAlien henchmen.

Ability 1 - Hybreed Strength (Damage) - Hybreed Punches and smashes your enemy, after all, fusions are inferior to hybreed.
Ability 2 - DNAlien Xenosite (Sleep) - Hybreed summons a Xenosite to enslave the enemy. Though fusions are relatively resistant to their control.
Ability 3 - DNAlien Disguises (Sneak Group or Sneak Self) - Hybreed gives you a DNAlien disguise mask to sneak past your enemies.

Nano 2: Scalamander (from Generator Rex)

One of the more powerful members of Van Kleiss's Pack, Scalamander and Biowolf (Nano 3) are Van Kleiss's Right hand men.

Ability 1: Crystal Shards (Damage - cone) - Scalamander fires a volley of crystals at your fusion enemies to turn them back into their fusion matter goop.
Ability 2: Crystal Hammer (Sleep - cone) - Scalamander Slams down on the ground with his crystal arm, knocking all the fusions in the area of effect out.
Ability 3: Crystal Growth (Snare - cone) - Scalamander Plants crystals in the  ground which will spring up like a bear-trap on any fusion dumb enough to get close.

Nano 3: Biowolf (From Generator Rex)

Van Kleiss's right hand Evo, and his top ranking Pack General, with his menacing looks and incredibly sharp claws, he is a real pain in providence's backside.

Ability 1: Evo Claws (Damage) - Biowolf takes a swipe at the fusion baddies with his sharp claws.
Ability 2: Pack Teamwork (Heal - group) - Biowolf calls upon the other members of the pack to mend your injuries.
Ability 3: Wolf's Nose (Scavenge OR radar) - Biowolf scans the area using his canine sense of smell and alerts you to enemy locations OR extra fusion matter.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Question for Devan or anyone who knows.
« on: August 08, 2017, 08:10:47 PM »
With the future being a "walk and talk" experience, will the other features that were listed a few months ago be present on initial release? or has the previous plan for features completely abandoned for the release? would there be other gear to get besides the clothing you choose in the character creation and the lightning gun you receive in the tutorial?

Otherwise, what features will be included on release?

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Question for the Dev Team.
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:10:28 PM »
So, when we get the Future, as the initial release, will it absolutely 100% be only a walk and talk? or will there be missions and nanos up to level 4, and things like Don Doom and Bad Max?

I mean no disrespect, but please only reply if you have confirmed/legit information, I absolutely hate having pure speculation as answers to serious questions, except if its like a movie/tv show where the answer would spoil the whole thing...

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Womayhem
« on: August 02, 2017, 03:35:00 PM »
So this is a really dumb post im making, i just want to tell womayhem to get some hard earned sleep and relaxation, same thing with the whole retro team. i heard he lost 2 days of sleep trying to release the game and its pretty crazy. its not healthy. womayhem, get some sleep buddy

Q&A Zone / FactoryNewGarbo's New Improved Q&A
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:49:42 PM »

Off Topic / DCI World Finals!!
« on: August 02, 2016, 06:01:23 PM »
Who else is hyped for DCI finals?! :D its on my friends birthday so his party is a viewing party of the stream lol.

Sure hope Blue Coats will be there! i haven't seen their show lol

(DCI is a Drumline circuit)


The Rec Room / Create the world's stupidest story!
« on: July 05, 2016, 03:49:10 PM »
i will start!

One day a lobster decided to.....

Q&A Zone / FactoryNewGarbo Q&A because why not.
« on: July 05, 2016, 03:36:26 PM »
Ask me them questions!

also no i am not a crab, i am a lobster.

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