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while i did not join in or saw what happened, it is worth noting that the price and drop list given here are both outdated and overpriced in comparison to most price lists nowdays. I advice if you are gonna use the lists provided here to be careful.


I mentioned this prior, but adding in additional SCAMPER routes is super easy and can be done without much hassle. Connecting up the missing Monkey routes is gonna be much more of a challenge. I'm still interested in doing both, since I feel like it would go a long way!
More SCAMPER transports in general would be nice for everyone i feel, but monkey are cheaper and always fun too! Thanks for the response Devan

Keep the suggestions coming everyone!

Bumping to get more suggestions.

Thank you Devan for responding to a few of the suggestions :)

As he said, keep the suggestions coming. One of them could make their way into the game one day ;)

Please, oh my goodness, PLEASE add power shopkeepers next to the nano stations in IZs.
This would be a good idea. Dont know how hard it would be to do, but iīd definitely help us big race fans out there.

The developers should add a Boosts and Potions Vendor to Genius Grove, it's the only vendor missing from there. It will certainly help with racing as you won't have to fly to Endsville or Peach Creek Commons to restock on gumballs or potions when you're running low.
There are no Boosts and Potion vendors inside IZīs

I have no idea if it's even possible but I'd like to see the monkey skyway agents improved. I strongly think that each MSA port should have at least 2 destinations. For example, Devil's Bluff could be connected to Nowhere, Pimpleback Mountains and maybe even Really Twisted Forest. Maybe also improve the Scampers so you can warp to any Scamper from Sector V and Endsville, instead of only Peach Creek. I'll never understand why some of these warp points only have one destination.

I'd also like the option to rent vehicles for longer than a week, especially with all of the unique vehicles scattered around the world now. You'd have to pay more taros of course but at least you don't have to travel to and from the vendors so often.
I fully agree with the Monkey Skyway change. Give us more areas to travel to!
As for vehicles, with how easily you can find vehicles nowdays i dont think its necessary to extend their time. The price reduction and DX vehicles are good enough.

My biggest graphical gripe was recently removed (goodbye, ugly blurry slider tracks!), so not much comes to mind at the moment, but some of the communication popups you get during quests from unrelated characters to inform you that they have a mission for you are lacking some important information.

For example, today I was doing some missions for Dexter and Mandark and got a message from Juniper Lee asking me to come talk to her when I'm done with them. That's great, but there was no information given about where to find her. Unless you already know she's in Nowhere, her message is fairly useless to you. This specific instance would be doubly confusing for an uninformed player because I received the message at level 21, but even if I managed to find Juniper Lee immediately, she doesn't offer quests until level 23.

This is an extremely minor complaint because you pretty much always come across these people eventually, but not knowing where to go always bugs me because I'll likely forget who I'm trying to find by the time I find them. :-\
This is a weird one. I agree how that can be annoying for an uninformed player, but i feel like its a way to get people to explore the world and find characters. If it was removed i dont know what could be done to replace it, as even fewer people read emails and journals for info.

I suggest adding a Monkey Skyway Agent from Pimpleback to Haunted Ridge and vice-versa. Another one is for you to fly from Endsville to City Point as well as Habitat Homes to City Point. We can also relocate the monkey at Bravo Beach closer to the Sand Castle Infected Zone.
These are good, except the Bravo Beach change. Its in a good spot already.

Monkey Skyway to Townsville park, that's all I ask for.
There already is one  :o
He meant from City Station to Townsville Park, which i also fully agree. We can travel to anywhere from City Station except there, and many of Benīs guide missions alongside lvl 16 missions will have to traveling constantly thru the 2 areas, and having to go thru the inbetween of City Hall can get annoying. A 1 way from the 2 would be appreciated.

Keep suggesting everyone! The devs tend to read the forums constantly for suggestions, so make your voice heard! Your change could be implemented.

So Retro has been receiving more and more "QOL" or "Quality of Life" updates each time, aside from the major updates. Here are a few suggestions i have that could be implemented and make the game better, or at least more customizable or closer to the OG game.

1- Re-adding the old walking animations. Allow us to switch between the new and old animations, allows more customizability.

2- More bug fixes and crash fixes. Always welcome.

3- Maybe try adding more monkey skyway agents to areas that dont have them like Marquee Row?

4- Custom resolutions and windowless mode would be nice

What other suggestions do you all have that could make Retro better?

Fall-Bay: Trading / Race items for sell/trade (Forever Ninja Sets)
« on: July 29, 2019, 05:15:15 PM »

Selling all these for other race items or taros.
Looking for: Black and Pink Bounty Hunter pants, Red Bounty Hunter Shirt and Helmet, Forever Ninja Torso (red), Careworn nemesis shoes, Blue Bounty Hunter set, Wraith Wings and other nemesis sets EXCEPT Broken In

IGN: Corin Zoommage.
PM me and/or reply here if interested

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Improved Damage Nano Power
« on: July 25, 2019, 08:59:53 AM »
I hope this is intended, because Damage really needed a buff. I like the concept of it being a Damage per percent rather than Direct Damage, while keeping Leech as Direct Damage.

Now we gotta test it on other monsters to see the true difference and buffs.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Thoughts on Fusebreaker Hurricane
« on: July 21, 2019, 10:35:03 AM »
Im in favor of lowering the price or making it have no value.

The price was inflated thanks to a few individuals, mainly the Goons. I do get why it can be pricey, however it should not be 1 mill+. The suggested 400k - 500k price seems like a good balance, at least for those who want it to have value, though i feel like its still really expensive.

As for the no value route though, i think it would be better to go this way. Its an ultra rare reward item, and even then the stat changes between it and a rare lvl 36 shattergun are minor, its unoticeable. You can easily just take a lvl 36 shattergun and use it just as easily and well as the Fusebreaker Hurricane, so thats why i think it should have no value.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Thoughts on Fusebreaker Hurricane
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:18:16 AM »
If we look at this silly case here, it is easy to solve. It is understandable for the people with a bank full of Fusebreakers would want to keep the value of this item at a massive amount. A small group of people are claiming the cost of this Fusebreaker is worth more than 1m taros up to 1.5m. With this outrageous price, you would need 30 dupes of a normal ultrarare. Standard price of a normal ultra rare is 50k. Well, it has to be that since 30 of that item equals more than 1m. But no one will do it. Not because of the troubles of making a trade to get 30 of such standard ultra rares. The main reason why this item is costly is because of a group of people, an extremely infamous elite vocal group, who are greedy and want to maximize the value of this. This item is extremely overpriced for something that is not too difficult to obtain if you are willing to invest two or so dozen hours.

With this logic, Devil's Temptations are worth than a million taros because you got it so late in the game. How about the Stormalong Harbor? You get it at 16 so it must be worth around 150k. That's the amount of taros it would take to grind those Fusionflies. It must be because that’s what happened here with Fusebreaker. Everyone can get this item, an unlimited amount of times. All it takes is 36 hours. It's fewer hours with racing. If the value of the Fusebreaker is because it takes 36 hours, the time has been massively reduced. Personally, I think the Fusebreaker is worthless. I have asked people in game about it, and it's mostly the Goon Squads who seem to have a cult of worship around this item where the rest of the community thinks the piece is either worthless or not as expensive as it needs to be.
All of this is true. Its simply a group of people overvalueing and overpricing the item. It should be kinda expensive, but not as much as 1 or 1.5 million Taros.


A brand new boss monster has been found rampaging the local streets of Pokey Oaks North. Its the Ball Peen Slayer!
We recommend anybody passing the area to beware of it and its smaller machines. Fight with caution!

Alright on a more serious note this is pretty cool. Hereīs hoping we can see more boss monsters added in Retro :)
Heīs been here since the Racing update guys. Dont get too hyped.

Regarding Fusion Wraith, the group of people have decided that it's incredibly expensive.
Main reasons why it's expensive:
1) There are 14 items in the drop pool. 5 of these are Fusion Wraith. The other 9 are considered junk as they were from the 2018 Halloween update.
2) High demand. Low supply.

I'm personally unsure whether or not this is an S+ tier set. However, from the individiuals I have discussed with, it seems to have a lot of value.
I dont feel like its S+ tier, but definitely an S tier. All those ancient sets screw with the drop rate for the Wraith set.

Can i ask why the Wraith set is now S+ tier? I know Meadows can be such a struggle but i dont think it would get that high.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Discrepancy with Standard Crates
« on: July 03, 2019, 08:37:10 PM »
Yyeeaaahhhh, most of the original CRATE items in the game had horrid descriptions and names. We even had to change the name of the race crates and various others because it was impossible to tell them apart! At some point I'd like to go in and fix up the "ETC CRATEs" to better describe that they indeed just have gumballs in them.
Gumball Crate
Well that would be nice.

I have asked on Discord and a few times here and the answer always seems to be maybe.

Both the arms and the body were 2 different animations, so it would be a matter of recreating that. It isnt known how hard or easy it would be so i guess just wait and see what happens?

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