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Coco Top 70k
Galactic Blade 150k
Hipster Rifle 80k
Unnatural History Hoodie 30k
Sapphire Angel Pants 50k
Fusion Wraith Shirt 40k
also selling every birthday bash item there is (red stinkfly, focus blindfold etc) for cheap

wraith 50k, uh hoodie 40k

im interested in a tp jacket (if you still have) and the uh hoodie
updated prices

do you have the wraith wings?
Sorry no, i only have mask, shirt and feet atm

how much are wraith
Mask 135k, feet and tops are 85k each
*++tp jackets sold out ! ^

hey ill buy a tower prep jacket if u still have
Yeah, i do have few more

Hi do you still have infiltrator set :) :)
yes i do, ill message you and morri when i get on :)

Do you still have UH Hoodies? If so, will you be around Monday afternoon/evening EST? I unfortunately won't be around until extremely late tomorrow due to work
Yes, i do and ill try.

selling wraith sets (also selling piece by piece)

Got anymore UH hoodie for sale?
Yes getting on rn

If you have/get more UH Hoodies, I'm willing to buy!
Tons of UH Hoodies and TP Jackets available!

Fall-Bay: Trading / Re: Selling Infiltrator sets
« on: July 04, 2019, 05:57:59 PM »
Out of stock for UH and Academy

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