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Suggestions / Re: WoW-like Dungeons/Raids
« on: April 11, 2019, 05:02:27 PM »
+1 Support

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Any update on Mac compatibility?
« on: January 27, 2019, 09:18:48 PM »
I remember hearing mumblings about how since the game is now maintained within its own client it may come to Mac. Iím just wondering if the devs have any intention of working on a port. Thanks!

Couple things after reading the replies:

First, I think that the IZ races should definitely be implemented, because I want something to do and to try to achieve for when I'm done with the main game (other than just grinding for rare item hoarding).

Second, I think that the email system is whatever, hopefully they'll put it back in just so that the game is more complete

And finally, I think that people are missing the point of what I'm pointing out-- this whole idea of the "less stable build" was based on the fact that the more stable build was before the birthday bash. But, the birthday bash has occurred, which signals to me that it might be the case that stability is no longer an issue, or that more content being put into the game that is from future builds is a possibility that can just be retrofitted.

Either way, I feel that generally there shouldn't be a reason not to include the post-birthday-bash content unless it's not possible vis-a-vis the code. What I mean by that is, it shouldn't be the case that the extra content should be rejected based purely on a distaste for the content itself, as, it is always something new, even if not everyone likes it.

So, given that initially the idea going into retro was that they would operate on the pre-birthday bash build due to its stability, does that mean that now that we have the birthday bash that we may also see some of the post-birthday-bash content slowly incorporated into retro? Maybe after getting over the initial hurdle of launching the game exploring the old code has been simpler (hence the new chat and content), and perhaps we will see the Ice King area and side quests, and the Chowder mouth area and side quests. Personally I would love to see it, although I'm not entirely positive how everyone feels about that possibility. I also don't know how the Chowder and Ice King side quests would work given that we aren't using the Academy update rules on Nanos.


FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: FusionFall through WineBottler
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:26:11 PM »
Yeah I gave winebottler a try too, simply doesn't compute lol. I just bootcamped a separate iMac for fusionfall. I do hope that sometime soon they localize it to macs  :P

I gave it my best using winetricks and wine but had no success. I made a couple posts here asking if anyone had figured out how to do it on Mac using wine, and I also put a post up asking devs if there was ever a plan to make it mac native, but didn't get a response.

My solution was just to install Windows on an old iMac I had in my basement (because my laptop that I use regularly didn't have the space for bootcamping).

I'm sure that fusionfall could be ported for Mac, but at what level of difficulty I have no idea (and I'm not sure if any of the devs are familiar with the MacOS)

Blog Discussion / Re: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.0 Patch Notes Discussion
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:15:02 PM »
Will there ever be a Mac localization, so that I don't have to keep trying to fumble around with Wine or so that I don't have to bootcamp my computer?

Anyone know Wine really well or capable of figuring it out?

question is the title.

I'd prefer to use my nice Mac instead of my 2000s craptop!

Whenever I start up the game and select a character thatís in the past it just loads everything for the future and then sits on the loading screen doing nothing for a while.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Think You Have bad luck?
« on: August 18, 2018, 09:38:37 PM »
coco all of these people who complain about "getting duplicates" of loot from Don Doom and Bad Max are so aggravating - at least you have any loot in the first place - I've been out there for so many Dooms and Maxes and only got ONE pair of Bad Max boots. That's IT. So all you people out there disappointed about have "two sets of Bad Max" gear or "getting too many of the Don Doom pistol, know that you definitely don't have it bad.

Praying for a release of groups soon!

<Rule 9: Please do not send discords, including videos linking to them>

FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Re: Johnny Test question.
« on: August 15, 2018, 12:20:55 AM »
Dude a Bling Bling Boy nano would be so hype

Always Edd.

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