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Suggestions / Re: Make dying counts.
« Last post by tdkFloyd on Today at 06:43:58 AM »
I say nay on item loss since there are some super rare items that if you lose, they'd just be gone forever such as the 2020 glasses.

What if it was built into the plot that you have to pay a toll to Grim with every death as like a River Styx-type tax to keep the paranormal servers for the Resurrect-ems running. Maybe in Sector V it's 10 taros or a few nano potions to begin with, and the higher level the location is, or the higher level you are, the more it costs. It would be enough to feel like a punishment but not enough to hinder gameplay in any way or leave you too broke to still purchase and trade. It would be just as much of a setback as using a SCAMPER or Mojo's minions to fast travel. Maybe you could even purchase an oyster card from Grim or some shop that makes dying free.

All in all, I kind of like the lack of overly-harsh penalties for dying in Fusionfall, same as you sometimes I die strategically just to save some time and warp closer to where I need to go or to avoid platforming back out of infected zones. I don't see this as a flaw in game design, it's a fun extra level of strategizing that makes me feel like I've mastered the game, in the same way that a lot of platforming in infected zones can be bypassed entirely if you have enough health to just walk through some toxic sections. It's all about your playstyle preferences. But I also think a penalty for death would be a fun twist for Legacy, and would maybe give Grim more of a presence in the game if you built a subplot around the mechanic, similar to Runsecape deaths.
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Trading Updates?
« Last post by chiderao on Today at 06:14:46 AM »
Turns out I was right just like I thought. Trading was re-enabled yesterday - selective people are too ignorant/biased in their false judgments not surprised. Don't bother wasting time w/ useless debates -

Means trading has been disabled for 3 weeks up to date - that should be enough time to fix their systems eradicating glitches

This is what was said the last time they posted about it:

As of March 11th, 2020, due to a bug in the trading and email system that allowed certain players to duplicate items, trades and player email have been temporarily disabled until the bug is fixed. FFR's main coder has not given an ETA at this time, however they will be re-enabled as soon as possible. The duplicated items are being removed to restore the economy to its state prior to when this bug was abused.
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Nano's FlapJack and johnny bravo
« Last post by Ferbbat101 on Today at 04:00:15 AM »
There's an expansion coming out. Once the expansion comes out you'll be able to get Flapjack and Johnny Bravo and the two mystery nanos
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Nano's FlapJack and johnny bravo
« Last post by annekeyes23 on Today at 03:51:28 AM »
 8) guys, I'm level 36 and I realized that the nanos Jhonny and FlapJack do not have the necessary levels, I wanted to know how they get them or if it is for future updates, why those for future updates seem to be the ones that mark ( ? ? ? )   :( :(
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: [Poll] What is the Best/Worst Nano Power?
« Last post by Ruth on Today at 12:07:12 AM »
Will say in defense of Radar and Treasure Finder, they both have niche uses in respectively hunting down roaming enemies (i.e. Mini Fusion Echo Echo) and checking to see if golden Coco Eggs are available without heading over yourself.

My vote for worst passive went to Antidote since
A) It drains your Nano's power REALLY quickly when it's absorbing damage for you,
B) It's outclassed in the overworld by vehicles and outclassed in IZs by Recall, and
C) There's no real situations currently where you're encouraged to use Antidote

Though Guard's in an awkward spot too since Potions are plentiful and Boosts actively drain themselves anyways
Antidote is one of the most underrated powers in the game, it is also one of my favorite Nano Powers. I use it all the time in Infected Zones when I want to take shortcuts through large patches of Fusion Matter. Although Heal could also be used for doing so, it is outclassed by Antidote. In fact, Heal is one of the most overrated powers in the game and not as necessary as people make it seem to be.
Fall-Bay: Trading / Re: Admirals Trade Zone - Selling and Buying Stuff -ONLINE-
« Last post by Manaciel on April 05, 2020, 11:57:27 PM »
Sorry I missed you, something came up. But they're 10k.
Apologies for the lateness of the response! I actually just managed to get the Nergal Glasses today! But thank you!
Fall-Bay: Trading / Re: Request!
« Last post by Shikasato on April 05, 2020, 11:40:00 PM »
Anyone got a PPG sweater or Spinel's scythe and want Courage's sweater + Halo on them?
Even if you say, name your prices   ;D

I got a ppg sweater, it will be 20k. Is that okay?
Technical Issues / Bug Reports / Re: Won't load
« Last post by badr6 on April 05, 2020, 11:27:33 PM »
Nevermind. On my 6th attempt of loading the lair, I finally got in.
Technical Issues / Bug Reports / Won't load
« Last post by badr6 on April 05, 2020, 11:25:13 PM »
For the Numbuh 5 nano mission you are eventually told to go to the Sweet Revenge and enter Fusion Five's lair. For some reason, I always freeze on the loading screen and can't complete the mission. Help?
FusionFall Fanworks / Re: Virt's Random Sketches 'n' Stuff
« Last post by Turawn on April 05, 2020, 11:13:03 PM »
Do you take request
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