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FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: How do u get the bunny back pack?
« Last post by Loppy on Today at 01:02:58 PM »
You get it from lv 1 crates or the E.G.G.E.R if you're really desprate. From what I can tell, as long as it's a lv 1 crate you have a chance.
FusionFall Retro Discussion / How do u get the bunny back pack?
« Last post by LilSpoopyKrissy on Today at 01:00:40 PM »
my friend told me to attack the lvl1 fusion spawns near the treehouse in order to get it. ive been at it for probably an hour and i still don't have it
idk if im doing SOMETHING wrong or if theres other ways to get it
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Just Wondering
« Last post by Preuss on Today at 01:00:22 PM »
Doom is in Pokey Oaks North...thats why you see many players gathered there

Do you know if there is a specific spawn time, ie every few hours or at a specific time etc?
That's a random glitch pretty much everybody's been having, random parts of characters will be invisible or solid black on the character selection screen. It does not effect gameplay though, thankfully. Once you go in game your character's items will be visible. ;)
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Help?! Trashed The Mission Cap
« Last post by Preuss on Today at 12:55:40 PM »
This is so sad. Alexa play Despacito 2.

FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: I'm surprised
« Last post by Portal2player56 on Today at 12:50:14 PM »
actually what is the thing let you think they dont pay attention i saw a lot of bug and issues start of the game from a lot of people but they have fixed everything making a game shouldnt be easy
especially a game that was shut down a few years ago and finding the files and other resources from the original game (base to after b day bash update) to even be able to at least get some portion of the game back up and going, it may take some time before we see the past but once its completed and the devs think its good enough for a full release they will then release it and should be playable by all :P ;) :)
Back in the OG game my lineup consisted of Juniper Lee, Swampfire, and either Number 2 or 5. Juniper ALWAYS had to be with me lol.
I remember back at Mount Blackhead, and even in the suburbs, players would all gather/spawn and we'd be flexin' our nanos lol
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: rich boy problems
« Last post by Preuss on Today at 12:47:02 PM »
I'm playing on my Surface Pro 4 and honestly the size of the font doesn't bother me lol..
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Weird mob in forgotten falls?
« Last post by Manaciel on Today at 12:42:19 PM »
Do you mean the Blowfish? Tootie is the one that's between Monkey Foothills and Forgotten Falls.
The Rec Room / Re: [Game]Corrupt A Wish
« Last post by Zeolia on Today at 12:41:29 PM »
Granted, you have the power to poop cupcakes. No one will eat them, unsurprisingly.

I wish that I could pause and play time at will.
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