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The Rec Room / Re: [Game] Yum Or Eww?
« Last post by Gameplayer on Today at 03:37:17 PM »
Loaded Fries?

Are you going to finish that croissant?
The Rec Room / Re: [Game]Yes or No?
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Can dank memes melt steel beams?
No, but they can melt beans.

Is Pokémon GO still a thing?
The Rec Room / Re: [Game] Answering the question.. With a question?
« Last post by Gameplayer on Today at 03:32:32 PM »
Vampires can`t. Are you a vampire?

Cheer up, man.
The Rec Room / Re: First reply wins
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No, I think I won.
The Rec Room / Re: My Hill
« Last post by Melefaro on Today at 03:06:44 PM »
Deadpool beat Slade in Death Battle. He's better. Deadpool kills you too.

My Hill
FusionFall Fanworks / Re: Fosters!
« Last post by NickyWindu on Today at 02:48:02 PM »
I, for one, like it.

I didn't see this until just now. Thank you very much, man!  :)
FusionFall Fanworks / Re: My Ben 10-ish Fanfiction
« Last post by Gameplayer on Today at 02:43:53 PM »
Episode 42: Year Out

Edd, his former sidekick, and a retired Magister attempt to rescue Edd`s faction and defeat a mutated Aggregor.
After a recap from the previous episode, Edd is looking for Clockwork in his Omnitrix. He turns into Clockwork and becomes Omni-Enhanced. He admits he enjoys when it happens. Clockwork projects the past, revealing to the team the kidnapping of his faction. As the kidnapper moves, Edd has his ex-sidekick or Whitegate follow them. The team follows cautiously in the ship, and the projection stops at a large door.
Whitegate analyzes the door as being thermomagnetically locked, requiring a large amount of energy to open or freeze it. He also correctly predicts that Edd isn`t going to knock. He admits that Goop or Zombiter busted down a couple doors “in their day”. He selects one of those two but turns into Omni-Enhanced Upchuck.
In Murk Upchuck`s transformation, his skin becomes light-blue. The armor covers everywhere but his fingers, face, and stomach. He has a striped helmet that covers the warts on his head and goes down to his eyes. His eyes and the Omnitrix symbol are light-blue. He uses his four tongues to strike the door, causing it to freeze on contact. Eventually, he freezes the entire door, and it shatters.He is changed back and dramatically points, telling Aggregor to stop right there.
In Perk Upchuck`s transformation, his skin becomes light-blue. The armor covers everywhere but his fingers, face, and stomach. He has a spiked helmet that goes down to his eyes and gives his eyes a semblance of eyebrows. His eyes and the Omnitrix symbol are light-blue. He inhales the door, making a tornado-like vacuum. Eventually, he swallows the entire door, and he swallows. He is changed back, dramatically points, and tells Aggregor to stop right there.
Ace and Simian enter a room with Ace`s search party, which now mostly hosts Plumbers. Simian complains about someone coughing in his smoothie, and Ben 23 says to never trust a smoothie. Ace changes back and says to pardon whoever spat, for whoever spat was apparently put in the Witness Protection Program. Simian ignores that and turns on the news, not wanting to see off the Omnitrix Wielders or ride with Professor Hokestar. He turns on Will Harangue`s channel, and he finds that the news recognizes Aggregor. He alerts Ace of what he found.
After his dramatic entrance, Edd is revealed to be pointing at nothing, which Whitegate points out. Per his Galvan sidekick`s suggestion, he turns into Groundbat with the intention of locating his faction. He unleashes an ultrasonic wave and leads his teammates to a wall. They climb up a ladder, enter a vent, and spy on the room below.
In a room guarded by Aggrebots, Aggregor enters, viewing Vanessa and William strapped against a wall. He intends to absorb the energy from their Omnitrices, but Rath falls to the room. They begin a quick fight, but Rath is defeated when Aggregor absorbs the Omnitrix. Aggregor himself undergoes a transformation.
Aggregor grows massive in size and gains armor similar to that of enhanced aliens. His neck disappears or, at least, is shrouded by a mane of white hair. He has three big horns, similar to Alien X`s, and he has a long tail resembling that of a Gourmand. His feet resemble that of Swampfire`s original appearance. A long stripe from his neck to his waist resembles Gutrot`s stomach, and the stripe is interrupted by a large hexagon resembling Clockwork`s abdomen. His arms have spikes that cover his hands on both the top and bottom sides, and four spikes protrude from his elbows on each arm. His eyes resemble Shocksquatch`s, and he gains a large mouth with jagged teeth. His armor covers everywhere but his hair, and the stripes of the armor are a pale blue.
Aggregor now intends to singlehandedly wreak havoc, not needing any more energy from the Omnitrix. He stomps off, and the other heroes check on a nearly comatose Rath. He is about to tell him somethin`, but he sulks his head in exhaustion.
9 approaches 1 in the DNA Force HQ, disclosing him information about Aggregor`s transformation. He wants to call the others before the earthlings find out about Aggregor, but she turns on the Harangue Network to show he`s too late. He reads the subtitles and realizes Will is roasting Edd. 1 thought that the world was supposed to know a hero when it sees one. They go to call the others - even Retaliator, if they can contact him.
After Edd recovers, Whitegate deduces Aggregor`s destination is Los Soledad, the location of his spear. He continues, revealing the spear`s electrical absorption ability and theorizing it can reverse the DNA absorption. Edd leaves the ship for a moment, with his former sidekick following him.
Edd turns into (Omni-Enhanced) Clockwork and shows the past. He reaches up until he exited from the portal in “Zygnomic Freedom” before being unable to project any further. His ex-sidekick recognizes this, and Edd says Clockwork can`t time-travel further back since he wasn`t in the same dimension. Edd discloses to his sidekick his attitude toward everyday villains and especial hatred towards Vilgax, Psyphon, Vulkanus, and even Bubble Helmet. He fears that he might not be able to handle them, revealing his inability to access his most powerful aliens - even Dragaray. He admits he wants them to never be a threat to him or anyone. His sidekick consoles him, admitting both that he doesn`t understand and empathizes to an extent, comparing whom Edd mentioned to Eighteight, Justone, and Zeamus. He admits he`s here to stay and will offer help to Edd as much as he can. They head toward the ship.
Edd`s Galvan sidekick asks Whitegate if he knows where Los Soledad is, and Whitegate answers that it`s where Aggregor`s spear is. The Galvan says that`s not what he meant, and Whitegate answers correctly, saying that it`s on Exit 13 on the I-25. William pipes up and expresses his opinion of Whitegate: he isn`t smart or strong enough to be a Plumber. Whitegate lands the ship abruptly and stammers, but he brings himself to tears. Vanessa and William look at each other, and the latter says “case and point”. Edd`s Galvan sidekick admits that was rude, and Dadsmuth nods in agreement. The former touches something on his wrist, and a robot forms undeneath him. The robot slaps Edd`s faction, and its rider reprimands them. He says that moral knowledge between right and wrong are more important than any logic or superpowers and that Edd wouldn`t appreciate disrespecting the Magister. Whitegate recovers and asks where Edd is.
Edd is riding the hovercraft of Vilgax`s Drone (seen in “Zygnomic Freedom”) in Los Soledad. He parks inside a building with a large crater on the wall. He walks inside and finds Aggregor`s spear but no sign of Aggregor. However, the villain reveals that enhanced aliens are able to be invisible. Edd quickly turns into Rocks, turns around, and grabs a human-sized Aggregor. The villain slips out of his grip, revealing the armor of enhanced aliens makes them slippery and viscous. XLR8 beats Aggregor to his spear, exits, and rushes around the whole building to cause a cyclone. Aggregor freezes the ground around him until it reaches Edd, who slips on the ice and stops zooming. Aggregor, spear in hand, reveals the armor of enhanced aliens gives him ice powers. Edd turns into Jetray, gets up, and repeatedly strikes Aggregor with his talons. Aggregor is unharmed, due to the combined strength of ten aliens. Edd interrupts him with another kick, causing Aggregor to lose the grip on his spear. He picks up the spear. Aggregor fires a blast from the spear at the same time Jetray shoots a neuroshock laser; within one second, the two attacks explode on each other. Edd changes back, coughing vehemently. Aggregor finds it strange that Jetray, in spite of not firing electricity, was affected by the spear. Edd, still coughing, is struck by Aggegor`s spear. Edd suffers, and his Omnitrix spark. Another attack from the spear is resisted by Omni-Enhanced Windwitch. (This alien`s wood-like coloration is replaced by an icy-blue one. The leaves in his hands are light-blue and lose their stripes. His hair is neater and colored more similarly to snow. Diminutive antlers colored similarly to his skin are at the front of his head in his hair, and his eyes and Omnitrix symbol are light-blue.) Aggregor asks who the new alien is, and he says he is Windwitch. The alien blows cold wind at Aggregor, who is pushed back and slowed down. He tries attacking with his spear, but Windwitch blocks it with a sword generated from his hand. After bested by the spear in a brief swordfight, Windwitch chlorokinetically throws the arms of surrounding cacti onto Aggregor. Aggregor looks up and sees Windwitch slam him with a hammer from his arm. Both fighters catch their breath, and Aggregor falls down. Windwitch is relieved until Aggregor gets up and says, “You didn`t think I forgot to absorb your powers?” Windwitch is quickly enveloped by a large stalk that drains his energy. Aggregor gives his goodbye to Windwitch and retracts the stalk. Omni-Enhanced Windwitch lies on the ground unconscious, and he is changed back to regular Windwitch and then Edd.
Edd wakes up in Magister Whitegate`s ship attached to various medical equipment. Whitegate reveals that they have “a good five minutes” before Aggregor loses control. Edd`s Galvan sidekick asks if he has the spear, but he looks at his hand and realizes he doesn`t. Whitegate says they don`t have to deal with Aggregor now, for he picked up reports about Vulkanus havocking downtown. He says that his Galvan sidekick insisted it was important, and the sidekick and Edd nod at each other.
Vulkanus is laughing and throwing around various cars. The ship lands, and three heroes dismount. Vulkanus takes notice of Edd, who, in his opinion, looks horrible. Edd silently glares at him while Vulkanus laughs. He threatens him and charges at him, but he is absorbed by a ginormous Aggregor. (He is in the form he was initially in when he absorbed the Omni-Enhanced aliens.) He turns his hand into a hammer and slams it on the ground, causing an earthquake. Edd`s Omnitrix sparks, and Edd is about to use it. Whitegate insists not to, for the earthquake leads him to prefer an alien that can fly. Edd turns into Whampire and grabs his old/new sidekick. They fly up towards Aggregor`s head, and Edd`s sidekick has a plan of distracting him. He requires that Edd place him near Aggregor`s ear to roast him. Edd insists that, in the roast, he not call him a dork; he adds that his sidekick can`t imagine how much he hates that word. Edd drops him off, and Edd`s sidekick says Aggregor`s mom is so fat, she`s all real solutions. Aggregor turns his head to give him a confused look, allowing Edd to spit a Corruptura on his head. Edd`s sidekick asks if it worked. Edd says that it didn`t; Aggregor is barely controlling his own mind, let alone Edd being capable of controlling it. Edd is knocked into the water, and he turns into Walkatrout. He swims into a little pipe. Safely on the ground, Edd`s sidekick asks where he is. Edd says he is underwater and has a plan. He tells him to lead Aggregor to the warehouse.
Normal-sized Aggregor, in the warehouse where Edd`s team first looked for him, looks around for Edd. Igneo jumps down from the roof towards him, but Aggregor quickly slams him to the ground. Edd admits his plan was a lot better in his head. Whitegate sees Aggregor about to destroy Edd with his spear, so he rushes in and intercepts the attack. Whitegate falls to the ground, incapacitated. Aggregor gets in a melee with a wounded Edd Beeman. Aggregor finishes Edd with a jab from his spear. Edd is electrocuted and falls to the ground. Edd feebly stands up and becomes Benevolent Edd. He acquires his sword and duels with Aggregor. Eventually, Aggregor knocks the Sword out of Edd`s hand. Aggregor points his spear towards Edd. A benevolent Magister Whitegate blocks the attack with the Shield on his second and third left arms. He uses a few of his arms to punch Aggregor and knock him off balance. Edd stands up and regains his Sword. He mimics Whitegate`s movements to strike Aggregor on his side. The villain wields his spear in his less dominant hand, but Edd steps on it and destroys it. Edd punches Aggregor and slashes him, once again following Whitegate`s movements. Vanessa and William witness this from the window. With one final slash, Aggregor is brought to his knees. Benevolent Edd puts the Sword in his sheath.
The heroes give their goodbyes to Whitegate. He says the world needs him, and he tells Edd that Bellwood already has a Magister Whitegate (referring to Edd). Edd`s Galvan sidekick says it was an honor to meet him, and Whitegate says it was an honor to meet him, Azmuth`s dad, and Edd`s faction. William asks how he fought in the warehouse, and Whitegate chuckles. He gives the boy a card, telling him to call him if he ever has questions like that. Whitegate waves goodbye, and Edd waves goodbye. The remaining heroes walk away.

Noteworthy Events
  • Ace`s search party arrests the last of its mutineers.
  • Aggregor temporarily absorbs the power of Edd`s Omni-Enhanced aliens.
  • Edd`s Galvan sidekick officially returns to fight alongside Edd.
  • Omni-Enhanced aliens are revealed to be viscous and capable of turning invisible.
  • Omni-Enhanced Windwitch makes his debut.
  • Edd Beeman
  • Magister Whitegate
  • Dadsmuth
  • Edd`s Galvan sidekick
  • Edd`s faction
  • Some of Ace`s search party
  • Ben 23
  • Ultimate Ben
  • Will Harangue
  • DNA Force
    • 1
    • 9
  • Vilgax`s Drone
  • Aggregor
  • Aggrebot
  • REDs (projection)
Aliens Used
By Edd
  • Clockwork (x2)
    • Omni-Enhanced Clockwork (x2)
  • Upchuck
    • Omni-Enhanced Upchuck
  • Rath
  • Rocks
  • XLR8
  • Jetray
  • Windwitch
    • Omni-Enhanced Windwitch
  • Whampire
  • Walkatrout
  • Igneo
By Jen
  • Sliblade
By Crash
  • Solos
  • Blarney Hokestar was first seen as a pilot in “Unlocking E-man”.
  • Clockwork shows when Edd exited from the Null Void in “Zygnomic Freedom”.
  • Edd indirectly references both “Quaesitum Inhibeo” episodes. In the earlier one, Ace was aged to dust as Way Big. In the later one, Edd was hit with a time ray as Atomix.
  • 1 alludes to Matthew West`s song “World Changers”, whose lyrics contain, “…but the world knows a hero when it sees one.”
  • Omni-Enhanced Windwitch was first seen inside the Omnitrix in “Neutrality on Anur”.

Minisode: Unlocking Quicktec

Edd and his faction deal with an infuriated Appoplexian.
In a snowy version of Bellwood, Vexx is throwing various beach supplies at the heroes. Vanessa moves side-to-side to dodge and says she merely aspires to reasonably converse. She is interrupted when a beach ball is thrown at her and she short-circuits. Edd, scouring his Omnitrix, teaches his faction lesson one: not all villains will succumb to reason. He turns into Quicktec and teaches them lesson two: analyze your foe. He approaches the villain, goes intangible to dodge a punch, and teaches them lesson three: attack according to what was found in lesson two. He applies his fear chemical to Vexx, causing him to utter common phobias - the dark, heights, clowns, bridges - and run away screaming. Edd explains that what that was was lesson three. He realized anger was overwhelming the Appoplexian, so he used Quicktec to replace that emotion with fear. Edd ends the minisode by telling them to follow him to a breakfast place.
Noteworthy Events
  • Edd teaches his faction lessons one, two, and three.
  • Edd Beeman
  • Edd`s faction
  • Edd`s Galvan sidekick
  • Dadsmuth
  • Vexx
Aliens Used
By Edd
  • Quicktec
By Vanessa
  • Brainstorm
By William
  • Magnicrab
  • This minisode takes place after “Year Out”, for the characters in the episode are the remaining heroes after Whitegate left.
Off Topic / Re: A very serious question about noses and feet
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That reminds me of a line from Ed, Edd, n Eddy.
“How can my feet smell if they don`t have a nose?”

This thread might be locked for spam if you don`t turn it into a pun thread.
The Rec Room / Re: [Game] Ban the person above you.
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Banned for only being banned for a couple of hours
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