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Suggestions / Re: Genre-savvy NPCs and Deconstructing Some Tropes
« Last post by Rezilia on Today at 09:16:10 PM »
Believe it or not, it makes sense even cross-series when it comes to Ben 10, since it explains the Celestialsapiens perfectly.

Celestialsapiens, as infants, have no personality. As children, they have one personality, and with that one personality they still have many reality-altering powers. As adults, they have two personalities, and each personality increases the power of their abilities, but the cost is that the personalities argue with each other so that the body can't move until a decision is made. For Ben, he had the DNA of an adult Celestialsapien so Alien X is 3 personalities, which bicker all the time but can completely remake the universe if they so desire.

My theory is that, assuming the Celestialsapiens were affected by the adult virus, they originally had a stable society where each individual had a single personality and Celestialsapiens had to work together to get projects done, forcing the existence of a community. Once adults, they became a threat to the universe so forced themselves to become its protectors so not to become its destroyers, each individual is powerful enough to not need others, and as a result they no longer have an actual functioning society.

Basically Celestialsapiens were affected the worst by this disease. At least humans for the most part have similar mentalities regardless of age, but Celestialsapien minds completely change as they grow and they no longer have a real civilization. Meanwhile, pure magical beings likely don't have age-based growth so likely weren't affected by the virus.
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: thoughts on hover boards
« Last post by Tron on Today at 09:13:45 PM »
Wish higher level ones were faster.
FusionFall Retro Discussion / Re: Ultimate FusionFall Item Guide
« Last post by Tron on Today at 09:13:05 PM »
Electron Set sound about right, but races aren't implemented yet and people still have Neutron armor, so I'm still not sure where those come from.
nevermind. some are but some arent
Suggestions / Re: Another small Cutscene idea
« Last post by Xynshor on Today at 09:08:15 PM »
I definitely approve of that idea.


That way, it SHOWS that your choices really do change the world.

In addition to your idea of Buttercup's cutscene:

1) "I Am Still Standing"-a cutscene of Bubbles immediately hugging Buttercup, glad to find her alive. Afterwards, Bubbles will return back to the City Hall, but next to her she has a memo of something (maybe a photo of herself with Buttercup). In return, Buttercup will have a cute pin on her hair, which is from Bubbles.

2) Missions involving Blossom-after completion of certain ones, a cutscene of Blossom giving you a high five. Then, she appears happier, especially after finding Buttercup alive.

3) Missions involving Professor Utonium-a cutscene of him inspecting certain devices. When you visit him, he will have a few items around him. If Buttercup is found, he will stop putting flowers at her statue; instead, he has a photo of him and his girls together.

4) Missions involving KND-after completion of certain quests, more KND agents will appear, making it easier to fight off some monsters, especially the annoying ones. For example, in the Infected Zones with the Sonic Scorpions, the KND agents will attack them, making it easier to avoid the annoying Scorpions.

5) Missions involving Ed, Edd, and Eddy-Ed's "throne" will be more decorated after certain quests, while Edd becomes busier with the "business transactions." Plus, the cardboard fortress will look even more fortified, going from looking like cardboard to looking more like actual walls.

6) Missions involving Mojo Jojo-Monkey agents appear more after certain quests.

7) Missions involving Dee Dee-after certain quests, her house looks even more painted, while her garden will be overflowing with herbs. Maybe her garden can yield healing herbs!

8) Missions to defeat Lord Fuse-after defeating him once, a cutscene of the heroes celebrating. Then, the Lord Fuse reappears, and the process begins again. After defeating him a few times, the environment becomes less infected, although monsters still abound. Fewer patches of Fusion Matter exist, so that it's easier to walk around without getting damaged.

I can go on and on. But what do you all think?
Gotta hit dat grind my boi
FusionFall Legacy Discussion / Re: Operation S.P.E.C.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.
« Last post by Retron90 on Today at 09:00:02 PM »
Some speculation about Future Zone stuff:

Nano Gumball could be one of the Nanos in the Future since on Gumballs Model Showcase post it says the following:

Gumball will be one of the many characters stranded in the desolate future. Fusion Gumball may be on the prowl as well, so be sure to be on the lookout!

and then it says besides his role in the Future meaning that Fusion Gumball could be in the Future. This actually the first time we've heard about a Fusion Gumball in the Future though as a dev blog from the ModNet site had a gif of a corrupted picture of the Future and the art of Fusion Gumball would occasionally appear.

This could mean:

A. Nano Gumball will be a Nano earned in the Future.


B. Fusion Gumball could have a Secret Lair in the Future.


C. Neither.

Some Speculation on Past Zone stuff:

There will be a mission line involving stopping Gravel Golems from destroying Game Hive parking lots since of this quote from the Game Hive model showcase:

From the world of Fosterís Home for Imaginary Friends, the Game Hive Arcade is the perfect place for the residents of the Suburbs to unwind. ...or it would be, if it werenít for those pesky Gravel Golems ripping up the parking lot.

The blog also mentions that the main Game Hive will be in Pokey Oaks North which, if Legacy is like the OG, Gravel Golems spawn in Pokey Oaks (I forgot if in South or North).

The Clubhouse / Re: Black Hat Organization - JOIN NOW!
« Last post by CrazEncyclomaniac on Today at 08:59:05 PM »
I for one would love to join the Black Hat Organization and eradicate Fusion from taking over the world... so that we may take over the world ourselves!
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