Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Custom Names  (Read 9870 times)


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FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Custom Names
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:12:01 PM »
Hey everyone, in this update we’ll talk about custom name approval! As you may recall, later versions of the game did not support player submitted names, but don't worry, ours does!

While in the character creation menu, you will have the option to generate a name from a wheel of predetermined words, or submit your own for approval by our moderation team. To show off custom names, we have created a character named “Fuse Fighter.”

Before your custom name is approved, your player will have a temporary name. Your temporary name will appear as the word “Player” followed by a number. After getting approved by our Community Team, your very own custom name will show up for all to see!

If your custom name is not approved for any reason, on your next login, you will be prompted to either give a different custom name, or return to the name wheel and create one in place of your original choice.

It’s worth noting that all usernames submitted must adhere to our community guidelines.

This will be an additional task for our very lovely and much appreciated Community Team, so if it takes a little while for your custom name to be approved, don’t fret! They’ll be working to ensure everyone gets the custom name they want.
As always, thanks for reading our latest weekly update! Stay tuned for more information!
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