Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Drops for Level 1  (Read 10113 times)


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FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Drops for Level 1
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:13:48 PM »
Some fans of the original game may remember that level one monsters didnít drop any Crates! In an effort to further balance the game, we are introducing Standard, Special, Sooper, and Sooper Dooper Crates for level one, since they already existed in the game, but were unused.

While we canít know what these may have dropped in the original game, there arenít many unique level one items. Instead, weíve opted to include every level one set from character creation, alongside a whole bunch of fun accessories!

With this change, you no longer need to make character after character to get all the character creation set pieces you want. You can earn them legitimately! We also managed to sneak in a previously unreleased helmet, so keep your eyes peeled!

Among the many items FusionFall had to offer, several went unreleased. You can expect to find a few of those unreleased items put to use in the future as well, through the standard monster drops, as well as through promotional events or special codes. Weíre hoping to make the most out of what FusionFall has to offer!

As always, thanks for reading our latest weekly update! Stay tuned for more information in the near future!


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