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FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Revised Monster Drops
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:23:08 PM »
This update covers our hefty revision of monster drops and how they more accurately reflect the original game.

You may remember our prior update on monster drops that explained a slightly different system in place from the original game. We initially thought it would be impossible to replicate how the original game handled item drops from monsters due to insufficient data. After hearing your feedback, we decided it necessary to dedicate time to further research, and weíve managed to map out just about every important item from the game and where to find them.

Through some due diligence, weíve found a plethora of item drop information online that fans had cobbled together. After devising a way to properly handle and incorporate specific monster drops, as well as ensuring the accuracy of all of the item drop information we acquired, each monster was assigned 4 possible crate drops ranging from Common to Sooper Dooper. Though some monsters share drops, thatís over 350 monster drops using roughly 1,400 unique Crates!

Once the Crate drops were in place, each set of Crates then had to be assigned a list of items that could be received after opening the Crate. Thereís now over 2,200 items each assigned to sets of Crates based on level, rarity, and if we were able to find information on said item. For example, many hardcore grinders from back in the day might remember that the Ben 10 Jacket could be received from the level 36 Meteoric Guardians. This holds true in Retro! Keep in mind that we werenít able to find information on some items because they either werenít documented accurately or because players simply didnít document them at all.

Also, certain items were only obtainable from monsters players only got one shot at, like Fusion Numbuh Four. These items have been placed in more appropriate Crates in hopes of further balancing the game. Certain mission items were also included for this reason.

Itís important to note that while all of this work was done by hand and took an insane amount of time, it did not set back the overall progress of the game. Devan and a few other team members have spent upwards of 16 hours working on all of this while other features were developed in tandem. We hope to be showing these off soon.

See you for the next update!
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