Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Weekly Updates - Upcoming Sneak Peek Information  (Read 47703 times)


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Hey everybody, this update covers our upcoming Sneak Peek Weekend, including what to expect, how it will work, and what we intend to use it for!

You read that correctly, were gearing up for our first Sneak Peek Weekend, a concept many older players might be familiar with. The original game featured several weekends where the game would open to allow players into the game briefly so that they could test things and ensure they were all ready for launch. We thought it was a fun idea, and were nearing the need to get large amounts of players online and testing things, so were doing the very same thing!

Sometime in the near future, were intending to temporarily release the Future Zone for a full weekend in order to collect some data, ensure things are working as were expecting them to, and give everyone a chance to experience the Future in its entirety. Keep in mind, were using this opportunity largely to help us out with bugs and game security. Be warned that characters made during this period wont be saved or carried over to the official full release.

Wed like everyone participating in our Sneak Peek Weekend to help us out by reporting any glitches or bugs you may encounter. Wed like to hear them all. Please post that information here on the forums in the Glitches and Bugs section, with all the relevant information regarding the error youve encountered.

We dont yet have a concrete date for our first Sneak Peek Weekend, and we may only wind up needing just one. As always you can keep up to date through our weekly updates on the forums, and as always, thanks for reading our latest weekly update!


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