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Map Views - Cells, Cities and Interior Spaces
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:33:54 AM »
95% of FusionFall took place outside in the open. The 5% that took place inside was mainly Fusion Lairs, although some regular interiors such as Ship's Interior did exist. While the minimap would work to some degree (e.x. Fusion Lairs would only show icons) inside of these places, hitting M to access the World Map would give you a screen where the map does not function in your location.

I would definitely like it if we could go inside more during FusionFall Legacy. However, how would the map accommodate this?

Let's look to other games for a moment. Let's say I want to go into this little crypt in Elder Scrolls Online, so I check my map:

Doesn't tell me much about the crypt, does it? The only thing I know is that my quest objective is somewhere inside of the crypt as it has a special marker on it (a modified icon for when your objective requires you to enter an interior space somewhere would be a welcomed addition to Legacy as well).

When you go up to it, you are prompted to press a button in order to inside. In Legacy, it would be the equivalent of entering an Infected Zone, except instead of warping you simply enter the area.

When you make it inside and go to your map again, however, the map changes to this:

Now, I know both the layout of the crypt and where in the crypt I can find my quest objective(s).

This would be great if added to Legacy. For example, perhaps you would get a basic view like this whenever you enter an Infected Zone, and perhaps more missions will take you inside of buildings, caves, or other interior spaces and will give you a map view like this. It could also be used in instances such as the revealed Townsville Zoo investigative instance.

In Fusion Lairs, however, perhaps this kind of map view would not be used - after all, the idea behind many Fusion Lairs is that you are lost and don't know exactly which of the winding paths to go down.

These special map views do not have to be delegated to internal spaces. Let's say, for example, that I want to go to the Sunken Mall in Townsville, or maybe I go to Mount Blackhead. Whatever the case may be, major safe zones should have zoomed in views like these for the sake of navigation convenience. For example, if I go to the capital city Elden Root in ESO, the map might change to something like this, where the city is isolated and zoomed in on the map while in the area:

In this city in particular, the inside of the Great Tree is hollow and can be traversed upwards. A question then arises - how can an interior cell map show each level of a vertically diverse space? The answer is that each floor of a place like this would have a map for each floor as you go up like so:

Floor-specific maps could also be in other areas where there are multiple floors with multiple things to do on them, or maybe they could be used in the Catacombs, allowing the Catacombs to have multiple levels of depth where you go deeper and deeper underground. This could also be used in certain Infected Zones where there are multiple floors or levels that make a map feel cluttered if all put on the map at once.

Overall, the idea is for maps to be versatile when dealing with separate cells or instances within the game, allowing for greater creativity when designing spaces within cells that the map would be able to accommodate using these suggested features. Thoughts?
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Re: Map Views - Cells, Cities and Interior Spaces
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 08:31:55 PM »
All you kids with your GW2s and your ESOs. Back in my day the giant tree was in PWI and you had to be a winged elf to explore it. Those were the days.

Seriously though, I support this idea.


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