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What IS FusionFall Retro? Transcript
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:40:23 PM »
Hey guys, I was bored, finished the part of  my summer reading I wanted to do, so I decided to do a FFR transcript for a change. It's of this video by Przzyfied.
This should hopefully give some background as  to the history of FusionFall Retro, why they did it, and some other stuff.
Took me Roughly 32 minutes.
Before I begin:
Disclaimer: This is from a video made on January 1st, 2016, and does not reflect the final state of the Game. I may make another post describing some changes from this, unless another person does that.
Origin (0:00-0:50)
**Pz:** Even though it was just announced and explained, some of you might still be asking "what is Fusionfall Retro?" So, right after the live event happened, we were approached by three guys who are pretty established in the niche "Bringing back old MMOs" Market. Their names are JoshSora, Kevman95, and Womayhem. Josh and Kevman have worked on Toontown Infinite, and all three of them were working on providing Free Realms together. They took an interest in our project, and were concerned that it would create unnecessary work in the future if we released a single-player game first, and then converted it to multiplayer later. Using their knowledge about multiplayer framework, the team of three quickly created a multiplayer client that had the old FusionFall world with the Future and everything. Now that we saw what they could do, we partnered up with them, dubbed their multiplayer client "FusionFall Retro" and ultimately decided that FusionFall Retro would replace the demo, as Retro'll be playable in alpha state around the same time as the demo would be.
What is it? (0:50-1:34)
**Pz:** So what is FusionFall Retro? Retro is basically FusionFall, as it was around 2010, the build right before the Birthday Bash. The Future is still a thing, and there are no FusionFall Adventures. It's in its alpha state,and, at the current moment, it's basically walking and talking simulator with your friends, however, with updates you'll be able to play FusionFall as it was in 2010. Talking: Missions, Nanos, the whole shebang. This game does come with some limitations, however, being that it is the original FusionFall, which was made in Unity 2, you're gonna still experience some of the same crashes and exploits and glitches that you saw in the original. Another thing is that being that it is FusionFall from Unity 2, we can't update it with the new content, so then our new NPCs won't be appearing in FusionFall Retro, mainly because they're all created in Unity 5, and this game was made in Unity 2.
What about FFL? (1:34-2:51)
**Pz:** So what happens to FFL? Amazing things- that's what. As Dogon puts it, "FusionFall Retro is FusionFall. FusionFall Legacy is FusionFall HD Remix Extended Edition." And that's an understatement! As you saw, not only are we adding in all the new NPCs and Nanos, we're completely rearranging the layout of the map to match not only the shows themselves, but the original plans for the development of FusionFall. We chose to rearrange the map because world building the same map that  we already have ready to play at a moment's notice would be extremely unfun and tedious. The new map is really to make and Dogon has so much more creative freedom it looks absolutely fantastic. With FusionFall Retro, you have the opportunity to play the original FusionFall map if you like that one. Or, play the new reimagined map on FusionFall Legacy. The new map is seriously freaking awesome, I can't wait for you guys to see what we got cooking! Also, now Josh, Kevman, and Mayhem from Retro are working with Funske and BlowfishHunter from Legacy in order to set up Legacy's multiplayer networks. So now the Retro team is now part of the FusionFall Legacy Development team, which means the full game is coming sooner than you think. Also, if you're worried about cut demo content, don't worry! I'm porting as many of my missions from the demo as I can, which makes sense,as well as all the demo NPCs. Since he was a very anticipated NPC, we're adding Gumball to the Future of the FusionFall Legacy World, so don't worry about missing out on him.
Outro (2:51-3:20)
**Pz:** So, all in all, FusionFall Retro is replacing the demo, and two teams are partnering in order to work on FFL, which will release as a multiplayer experience. We're salvaging as much demo content as we can so we don't miss out on anything. Keep a lookout for pictures of the new FusionFall Legacy world, it honestly blows my mind how cool we made it look. 
**Pz:** Thanks for watching, I hope I explained the situation well. If you have any further questions, ask in the comments and I'll try to answer as best as I can. Please let me know how I did in the comments and drop a like if you enjoyed. I can't wait to play with you guys in the FusionFall world. Catch you later!   
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Re: What IS FusionFall Retro? Transcript
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 12:18:34 AM »
Dang, nice job.


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