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FusionFall Retro Beta v1.1 Patch Notes
« on: August 24, 2018, 01:56:36 AM »
Retro Beta v1.1 Patch Notes


More behind the scenes work has been done towards getting things ready for the release of the past zone. Stay tuned for more info on that front!

  • All currently active missions have been scrubbed from characters. This was done to push an update to the mission system regarding quest items. If you were in the middle of one, you’ll have to return to the mission giver and start it over again. Sorry!

Social Features
We’ve implemented groups! Now you can join up with up to three of your friends and take on Fuse’s baddies as a team! Don Doom and Bad Max won’t know what hit em!
  • Groups can have up to four players.
  • Rewards received from monsters are shared to all group members within range.
  • Group Powers affect group members within range.
You can also now trade with other users.
  • You can trade items with other users in exchange for items of their own, including currency. Don’t forget to bring common sense along when striking a deal with other players!
We’ve added buddies!
  • You can now add up to 50 buddies. Friends forever!
  • You can also add players to your ignore list. Friends never!
  • Players are able to warp to buddies between shards, as long as they’re not in an instance.
  • Chat messages can now be sent directly to buddies. Keep in mind all chat rules still apply to buddy chat.

  • Replaced the Bad Burros in Pokey Oaks South (The Future) with the correct version of the enemy.
  • Replaced the Toxic Spawns in Goat’s Junkyard (The Future) with the correct version of the enemy.
  • Don Doom and Bad Max have a new workout routine. Maybe they’ll actually get a chance to burn some calories now.

If you remember, certain NPCs used to be in different locations in older builds of the game, but were moved by the original developers. We have relocated some of these NPCs back to where they were meant to be! This gives players more incentive to explore areas that previously went unused in FusionFall Retro!

  • Mandark has been moved to Genius Grove (The Future).
  • Samurai Jack has been moved to Goat’s Junk Yard (The Future).
  • A Mandroid Relocation Unit has been added to Peach Creek Estates (The Future) in order to communicate to players in-game where the other guys have been moved to.

We’ve also made some behind the scenes changes in order to prepare for the release of the past zone:

  • Magic Tree now displays his icon and speech bubbles correctly.
  • An urban ranger who previously had invisible hair and no ears now has visible hair and ears. Science rules!

The way mission items are handled/stored has changed in preparation for the release of the past zone. If you were in the middle of a mission before the update, you’ll have to return to the NPC that gave you the mission and start again.

  • ‘Transmitter Critters’ and ‘A Fusion Matter’ now correctly display in the completed missions section of your journal.

We’ve restored many the original game’s missions, essentially doubling the amount of content in The Future! These missions could previously be found in the game before being removed by the original developers some time in 2009. These include:
  • Tech Support (Numbuh Two)
  • Neighborhood Watch (Numbuh Two)
  • Robbing the Toppings (Buttercup)
  • Going Places (Numbuh Five)
  • Get The Goods (Eddy)
  • Candy Jarrr! (Licorice Lips)
  • Into The Vortex (Eduardo)
  • Jack and the Giant Robot (Samurai Jack)
  • Raptor Rampage (Samurai Jack)
  • Messages Across Time (Mandark)

We’ve also adjusted several missions to work better alongside the restored ones, as well as to better fit with the changed NPC placements. This will not affect players who have already completed the missions. These include:
  • Band of Bandits (Samurai Jack)
    • The mission “Into the Vortex” must be completed before you can do this mission.
  • Black Out Blitz (Mandark)
    • Several key objects for this mission have been moved to Genius Grove.
  • Protocore Chore (Part 1 of 2) (Mandark)
    • Several key objects for this mission have been moved to Genius Grove.
  • Bring Me The Head of Larry 3000 (Mandark)
    • We’ve restored a few of the tasks that had been previously removed from this mission.

While we haven’t 100% fully restored the game’s missions to how they were before the original team made the change, we think we’ve struck a good balance between the new and the old for the best possible experience. We hope you enjoy these changes, and we recommend playing through again with a fresh character to really see what’s new!

  • We have improved combat to more accurately line up with the original game:
  • Using a new (yet familiar) mathematical formula, damage dealt and received have been fixed! Your armor and weapons actually matter now, and we think Ranger Sam would be proud.
  • Monsters are all-around more aggressive! They are more active when it comes to attacking wandering players.
    Mobs are no longer lazy. They’ll correctly roam around the area they’ve been given without slacking off or sticking to walls.
  • We’ve tweaked Fusion Matter and Taros drops from monsters in order to match the original game better.
    Don Doom and Bad Max no longer drop Fusion Matter, Taros, Weapon Boosts, and Nano Potions. It turns out they never actually did in the original!

We will be doing more passes on combat in future patches.

  • Buttercup’s Rallying Cry (Heal - Group) power has been fixed. It now correctly heals the player that used it.

  • We have updated the Mission Cap item description to display the conditions in which it was given out. Enjoy this piece of FusionFall Retro history!
  • The Master Toxic Mask now has the correct graphics when equipped.
  • Comforter Trousers and Circuit shoes now have the correct graphics and icons.
  • The Varsity and Angel sets have corrected names and descriptions.
  • The Super Slayer Slasher has corrected animations and range.

We’ve fixed up some of the drop rates!
  • The drop rates for Coco’s Egg C.R.A.T.E.S. have been adjusted! Expect more fun stuff and less not fun stuff.

Known Issues

Buddy chat currently displays as one chat feed, regardless of which buddy you are messaging. This is a problem with the version of the game we are using, and we will look into a solution at a later date. The rest of the buddy system functions as intended. Enjoy!

Players on your ignore list are not properly ignored yet. Much like buddy chat, this may also be a result of the version of the game we are using, but don’t worry: We’re on the case!

Missions currently fail to complete properly if your inventory is full. If this happens, you will need to close the game and restart it in order for your mission to display properly and claim your reward. We’ll be looking into fixing this soon.

Make sure you have space in your inventory before completing missions!

If you are experiencing lag, network errors, or any irregularities; try downloading the new launcher from the FusionFall Retro website

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