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Livin' Like Larry
« on: June 30, 2016, 11:45:07 PM »
If you haven’t read the news post on Larry, check it out here.

As you may have read in the news post, Larry is separated from his partners in Goat’s Junkyard, hoping to find his friends and understand the current time period he’s in. Fortunately with some help from Coop, Larry is capable of communicating with his partner in time Buck Tuddrussel. Seems his crash course sent him hurly toward a dark and dangerous environment. Unfortunately, neither Buck nor Larry are able to reach out to Otto. Only the worst crosses the minds of Otto’s time travelling friends.

The majority of Larry’s missions involve searching for his lost companion Otto and helping Coop out with his mega-sized problem. For example, in Otto-Matic Assumptions (Part 1 of 3), you can expect to help calm down a hysterical Larry 3000 who dreads the idea of Otto stranded and alone on this infested planet. Hopefully Larry’s new associate Coop can take the bulk of that work.

Of course as you might expect, Larry 3000 has his very own Nano! Larry is a primary Nano you can obtain quite a bit later in the game. Long time fans may notice that we originally had the player obtaining his Nano Mission from Larry as a secondary Nano. As the story and balance have developed, some things have changed. While his powers haven’t been totally finalized quite yet, you can imagine he’ll be an incredible addition to your team!

Finally, we've prepared a short video showing off some of Nano Larry's animations. We hope you enjoy!


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