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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.0 Patch Notes
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:53:57 PM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v2.0 Patch Notes


  • The Past Zone has been released! The entire game is playable!
  • Implemented a potential fix for an issue that would cause the camera to spin uncontrollably on certain devices.

The Past

This update brings with it the Past Zone! This is the main portion of the game, featuring tons of content.
  • All 36 levels and Nanos, including every Nano Power, are now available.
  • Added all 70+ areas, from Sector V to Fuse’s Lair.
  • New obtainable items include over 2,000 items across various weapons, shirts, hats, boots, you name it!
  • You can now complete all 600+ missions.
  • You can now choose and switch your guide. You can do this from the Time Machine, a Guide Changer, or any one of the four guide NPCs.
  • The Slider transportation system is fully operational and ready to take you downtown.
  • The final battle with Lord Fuse has been implemented!


Various NPCs have been adjusted!
  • The Scamper Pilot leading you to the Darklands wasn’t feeling right. Turns out he had robotic vocal cords! That’s been fixed.
  • We felt the Mandroid Relocation Unit served its purpose, so we returned it to Mandark Industries where it will promptly be melted down and destroyed for spare parts.
  • Coincidentally, Mandroid M-80 has appeared in Peach Creek Estates (The Future) near the Infected Zone Warp! He’s sporting a brand new hover module, and he’s got a new level 4 mission for you!
  • Several NPCs in the Future Zone were spreading misinformation in regards to where NPCs and Fusions could be found. As we’re sure you’re aware, the spread of misinformation is against the site rules, so they’ve been fixed.
  • Jerry Morbucks’ identical twin brother can now be found on Mandark’s floating research station in Forsaken Valley.


Nano Powers have all been fully implemented.
  • We’re not sure why it exists, but Group Recall is now semi-functional.
  • The following nano powers are also now obtainable:
    • Antidote - Self
    • Freedom - Self, Group
    • Jump - Self, Group
    • Sneak - Self, Group
    • Treasure Finder - Self
    • Damage - Area, Cone, Point
    • Drain - Point
    • Leech - Point
    • Recall - Self
    • Rocket - Self
    • Sleep - Area, Cone, Self Area
    • Snare - Cone, Self Area, Target
    • Stun - Area
    • Revive - Self, Group


Kevin’s Hot Rod Rentals are here.
  • Vehicles can be rented starting at level 10.
  • Vendors can be found in Townsville Center, Mount Blackhead, and Forsaken Valley.
  • Rentals last one week.


Morbucks savings and loan can store your items.
  • Bankers can be found at Peach Creek Commons, Townsville Center, Mount Blackhead, and Forsaken Valley. Use them to store your stuff!
  • Up to 119 items can be stored per character and accessed from any one of the four locations in the main hubs.
  • We’ll be looking into expanding the number of bank slots in a future update.


Once you warp to the Past, you’ll select a guide and embark on a quest to help them out.
  • Help Edd hunt for hidden candy treasure, and discover some dirty secrets along the way.
  • Ben wants to keep Fuse’s grubby hands off hidden plumber technology, by any means possible.
  • Dexter has taken interest in the world’s missing heroes! Help him track them down and see who’s responsible.
  • Mojo’s convinced a new-and-improved monkey minion fleet can defeat Fuse, and it’s your job to assemble it.
  • Each guide will give you a set of 6 complete item sets. Be warned, these sets are only obtainable once, and are gone forever if deleted.

World Build

Various area terrain was edited.
  • The unsightly “mountain range” off the coast of Orchid Bay that popped up shortly after the original game launched has been removed. What an eyesore!
  • Various terrain changes outside of the game world were made to prevent players from getting lost.

Social Features

  • Groups doing escort missions now fail properly when the escort NPC gets defeated. Good luck with “Don’t Fear The Reaper (Part 5 of 5)”, by the way.
  • Fixed buddy warping to buddies that are offline. How does that even work?
  • Buddy warping across the timestream is now off-limits. We have enough rogues breaking the space-time continuum to worry about!
  • Ignoring other players now works as intended.
  • You can no longer warp to your buddies while they’re in Infected Zones.


Combat has been further refined.
  • We’ve once again changed the combat system to better scale with higher level combat, and be more accurate overall. You may notice monsters taking a few more hits at higher levels.
  • Nanos now properly do their win animation when beating a monster’s corruption attack.
  • Grenades have been implemented into the game.
  • Much like rockets, these require more precise aim to nail your target.
  • Consider using these for a “hard-mode” playthrough.


  • The crates found from golden Coco eggs found in the world now have new icons and proper labels. Now you have a better idea of what you’re getting from them before you open them!


New Missions
  • The mission “Meet Mandark” has been added to The Future! Get it from Mandroid M-80 outside of the Peach Creek Estates Infected Zone!
    • For those who have already done everything else in the Future and want to make sure all missions are accounted for, make sure you complete “Meet Mandark” before you head to the past! It should be noted that for a number of reasons, the mission “Time To Go” will not be re-added to the game.
Mission Fixes
  • Timed mission tasks no longer automatically fail when warping.
  • Missions will no longer fail to complete when your inventory is full. Instead, a popup displaying an error message will let you know to make some room.
  • Fixed dialog referring to Fusion Numbuh Three as ”Fusion Juniper Lee”
  • Made several tasks for Jam Band (Part 2 of 4) more clear as to which mob you’re meant to defeat.

Character Creation

  • Fixed some instances where name wheel names were improperly lowercased and/or contained an extra space.
  • Fixed wrong temporary name displaying after choosing a new name.

Known Issues

  • Though Nanos now win properly against corruption, their stamina appears to drop to 0. No worries, they seem to be faking it.
  • A reckless driver has been spotted wreaking havoc through the Townsville Center area. Local authorities are aware of the threat and are working to neutralize the perp.
  • You’ll sometimes get a Network Close while sliding down slides! Try to avoid the edges and you should be fine, we’ll be fixing this soon!
  • Group recall currently functions the same as Self recall. We’ll be fixing that now!

Features Not Yet Implemented

  • We’re still working on Infected Zone Racing! Stay tuned for more info.
  • Sending in-game E-Mail between players is still not operational. Is it a national holiday or something?
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