Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.1 Patch Notes  (Read 6482 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.1 Patch Notes
« on: October 24, 2018, 02:55:25 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.1 Patch Notes


    • Happy Halloween!
    • We’re still adjusting our anti-cheat systems to provide for a better player experience.
    • Pressing F10 now hides your UI. Great for screenshots!
    • Your Nano will automatically be put away when riding on a monkey or using a zipline.
    • Boosts and Potions shopkeepers will no longer scam you when you try to buy more than you can carry. We’ve removed this toxic behavior. We’re currently investigating to see if Eddy is behind this.
    • You should no longer get stuck on sliders randomly.
    • Chatting with double quotation marks and semicolons now works properly
    • We have reports of unauthorized flying objects in restricted airspace. Now, warping to buddies will now place you on the ground, rather than midair.

    Halloween has come to FusionFall!

    We’re celebrating this year’s Halloween by bringing Drac back, draping the world in eternal darkness, and spreading a few tricks and treats here and there!
    • The sun, the sun is gone! FusionFall has been cast into night time... PERMANENTLY! Well, at least until the Halloween season is over.  If you’re afraid of the dark (or are just having trouble seeing), you can turn glow OFF in your graphics settings to turn ON the lights!
    • To accomodate, we’ve also got some new spooky music to fit the new atmosphere. Be afraid!
    • The Fusion Matter contained in your Fusion Matter Meter now glows an October orange. Pumpkin spice is back!
    • Dracula can be found selling Pumpkin CRATEs in “Spooky” Oaks South at the gazebo park, exclusively in the past zone. Be warned, he seems to be trying to rip off unsuspecting customers!
    • Fred Fredburger has also made an appearance the gazebo park. We’re not sure why he showed up, but it seems like he had something to do with the world plunging into eternal darkness. Who knew?
    • Monsters all over the world seem to be hoarding Pumpkin CRATEs. Take down monsters near your level to nab some for yourself and see what you get!
    • The gazebo park in Pokey Oaks has a few temporary NPCs for convenience, including a bank, Nano Station, and power shopkeeper. You’re welcome!


    • Thromnambular I-IX were awfully quiet, but you’ll find their new voice clips are quite the riot!
    • Fred Fredburger has a brand new texture and voice clips to boot! We heard he can spell his name real good!
    • Are you ready to bank like crazy? Jerry Morbucks and his identical siblings who all share the same name now have proper voice clips.
    • NPCs that roam or follow a path, such as Root Canal Rita, will now stop to chat with you instead of walking away rudely.


    • We’ve filled out many of the areas that were previously missing monsters. That’s more square miles of fusions to shoot for the same low price!
    • As mentioned above, monsters close to the same level as your own will occasionally drop Pumpkin CRATEs.
    • The reckless driver in Townsville Center has been apprehended by local authorities.


    • The Cutts and Bruises Skate Park Infected Zone in Orchid Bay didn’t have any music, so we implemented its unused track to liven things up!
    • As mentioned above, we’ve added a brand new music track exclusive to the Halloween event!


    • Pumpkin CRATEs will be around for a limited time. Inside you can find exclusive items like the Big Chill set, including wings and a helmet, the Cherufe set, various mummy-inspired sets, and a special Bubblehead! Be sure to grab it all before Halloween is over!
    • The HOLO Helmet and HOLO Back have been added to the Holosuit vendors around the world. These items will work similarly to the existing HOLO shirt, pants, and shoes, and will change appearance for some events!
    • Just as well, the HOLO set pieces have all changed to a spooky Fusion-Wraith theme. We’ve been meaning to clean out these skeletons from our closet for a while now.
    • Some items were dropping exclusively from a Fusion Lair, which wasn’t very fun, so we’ve fixed that. Mitch Rocks!

    Known Issues

    • The sliders on the slider system seem to occasionally crash into one another. You get what you pay for.
    • You won’t get a popup notification letting you know you’ve gotten a Pumpkin Crate, but they’ll still show up in your chat log!


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