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Hi! My name is Intro/Introvert but in game im known as Agent Betafish

Ive been playing FusionFall ever since i was a kid. Now that im older and playing the game i realized something.

During the Halloween update of 2018 i noticed that people were trying to sell those pumpkin crates; they were wildly overcharging and people were eating it up. I plan to change that

People need a group of Merchant players that locate certain items for them and dont overcharge them and thats what Anteiku! is

If you play other MMOS like Maplestory, Maplestory 2, or Wildstar you may have heard of my guild before. On a Maplestory private server i was able to get Anteiku! to number 8 in guild rankings out of 300+ guilds. Though My og maplestory days are over. Im on maplestory 2 now and im working my way up

Now with the introductions out of the way i can tell you more about my plans for the guild

I plan on splitting the guild into three parts

1 on 1 merchant/customer

Guild to Guild Business

Rare item locating

1 on 1 merchant/customer- Say you need a certain piece in a set of armor, or you REALLY need that face mask or that new Weapon. Contact me or a guild member on the forums asking for a certain item and setting a negotiable price. A guild member may turn your price down but you can always try another one.

Guild to Guild Business - Are you the Guild Leader or Higher up of another guild? Do you need tons of the best armor and Weapons? Well say no more because your in luck! my guild does business with other guilds if your the GL or Higher up of another guild and contact me saying you need to give a certain number of your guys a certain item for a negotiable price then ill set you up with a number of guys and they'll be given a portion of the items to get and then you'll be given the items within a week or within your specified time

Rare item locating - We'll also be looking for rare items ALL the time so if you ever need a super rare item come to one of my Rare item specialist and see if they have it! If not you can request one of them look for it and come to you first (that costs a reservation fee of 200 taros though)

Guild Master: Introvert - Agent BetaFish

In need of: Co-Guild Master, 1 on 1 Merchant Specialist, Guild to Guild Specialist, Rare item location Specialist, Admin.


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Re: ☕Anteiku!☕ Merchant Organization looking for members and staff
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Hi I would like to join if you still have openings  :)


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