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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.3 Patch Notes
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:57:32 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.3 Patch Notes


    • Happy Holidays!
    • The extended maintenance is done!
    • Pipeline changes for more efficient updates.

    Hey Hey, It’s Knishmas!

    Chowder is celebrating this year’s Knishmas by bringing gifts for all his friends! Unfortunately, his gifts were nabbed by a nasty thief. Can you help save Knishmas?
    • The weather outside is frightful. Well actually, it’s more like a light snow. It’s actually still pretty hot outside, so it’s melting before it can pile up on the ground!
    • To accomodate, we’ve also got some festive new music to fit the atmosphere. Happy holidays!
    • Chowder and his pal Kimchi have come to town at the gazebo park in “Merry” Oaks and have even baked the gazebo into a schmingerbread treat. Help him return his gifts to their intended recipients.
    • Sour Ron and the puckerberries have followed Chowder here. They claim to be doing some sort of charity drive, but we think they’re up to something!
    • Monsters all over the world seem to be hoarding Knishmas Presents. Take down monsters near your level to nab some for yourself and see what you get! This time, with slightly less infuriating drop rates.
    • The gazebo park in Pokey Oaks has once again been fitted with a few temporary NPCs for convenience, including a bank, Nano Station, and power shopkeeper. You’re welcome!
    • All of this snowfall seems to be clumping up and forming brand new boss monsters! Track down the elusive Ice Titans around the world and receive exclusive Icy gear for a limited time.
    • In the spirit of giving, ALL items have been made tradable except for the Mission Cap and Clockwork gear. Get out there and show your friends how much they’re worth in items.


    • We’ve retired Jerry Morbucks’ Twin stationed at Mandark’s research station in the darklands and JaeHoon Morbucks stationed in Peach Creek Commons in favor of some brand new female bankers!
    • Ranger Joey and JaeHoon Morbucks used to share the same model, so now Ranger Joey rides solo.
    • Additionally, all bankers now wear their required Morbucks industry-standard suits. Well, except Prince King Morbucks, for obvious reasons.
    • Chowder, Kimchi, Schnitzel, Sour Ron, and the Puckerberry Overlords have all been added in and around the gazebo in “Merry” Oaks.
    • Sour Ron and his Puckerberry crew, as well as the new female bankers have all new voice clips!
    • Dracula has once again emerged from the Home of the Ancients to “enjoy” the snowy weather. We wouldn’t recommend bothering him.


    • Fuse’s minions are taking advantage of the cold weather and have formed massive Ice Titans. They can be found in several areas around the world and drop exclusive gear. Be sure to nab it all before they melt.
    • A particularly mean-spirited Fusion can be faced once you’ve helped Chowder find all of his gifts. He may drop something special.
    • As mentioned above, monsters close to the same level as your own will occasionally drop Knishmas Presents.


    • Nine new missions have been added, but you’ve only got until the end of the event to finish them all!
    • Talk to Chowder to get started on Knishmas Kapers, an eight-part mission-line where you must find Chowder’s missing gifts and deliver them to his “friends.”
    • You’ll need real detective skills to find the missing presents! Chowder doesn’t know where they are, so you won’t be given a waypoint while looking for them. Either group up with your friends and search as thoroughly as possible, or cheat and look up a guide online, because you’re going to need all the help you can get!
    • After that, Chowder will have one last mission for you. A mean, green, eating machine is trying to strike the spirit of Knishmas at its core. Take it down and claim your reward. Oh and uh, save Knishmas or whatever.


    • As mentioned above, we’ve added a brand new music track exclusive to the Knishmas event!


    • Aside from the timed exclusive Mission Cap and Clockwork gear, all items aside from Guide items are now tradable. No more economy woes.
    • Knishmas Presents will be around for a limited time. Inside you can find exclusive items like the Santa’s Helper set, Bigfoot set, and various holiday related items! Be sure to grab it all before Knishmas is over!
    • Chowder’s quest rewards include the exclusive Chef Hat and Puckerberry Hood. Be sure to complete his questline to get these items before Chowder heads back to Marzipan.
    • RPG-trope styled Ice Armor can be dropped from Ice Titans all over the world. This stuff won’t melt, but the Ice Titans will, so grab it before it’s gone!
    • The HOLO set pieces have all changed to bear the traditional Knish Krinkle pattern. Much like Knish Krinkle himself, you’ll be the living embodiment of ugly Christmas sweaters! If you want to keep the Knishmas Hat and Knishmas Bag, be sure to grab the real items from the Knishmas Presents.
    • Vehicle prices have been increased significantly. Sure, you can opt for the lame, tame Tempest Jetbike of shame, but wouldn’t you want to ride in style on the Saturday’s Board? This better fits in line with the original intention of vehicles as a use for taros in bulk.
    • Vehicles can now expire on a dime, even if you’re riding on them! No more freeloading!
    • Sour Ron’s clearly fake charity includes some SUPER fast vehicles, like Knish Krinkle and the Knishmas Kimchi Cloud. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure they’re just replicas.
    • Pretty much any item can now be sold to shopkeepers! No more annoying inventory cloggers!

    World Build

    • The gazebo in the gazebo park and surrounding gates have been transformed into a schmingerbread “house” in an attempt to appease Knish Krinkle.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Unity Crash Reporter randomly popping up. Unity isn’t supporting this version of Unity, so it’s more useful if bugs are reported directly to us.
    • Fixed invites not working sometimes when receiving them with UI up.
    • Moving platforms should teleport less.

    Known Issues

    • While using the brand new super fast vehicles or going too fast in general, snow tends to get a little lighter. Jack Frost just can’t keep up with your awesome speed!

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