Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.4.5 Patch Notes  (Read 5834 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.4.5 Patch Notes
« on: January 26, 2019, 02:30:58 AM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.4.5 Patch Notes


    • We’ve wrapped up the anniversary celebrations, and set the gazebo back to normal. Hope you enjoyed the fun!
    • The Birthday Bash Vehicle Vendor may be gone, but we’re sure his awesome vehicles will make a comeback.
    • The way NPCs are handled has been changed a bit.


    • The experimental new chat window has had some minor updates, and should be a bit more stable. Expect less backward talk.
    • We added a few cool, new emotes to the new chat window. With the new chat enabled, check out the emote tab, marked by the yellow smiley face next to the chat box, and click on the “Chill Out…” tab to find some leisurely new emotes.
    • With the experimental chat window you can keep your buddy list open at all times. To expand on this, we’ve added notifications in the chat for when friends have come online or gone offline, so you always know who’s around at all times.


    • A shady and mysterious vendor seems to have appeared in an unknown location to sell some “totally legal” items. We’re not sure where or why, but we’d recommend steering clear.
    • We’ve introduced 8 new “Guide Item Shops,” in Townsville Center and Forsaken Valley. In Townsville Center, you can find the first three guide sets available for purchase, and in Forsaken Valley, the last three guide sets from each guide. If you’ve misplaced or deleted a coveted guide item, you can buy them back from these guys. This also allows you to safely delete guide items without the fear of never getting them back, letting you clear up some bank space.


    • The aforementioned Mysterious Vendor sells a couple of exclusive items, and it seems he’s looking to expand his roster of blackmarket valuables. Check back with him frequently and see what he’s got to sell….If you can find him!

    Bug Fixes

    • No more glitchy players! We’ve implemented a solution for player movement that should make other players’ movements look more fluid. Modern game design!
    • Sliders crossing map borders should no longer cause sporadic disconnects.
    • Rockets and grenades should more accurately hit monsters.
    • Fixed some disconnects that were caused by poor connections.
    • Some cannons in the Canopy Infected Zone were infamously shooting players at unprecedented speeds. We’ve gotten our best engineers to tone em down a bit.

    Known Issues

    • The new chat window got some fixes, but still isn’t perfect. We’re getting there!




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