Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.5 Patch Notes  (Read 7486 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.5 Patch Notes
« on: February 12, 2019, 02:15:47 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.5 Patch Notes


    • Happy Valentine’s Day! Show your favorite person how much you care! Or don’t, we don’t really have an opinion either way. There are 5 limited time event missions, though!
    • On top of the seasonal event content, 9 additional new missions have been added to the game revolving around everyone’s favorite elder, Dracula!
    • We’ve been working on stability improvements to decrease crash rates.
    • The loading screen has been updated, and now displays the full artwork!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    It seems there’s an infestation of LOVE in the world of FusionFall. Help the Blood Gnat Exterminators knock out the Blood Gnats and figure out a cure using Johnny Bravo!
    • Flapjack and Bubbie have come ashore off the southern coast of Candy Cove. It seems Bubbie’s sick and Flapjack is looking for help!
    • It looks like Flapjack may have accidentally brought some parasites with him, and Johnny Bravo seems to be totally immune! He is being kept island-locked for scientific research purposes by the Blood Gnat Exterminators.
    • The Blood Gnat Exterminators need your help to squash out this infestation. Along the way, you can get some info from Flapjack and maybe get a lead on a way to help Bubbie.
    • A brand new exclusive set and two additional hat items are available as rewards from a series of missions!


    • Johnny Bravo and Flapjack have both been added to the game and need your help.
    • Blood Gnat Exterminators have isolated the area just south of Candy Cove in hopes of containing the Blood Gnat infestation.
    • Exterminator Heartbreak and Dr. Estrangelove can be found south of Candy Cove and both have a few things they need help with.
    • The Blood Gnat Queen and her colony of blood gnats have taken up residence in the suburbs.
    • The Mysterious Vendor’s catalogue has been updated, and he seems to have found a new location to hide out in. Good luck!
    • The new Event Taxi has been added to Peach Creek Commons, Mount Blackhead, and Townsville Center. He’ll be able to quickly take you to wherever the latest event is being held for free! He’ll only hang around whenever there’s an event taking place.
    • Unrelated to Valentines Day, Dracula now can be found in Eternal Vistas, year round! You’ll also find a few amenities near him.


    • Killer Blood Gnats, genetically engineered by the Blood Gnat Exterminators to take care of the Blood Gnat infestation, have been released along the riverbanks of Peach Creek, and can be found all the way down the creek and through Candy Cove. Turns out that might not have been the best idea.


    • DRUM ROLL PLEASE! The long awaited proper implementation of everyone’s favorite power is finally here! Introducing: GROUP RECALL!


    • The Blood Gnat Exterminator set and the Blood Gnat hat items are temporary mission rewards. Be sure to complete the holiday missions before you can no longer get them.
    • Added a new holiday vehicle! Pick up the “Love Bug” from the holosuit vendor for a lovely new ride!
    • The Holosuit is temporarily taking on the appearance of the Blood Gnat Exterminator set, if you want to try it on before you earn it for real!
    • Holosuit item icons now display “Holosuit” on them so you can easily distinguish them from their real counterparts.
    • The Kimchi Cloud has been added to all three normal vehicle vendors. This level 20 vehicle is also 900 class. Be sure to snag one if you can to be faster than the rest.
    • Several item sets, including the Goth Boy & Baseball collections, are no longer restricted to male characters only. Nice!
    • We’ve incorporated an unused variant of the ‘Princess’ set (Girls only) and added it to the clothing vendors in Endsville as a level 10 item set.

    World Build

    • Additional land masses have been added just south of Candy Cove in order to accommodate this event as well as future content updates.
    • Bubbie has brought Flapjack ashore in hopes of finding some help for her aching tummy!
    • Adjusted fog and sky color of Candy Cove, Peach Creek Estates, Eternal Vistas, Eternal Meadows, and Really Twisted Forest to more closely resemble how it looked when the original game first launched.
    • Swimming out to sea downtown no longer causes the sky to shift into eternal darkness!
    • You may notice that the super bright light at the horizon has disappeared. We’ve altered the skybox a bit to better match how it looked when the game originally launched.
    • Speaking of the skybox, we’ve also enhanced the Glow setting a bit, making the game look just as bright as you remember it being back in 2009. Blinding!


    • 5 Valentines Day missions have been added to the game for a limited time!
      • Infestation Situation [Exterminator Heartbreak - Candy Cove, Lv 4]
      • Blood Gnat Spat [Dr. Estrangelove - Candy Cove, Lv 4]
      • Johnny V. Good [Dr. Estrangelove - Candy Cove, Lv 4]
      • All Hail the Queen [Dr. Estrangelove - Candy Cove, Lv 4]
      • Pest Control [Exterminator Heartbreak - Candy Cove,Lv 4]
    • Unrelated to Valentines Day, 9 brand new missions revolving around Dracula have been added to the game!
      • This Town Ain’t Big Enough [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 8]
      • The Grooviest Fusion (Part 1 of 3) [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 8]
      • The Grooviest Fusion (Part 2 of 3) [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 9]
      • The Grooviest Fusion (Part 3 of 3) [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 10]
      • Welcome to Endsville (Part 6 of 6) [Ranger Joey - Peach Creek Commons, Lv 10]
      • Bubble Bath Boogie (Part 1 of 2) [Him - Endsville, Lv 11]
      • Bubble Bath Boogie (Part 2 of 2) [Him - Endsville, Lv 12]
      • Pranking the Prankster [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 12]
      • Dizzy World Disaster [Dracula - Eternal Vistas, Lv 12]
    • The “Welcome to Endsville” mission line as been adjusted to be six parts long instead of five, that way Dracula isn’t left out!

    Bug Fixes

    • The Ocre Filigree Shirt texture has been fixed and displays properly when worn by girls!
    • Corrected an issue causing the black hair color to not display any hair detail.
    • Players now play the proper idle animations when not holding a weapon, instead of the sword stand idle animations.
    • The grenade weapon type now has the unique set of attack animations that it was intended to have. It’s a shame no one uses these things!
    • Fixed an issue that made player eyes sometimes appear on the arms or hands when wearing certain armor. Yikes!
    • Dexter in Tech Square (Future) and Fusion Dexter’s weapons are no longer invisible.
    • Fixed an issue causing noticeable lines to appear along the edges of the skybox.

    Known Issues

    • Updating an active mission while Level 36, with 293,580 Fusion Matter or more will cause your active mission to no longer be active in your Journal. This can be temporarily corrected by re-selecting it in your Journal.


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