Author Topic: Some Idea's for Legacy  (Read 209 times)


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Some Idea's for Legacy
« on: February 10, 2019, 11:47:18 PM »
Lairs should be much more dangerous almost always requiring a party or very careful journeying. Alongside that, you should be able to quickly join certain lairs if you've gotten the quest for them or beaten them. A way to give them more traffic if to put some of the rarer or more powerful items in them.

Vehicles should be collectible and not limited to a timer. The economic argument does not work since this is a new game and we are not sure how everything will work, but getting certain types of vehicles could be seen as a mark of prestige.

Limited nano's should be a thing. Either nano's only available during certain holidays or parts of the year. You could have a rotating roaster for them.

More ways to improve your item level and ways to increase crock pot chances.

This one is kind of iffy but it could work, as a reward for people who made it to the final level and beat fuse you could perhaps instead of a weapon give them a vehicle or give certain previous vehicles the ability to fly. This would help with keeping interest in the game alongside exploration that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Ways to expand inventory space(Could have bags or just buy more slots or maybe even unlock them somehow)

These are some of my ideas to help legacy I'm not sure how possible some of them are but I like the idea of most of them.


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Re: Some Idea's for Legacy
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2019, 04:18:28 AM »
The lair argument makes me cringe a little bit. I don't mind the idea of harder challenges, but when pretty much every mission chain ends up with you entering a new lair someone who has issues talking to people is gonna be well and truly messed up trying to deal with all of those.  I already kind of despise Fusion lairs to begin with because of the messy, unhelpful maze layout some of them take when you have no map to help you figure out where you're going.

I wouldn't mind, however, taking an old staple of MMOs and including what basically amount to dungeons for CERTAIN missions, things that more or less require multiple party members to survive. You could have groups of fusions like Fusion Dexter/Computress already in FuFa all in one dungeon, sometimes where you can't face just one at a time perhaps.  But missions for this should be few and far between, not the end of every quest chain.


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Re: Some Idea's for Legacy
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2019, 07:41:57 AM »
I agree that lairs should have some replay value. Based on past announcements, each one is apparently going to be highly unique based on the quest that a player is currently undertaking, but I think overall it would be cool to incorporate different challenges into them.

I don't agree on vehicles. I think the system in place allows for a fair game mode and valid use for taros, which are really only barely required for transportation between places and EGGER/vendor items. When you really think about it, even 5000 taros over the course of the game (when played with item-collecting in mind) becomes pocket money. 1000 to get over to the Darklands? To someone just starting the game, that's insane. To a level 36, it's barely a dent in their account. I would love permanent vehicles, but that would defeat the purpose of many economic systems by removing the value of the taro.

I mean, they did have the Unstable Nano in the original as a way to test new Nanos that were going to be added in at some point, so a HOLO Nano might be cool. (Not saying I wouldn't love to rock Knish Kringle in July, but hey hey.)

Agreed on item levels and croc pots.

I don't know about flying vehicles, since the game crashes enough for people already, but a permanent vehicle would be an amazing reward for people who beat Fuse.

More inventory space requires some room. Not sure how much they have, especially considering Retro is already pushing its boundaries, but I support it if possible.


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