Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.6 Patch Notes  (Read 7539 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.6 Patch Notes
« on: March 10, 2019, 03:30:39 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.6 Patch Notes


    • Valentine’s Day is over and the world is free of those pesky blood gnats!
    • The first part of the SKWID Squad and Flapjack storyline has been added to the game!


    • The SKWID Squad have come ashore and are helping Bubbie out, but it looks like there’s more to them than meets the eye.
    • Upon the guidance of the SKWID Squad, Flapjack is looking for various items in Leakey Lake in order to help Bubbie.
    • The Mysterious Vendor just doesn’t want to give up! He’s relocated to a new hideout and has updated his catalogue.
    • A brand new transport system has been added! You can find Woosh Operators in Candy Cove, Orchid Bay, Area 51.5, and Monkey Foothills. For a small fee you can traverse between any of the main bodies of water in the world in a pinch!
    • SCAMPER pilots heading to and from the Darklands have been replaced with Kumari Admirals. No worries, the Kumari aren’t interested in your money, and the trip to and from the Darklands remains free.


    • Fuse has unleashed yet another powerful monster into the world! This mysterious boss drops three brand new sets and five additional accessories. Happy hunting!
    • The Rage Roadkiller has upped his game and now drops new gear! You can get the Rojo armor sets, in addition to the Frogman sets from his Crate.


    • Rojo armor now drops from the Rage Roadkiller.
    • Rage Roadkiller Crate now has a unique icon.
    • As a public service to help all of you avoid being pinched, the Holosuit is now super green! The Holo Back item is unaffected by this change, and has been reverted to its default, blank state.
    • Football Jerseys now drop from crates of their levels. Somehow we missed those!
    • The 2010 hat now rests better on your head. No more head trauma!
    • The Johnny Hair, Ms. Bellum Wig, and the Round Ribbon Hat items are no longer gender restricted.

    World Build

    • Woosh, the Alpha Whale has surfaced in many bodies of water around the world, including the river in Candy Cove, the docks of Orchid Bay, Area 51.5’s mysterious coast, and the coast of Monkey Foothills.
    • The SCAMPERs running to and from Monkey Foothills have been retired, and the great Kumari Serpent has slithered in.
    • Added some additional wave sound effects to the Orchid Bay wharf.


    • New missions are available!
      • Something’s Fishy [Stickybeard - Candy Cove, Lv 7]
      • Hello from Camp Kidney (Part 3 of 3) [Spencer Spidermonkey - Camp Kidney, Lv 11]
      • You & Lou [Toiletnator - Camp Kidney, Lv 15]
      • Property Bothers [Fuzzy Lumkins - Leaky Lake, Lv 15]
      • Woosh Away [Grim - Orchid Bay, Lv 16]
      • Salty Scavenger [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 15]
      • Nautical Nonsense [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 15]
      • The False Flapjack [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 16]
    • The “Hello From Camp Kidney” mission line as been adjusted to be three parts long instead of two, that way Flapjack isn’t left out!
    • “Nautical Nonsense” and “The False Flapjack” require certain conditions to be met before players are able to do them.

    Bug Fixes

    • Oops! The Fusionflies weren’t dropping the appropriate items and were instead dropping items from the Wooly Behemoth’s drop table. Get your own items!
    • Five ‘Football Jersey’ shirts weren’t dropping from mobs. We’ve added them to drop tables for mobs of their levels.
    • Spidermonkey Arms didn’t get the memo and remained untradable through the Knishmas event. They’re now tradable!
    • The ‘2010 Hat’ rested far too high on players’ heads. We’ve adjusted the height to better accommodate that hat type.
    • Fixed the camera and speech bubble height when talking to Grim and Numbuh One. Their faces are no longer obstructed by what they have to say!
    • The area north of Monkey Foothills no longer plays the FusionFall main theme when warping back from the darklands.
    • Fixed an issue with missing music in Eternal Vistas.

    Known Issues

    • The SKWID Squad’s helmets look a little strange! The KND should really invest in better gear.
    • The Woosh Operators and Kumari Admirals are a bit shy and don’t have any voice clips yet!
    • Some of Flapjack’s voice clips are missing! It seems very out of character, but he currently doesn’t have any clips wishing you “Good Luck!” or congratulating you for a job well done. We’ll be fixing this in the future.

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