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Travling Merchant Idea
« on: April 14, 2019, 07:12:01 PM »

I personally find that one of the best things in FusionFall is the ability to customize your character.

Finding new accessories, weapons and gear is one of the most central parts of the game (and the most central part of the endgame).

However, with this being said, there’s a bit of a problem with the game concerning the items.

And that problem is how difficult it is to procure the item you want, if you are even able to access it at all (referring to future exclusivity).

Now, I’m not saying the game should be easier, and the items should be less rare, but what I am saying is that there should be an alternative method to receive rare and valuable items.

And when I say that, I know that trading exists and is an integral part of keeping games like FusionFall alive.

However, there is a serious problem with trading.

That problem is item availability.

What players trade is highly dependent on what they have at hand and what they're willing to sell.

If you’re looking for a very specific item that’s not all that sought out, there is a very high chance that no one has it.

And grinding is very much based on RNG, so you can try for hours on end, just as I have, and not get that one item you so desperately desire (*cough* Toxic Spawns *cough*) #Salty. :D

But at the same time, I understand that an items rarity is very integral to its value.

The rarer the item is, the higher it’s price.

So, I was thinking… how do you give more access to a sought-after item, without bringing down its rarity and thus its value?

And this is when I came up with the idea for the Traveling Merchant.


Here are the rules for how the Traveling Merchant would work, with the reason for each rule being under it.

Rule #1: Everyday, the Traveling Merchant will appear in a randomly selected area.
(This makes the Traveling Merchant harder to find.)

Rule #2: The Traveling Merchant cannot be in the same area 2 days in a row.
(This helps the Traveling Merchant sell new items everyday.)

Rule #3: The Traveling Merchant must only have 1 location per area.
(This makes the Traveling Merchant way easier to find once he changes locations. If you remember his old location in a certain area, you will be rewarded if the merchant is in that area.)

Rule #4: The Traveling Merchant must be near other NPC’S, vendors and/or infected zone entry warps.
(This makes the Traveling Merchant easier to find.)

Rule #5: The Traveling Merchant will sell a total of 6 randomly selected items.
(This makes sure that there is a fair chance of getting a good item.)

Rule #6: These items will be selected out of a list of items dedicated to each area. E.g. if the Traveling Merchant is in Goat’s Junk Yard, they will randomly select 6 items from the item list dedicated to Goat’s Junk Yard.
(This is essentially the main function of the Traveling Merchant, so I don’t think it needs explaining.)

Rule #7: Each list must contain all items themed to the character(s) in that area and/or represented by that area. E.g. Johnny Bravo stuff at Bravo Beach.
(Same explanation as rule 6. It also helps decrease the likelihood of receiving rare and ultra-rare items by increasing the number of possible items the Traveling Merchant can sell.)

Rule #8: The Traveling Merchant’s item list must also include all NON-themed items on the drop lists of the monsters in the area that the list is assigned to. E.g. If [Insert monster here] drops a [Insert non-themed item here] in [Insert Area Here], then that item must be included in the merchants list for that area.
(Same explanation for rule 7.)

Rule #9: The Traveling Merchant cannot sell guide items.
(This is quite obvious.)

Rule #10: The Traveling Merchant cannot sell the following items: Gumballs, boosts, potions, and power items.
(Somewhat obvious. There’s no real reason to why the Traveling Merchant should sell these items.)

Rule #11: 2 or more of the same items cannot be sold at the same time. (No duplicates)
(Pretty obvious)

Rule #12: The prices of items must scale based on their rarity. Common being the lowest, ultra-rare being the highest.
(This is pretty obvious.)

Rule #13: The rare and ultra-rare items must be priced highly, in order to retain their value.
(This is of course to make sure that sought after items are not simple to buy and thus degrade in value.)


Now, with a system like this, there’s going to be possible pros and cons to its implementation, to which I will now explain.

Pros  :)

-   Mini Community Event: Implementing a system like this would essentially provide the community with a constant
        search for the Traveling Merchant, similarly to how in Retro when the Mysterious Vendor is moved, it’s a hunt to find
        him! What the Traveling Merchant would do is make the hunt near endless, with players always seeking the
        merchants next location and offerings. *

-   A Chance to Get Lucky: Under the right circumstances, and with a little luck, this could benefit low-level players as
        well as max levels ones. Say a level 25 player has quite a few extra taros from grinding monsters and they come
        across the Traveling Merchant. The merchant just so happens to have a level 25 item that does more damage than
        their current weapon. The player has just enough taros to spend on it, and it increases their damage done on 1v1 by
        7 (which is the stat that I focus on the most). By using the Traveling Merchant, the player has benefited themselves
        while paying a hefty cost for such an advantage, which brings me to…

-   Excellent Taro Sink: With the Traveling Merchants high prices for items, this would be a great way to control the
        number of taros players have. They would have to choose whether or not to invest a large amount of their taros in
        order to add a superior weapon, piece of armor, etc. to their current loadout.

Cons :(

-   *Possible Exploitation: This system could potentially be abused too. Say an ultra-rare item is found that is sought-
         after by the entire community.  This causes everyone rush over to the Traveling Merchant and purchase said item.
         Because everyone now has that item, its value dramatically drops, which deals a blow to the game’s economy. (A
         possible way this might be mitigated is if the price of ultra-rare items is high enough that not everyone is able to
         purchase them, causing the items to retain most of their value.)

-   Amount of Work and Updating Needed: As more items are added to Legacy, the Traveling merchant will need to be
        updated with those items. I can also imagine that implementing such a system would require a large amount of


And that’s basically it.

Thank you so much to anyone who read this, and I hope you enjoyed it! ;D

If there’s anything you think can be improved or should be removed, don’t hesitate to reply!

And if you think this is a good or bad idea, feel free to say why!


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