Author Topic: the Manga opens too early  (Read 599 times)


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the Manga opens too early
« on: May 06, 2019, 02:43:59 PM »
Opening the manga with the Buttercup Incident both takes away the impact (i.e. surprise) of losing Buttercup and rushes the characters into conflict before the audience has had time to understand their roles in the story. Unless the incident is framed as a flashback/the following chapters are presented after a time jump, I think it may be more effective when the manga is resumed to revise the first chapter to focus on building the world our characters live in, so that the audience has a chance to familiarize themselves with what the status quo is (e.g. Buttercup is a hero; Mojo Jojo is a villain) before it is eventually disrupted. There shouldn't be a reliance on the audience having preexisting knowledge of who the characters are from the show, as this is a whole new world with different rules they are being presented in.

My suggestion would be to basically expand on Ben's monologue from the game's introduction for the first chapter. The first page in the manga is closest to this, by hinting that certain characters are friends and others are not. A showcase of who lives in the world and some brief looks at typical interactions between them not only allows you to establish the world, but also offers the opportunity to sow the seeds for potential subplots that could be carried forward later in the story.


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Re: the Manga opens too early
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 10:05:55 PM »
So, you want the Buttercup incident to be a flashback, while the manga officially takes place in the present?

And I have seen Virt's drawings, and they have improved over the years. Maybe what you're basically asking for is a brand-new manga, right?


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