Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8 Patch Notes  (Read 4876 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8 Patch Notes
« on: June 22, 2019, 05:22:29 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8 Patch Notes


    • Racing and E-Mails are finally here!


    • Get those racing shoes on and grab your favorite Nanos, racing is here!
    • Inside Infected Zones are SACT Agents that initiate races. After starting a race, collect as many of the pods as fast as you can! Talk to the SACT Agent at the end of the Infected Zone to complete the race and receive your reward.
    • Races reward Fusion Matter and items based on how you scored.
    • Keep in mind that Fusion Matter rewards are based on score AND level, unlike the original game. Running to Dark Glade at level 4 to do a race will no longer immediately boost you up several levels.
    • Getting a 4-Star or 5-Star ranking on races in the Past Zone will yield items that can only be obtained in those races!
    • The leaderboard displays the high scores of the day, week, month, and all time.
    • Unlike the original game, every Infected Zone has brand new unique gear for you to collect!


    • Player E-Mails have been added to the game!
    • Selecting the E-Mail button on the ‘enter menu’ now lets you select players on your buddy list to compose E-Mails.
    • E-Mails can fit a ton of words into a message, so they’re good for communication in bulk. Players receive and can read the E-Mail they receive at their leisure, even if they were offline when it was sent.
    • Taros and items can be sent through E-Mail, with up to four items and 100,000 taros. The recipient can also accept these items whenever they’d like.


    • Each trade session now has a 2 million taros limit.


    • The trash button on the bottom right corner of the inventory screen has returned!
    • Dragging items to the trash icon will prompt deletion of said item. Efficient!
    • Clicking on the button will no longer cause a game crash! Stability!
    • The report button has seen an overhaul and now allows for a reason to be given behind your report.
    • The new chat has finally seen some improvements and is much more stable. Backward chat should be a thing of the past.

    World Build

    • Foster’s Home has received an interior! For now, only the foyer has been made available.
    • Mr. Herriman has moved from his spot behind the house to the foyer. You can use the foster’s front door any time to warp inside and talk to Mr. Herriman.


    • In addition to some re-releases, there are over 160 brand new items to collect from racing! Time Squad armor, the Cyber-Shogun Armor, Forever Ninja sets, they’re all here and more!
    • The Holosuit now dons a festive (and quite gaudy) stars and stripes suit appearance, in celebration of everyone’s favorite Justice Friend!
    • The Solomon Hat drop rate has been significantly increased and should be obtainable in a much more reasonable timeframe. We’re still adjusting numbers and testing things out, sorry!
    • It looks like the Mysterious Vendor is gearing up for some kind of construction! Seek him out to nab your very own Construction Hat!
    • The Bank Robber Mask was feeling kind of same-y, so we’ve updated its look to better differentiate it from the High Seas Stowaway face item.
    • A couple more new items have been discovered in drop pools. Where do these things keep coming from?


    • Some Scamper pilots have retired and new female pilots have taken their places, complete with brand new voice acting! All aboard!
    • Mr. Herriman has moved to the Foster’s Home foyer. We’ve also adjusted some of the mission dialog to reflect this change.
    • Foster’s Front Door can now be used to enter the Foster’s Foyer. You’ll find that doors the player can enter are now represented by a key graphic.
    • Johnny Bravo has gone missing! He was last spotted swimming off the coast in range of an old-timey wooden pirate ship. If anyone has any information, please immediately report to the proper authorities, whoever they’re supposed to be.


    • Lord Fuse has unleashed a new boss monster! Be wary, this one might not travel alone!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the live check termination error that could happen while knocked out.
    • Fixed some disconnects that could happen while stuck inside objects.
    • Fixed the edge of slides sometimes causing disconnections.
    • Some (but not all) slider abnormalities should be fixed. Dexter is on the case!
    • Fixed some rare cases in which buddy names could display incorrectly.
    • Warping into Infected Zones by having a group member warp you in while on a vehicle will now kick you off the vehicle. No cheating!
    • Certain hats used to not display face items when wearing them. This has been fixed!
    • Some escorts (Billy) started fighting on their own, even while not in a group. This has been fixed.

    Known Issues

    • We’re aware of the frequent freezing that still plagues the game for some users, and are looking into possible solutions. We apologize for the inconvenience, stay with us!
    • We plan to roll out some kind of automatic fix for camera spinning in the near future.
    • Mac support is being investigated, and we’ll be sharing more details on this soon.



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