Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8.1 Patch Notes  (Read 2164 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8.1 Patch Notes
« on: June 30, 2019, 04:21:00 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.8.1 Patch Notes


    • Maximum render distance has been upped slightly across the board.
    • The Anisotropic filtering setting now has function and makes textures look more crisp than ever.
    • Object fading has made a return and makes objects in the distance disappear smoothly.


    • Getting Rank 3 in races now rewards the unique race crate for that Infected Zone. This should make it a little easier to get some of those unique items.
    • Several race crates had a bunch of common or uncommon items in them, in addition to the unique race items. These have been removed and getting the unique race items for these Infected Zones should be much easier.

    Bug Fixes

    • Turns out the original game didn’t implement the Anisotropic Filtering setting properly, but we fixed it! This will adjust texture mipmaps and will basically make everything look a bit sharper! Goodbye blurry slider rails.
    • At some point early into the original game’s life, the developers either intentionally removed or broke the object fading graphics option. We’ve re-enabled this feature, so no more pop-in!
    • If either of these restored graphics options are too much for your computer to handle, we recommend turning them off in game settings.
    • It seems Coco’s Eggs were all displaying the incorrect power icon when collected. This has been corrected.
    • Sometimes players would disconnect while on slides and occasionally miss collected pods. This has been corrected!

    Known Issues

    • Whoops! Woosh and The Kumari Serpent currently appear behind the ocean from a distance while Object Fading is enabled. This should be fixed soon.

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