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What lessons Legacy could take from SWTOR
« on: July 06, 2019, 04:06:12 AM »
FusionFall Legacy promises to be a game for the ages, creating the FusionFall Experience we always wanted. However, as an active player of the BioWare's MMO "Star Wars: The Old Republic", I see that FusionFall lacks some features that make the SWTOR experience all that more pleasant. In this post I'll share some things from SWTOR that FFL could benefit from.

1 - Making the Guides more important!!

     In FF, the Guides serve as an analogue to classes, giving unique rewards to the player that can only be obtained from that guide. Sure, there are Guide missions, but that's about it; you almost never hear from them again. They should be more important!!
    While FF has a single campaign to all to play, with Guide missions serving as secondary missions, SWTOR goes the other way around; the Class missions are the most important part of the game, with secondary story missions being given to all classes, and each class has its own distinct story, unique to the bone.
     Choosing a guide should change the way you play the game, with different dialogue, interactions and missions depending on whether you chose Mojo, Dexter, Edd or Ben.

2- In-Game Trading Market

       The Galactic Trade Market (GTN) is one of the greatest features from SWTOR. With it, any player can sell items that they don't want or items that could be more valuable in money than in possession. It's as simple as accessing a hub in an important location (Space Stations, Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, etc).
      Trading in FF is a growing beast, as people such as Infinite Possibilities have active records of the game economy, but it is hampered by the fact that you can only trade in person or on the forums, which slows thing down considerably. An in-game marketplace could help many people with their trading and boost the game's economy. FFL will have more items and missions than Retro, so a marketplace will be more needed than ever.

3 - Guilds!

       This is an old request. Guilds are a staple of MMOs, and they often grant benefits for the player. In SWTOR, one can gain several benefitial boosts for players, such as increased XP, increased money gain, more stamina, endurance, etc.
       FFL could implement guilds in a similar way, making them a more interesting choice than playing without being in one. Benefits such as increased Taros and Fusion Matter, Jump and Speed boosts could be applied to people in Guilds, depending on their Guild's status.

4 - Weekly Events

      The Weekly Conquest objectives are something that make playing SWTOR so much fun while on a guild. Every week, you have to complete certain objectives (such as killing X number of enemies, playing X repeatable mission on a week, etc.) to boost your guild's rank, allowing it to offer more perks to its members.
       This could make FFL a very active game,making people appear more often to play it, knowing that it would make the whole guild have a better experience.

5 - Dyeing Clothes!

      The great majority of clothes in SWTOR can be modified to have certain stats; since the Croc Pot already fills that role, I'd like to show the 2nd best thing you can make with your clothes: Change its colors! With a thing called a Dye Module, one can change the colors of their clothes, giving every player the possibility to make their character even more unique.
       While many clothes in FF have excellent design (Clockwork sets, Cyber Shogun, Forever Ninja, looking at you), they are made only in certain colors. Even with a big selection of variants, you can't cover every choice of color. Having a certain NPC (let's call them the Tailor) charge you to change your clothes' colors could be one of the greatest additions to FFL, one that would certainly benefit the gameplay as a whole.

6- Group Missions and PVP!

       SWTOR has a very social landscape due to the way it handles missions outside the main storyline. It has missions called Operations and Flashpoints, missions made specifically to be played by groups. Flashpoints allow up to 4 players to join, and Operations, up to 8 players. They are complex and difficult missions that can be a lot of fun while you play with a group, and they give some great rewards, such as large amount of XP and money. Another part of that landscape are the PvP missions, which tests your abilities against other players.
       I see FFL benefitting a lot from either, giving players the ability to socialize while having fun on a group adventure. Also it would be a great opportunity to handle rare and exclusive items as rewards for such missions.

7 - More Vehicle Models

     A great joy of browsing the GTN is finding several models of vehicles, from animals to walkers, from jetpacks to hovercars. Having that many options is a great thing.
     Retro already tested its hand on this with the Police Car, a popular item due to its uniqueness in a world filled just with clouds and hoverboards. It's only natural for Legacy to continue with that trend, giving us new models. An example could be the Providence Bike, a new model that could be one of the most popular items in the game. 

This have been some of my opinions on what Legacy could learn from SWTOR. Please, share your opinions, i'd love to hear them!
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Re: What lessons Legacy could take from SWTOR
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 05:43:20 PM »
The transparent map. You can walk and look at it at the same time and you'll never worry about bumping into monsters while looking for directions again.


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