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The Megas Varsity Club
« on: July 11, 2019, 03:56:48 PM »
Calling all cool guys and girls. Going out to all tough guys. (And girls) If you're down to earth and striving to prove your worth this is the Club for you. This ain't no two bit college fraternity. These are the big leagues now. If you've got something to prove and are always on the move, join us. If you have commitment, if you've got style, if you have the guts you've worth our while. If you're a big fan of Megas, and you wanna have fun, join the Club and we'll have Fuse and his monsters on the run...

In all honesty guys it's just a little idea I had, and a friend of mine motivated me to give it a try. So if you're looking for a group to be a part of that's a little different and doesn't have steep requirements, we'd be happy to have you. We'll do things differently here. We'll have fun, and help each other out. But we'll be smart about it. We'll be organized and coordinated. But we'll still be cool and always in style. We don't do rivalries here unless it's friendly and mutual. Everyone is welcome.

Dress code: At the very least, you will need a Megas Varsity Jacket, or kiva outfit for girls to join and attend meetings, and gatherings. So that means you'll either have to have a level one or so jacket to wear for club purposes. Or if you're high level you can just buy one from the vendor at the Precipice. The kiva pants and shoes are easy to get but let me know if you need help with the shirt and I'll see if I can hook any of you girls up. All other atire is completely up to you guys. But please no blind folds. (In all honesty, you can wear one if you want. But shades of any kind are preferred. If you don't have a pair get with me and I'll see if I can get you one. Those are the only dress code rules for now.

What we'll do: We'll have fun, take down bosses, help each other out. That sort of thing. I'll look into events achievements, goals and rewards if we get enough people to join. And by enough I mean at least five to start with.

If you're interested in joining just let me know in the tread or PM me. My name in game is the same as in forums. Hopefully I'll hear from you guys soon.
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Re: The Megas Varsity Club
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2019, 12:56:47 PM »
Kaos Da Reaper is my Tag! Super excited!


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