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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.9 Patch Notes
« on: July 22, 2019, 05:45:26 PM »
    FusionFall Retro Beta v2.9 Patch Notes


    • Players are now shown informational images detailing the latest update when they log in to the game.

    Out of the Omnitrix!

    • Thanks to Dexter’s meddling with the Omnitrix, many of Ben’s aliens have escaped and have taken on personalities of their own! This new storyline is inspired by a cancelled update planned for the original game.
    • The new alien characters give out over 20 new missions! Featuring lots of new high level content. This will help fill in the mission gap encountered late-game.

    World Build

    • The Plumbers have trapped Mega Fusion Echo Echo on a small asteroid within the Null Void! While this particular area of the Null Void is not very expansive, it’s still plenty dangerous.
    • Kevin’s car can now be found next to him in Nowhere.
    • The platforms that take you up to Mandark’s research station in Forsaken Valley have been made way faster, making falling off way less of a pain!


    • Music now plays more often.
    • We uncovered an unused FusionFall track, which now plays in the Monkey Summit infected zone!
    • Thanks to our brilliant composer, Panman14, Galaxy Gardens now has music!
    • The greater Science District and Midtown regions now use the original extended versions of the music.
    • The original Midtown can now be heard exclusively at City Hall.
    • Steam Alley and Offworld Plaza now have music in the form of the original version of Science District.
    • The music that plays when you fight Lord Fuse has been replaced with a more “heroic” tune!


    • Various Ben 10-themed items have been added, including the coveted Stinkfly Wings and Forever King set.
    • The holosuit has changed to a super awesome Ben-themed set, originally designed by the Ink Tank team for their “Five Years Later” Ben 10 fan comic, we’ve adapted the look as a full player set. If you love it, you can get permanent versions of the items from Mega Fusion Echo Echo.


    • Many of Ben’s alien forms have escaped the Omnitrix and can now be found in the game!
    • AmpFibian has kept a level head and stayed put in Offworld Plaza.
    • Spidermonkey can be found in the mysterious Monkey Foothills.
    • Echo Echos are preparing a full on assault on Fuse’s Lair from The Precipice!
    • Albedo has also appeared, and seems to be keeping a close eye on the Echo Echoes.
    • The Mysterious Vendor has gotten even shadier and is offering an exclusive bandana for anyone who can find him...and can fork over the cash, of course.
    • We’ve added a nano station and power shopkeeper to City Point! Why, you ask? We’re not sure either, but they’re nice to have around!
    • Numbuh 20,000 in Candy Cove shared his name with a “real” operative from the Kids Next Door, which was causing some confusion. He’s now known as Numbuh 20,001.
    • Tetrax has been working out! He’s now 1.2x the scale he was previously. (That’s 20% more Tetrax!)
    • Billy is now the size of a child of his age! (That’s 20% less Billy!)
    • Various other characters have had their size adjusted to be more accurate.
    • The original developers didn’t put the final version of Ace’s texture in the game, so we recreated it. He’s now got eyebrows and some additional shading!
    • Various NPCs have received adjusted textures that better match their character artwork.


    • No thanks to Kevin, Fuse’s Overcharged Megawatts have taken over the Area 51.5 Infected Zone.
    • Mini Fusion Echo Echoes seem to be appearing all over the deeper areas of the Darklands.
    • Though he’s in containment in the Null Void, Mega Fusion Echo Echo is eager to break his way out. If you can take him down, you’ll get some cool Ben 10 themed items!
    • Many new Fusions have set up lairs in the world, including Fusion AmpFibian in Galaxy Gardens, Fusion Spidermonkey in Forsaken Valley, and even another Fusion clone of Ben himself deep in the Darklands.


    • You can now use the rocket nano power while standing on the ground. This should hopefully make using the power more intuitive for newer players. As a bonus, you can now use it to launch yourself out of water!
    • Nano Numbuh Two didn’t play the summon sound effect originally, but now he does!


    • We’ve added 23 new missions revolving around Ben’s escaped alien forms! The * symbol next to a mission name means it requires certain missions to be completed before you can accept it.
      • AmpFibian
        • Out of the Omnitrix [Ben - Offworld Plaza, Lvl 24]
        • Power Outrage [AmpFibian - Offworld Plaza, Lvl 24]
        • Shock Value* [AmpFibian - Offworld Plaza, Lvl 24]
        • 1.21 Megawatts [AmpFibian - Offworld Plaza, Lvl 24]
      • Spidermonkey
        • Spectacular Spidermonkey [Spidermonkey - Monkey Foothills, Lvl 27]
        • Far From Home [Spidermonkey - Monkey Foothills, Lvl 27]
        • With Great Power* [Spidermonkey - Monkey Foothills, Lvl 27]
        • Into the Spider-Lair* [Spidermonkey - Monkey Foothills, Lvl 27]
        • Simian Snap [Mojo Jojo - Mojo’s Volcano, Lvl 27]
        • Special Delivery [Numbuh Four - Mount Blackhead, Lvl 27]
      • Echo Echo + Albedo
        • Mega Fusion Education (Part 1 of 2) [Albedo - The Precipice, Lvl 30]
        • Mega Fusion Education (Part 2 of 2)* [Albedo - The Precipice, Lvl 30]
        • Sonorosian Sonata (Part 1 of 2) [Echo Echo 10 - The Precipice, Lvl 33]
        • Sonorosian Sonata (Part 2 of 2)* [Echo Echo 10 - The Precipice, Lvl 33]
        • Echo Echo Echo [Albedo - The Precipice, Lvl 34]
        • Echo Chamber [Echo Echo 10 - The Precipice, Lvl 34]
        • Echo Location* [Albedo - The Precipice, Lvl 35]
        • L’eggo My Echo* [Echo Echo 10 - The Precipice, Lvl 35]
      • Nano Enhancement Missions
        • All the Aliens (Part 1 of 5) [Echo Echo 42, Forsaken Valley, Lvl 24]
        • All the Aliens (Part 2 of 5) [Echo Echo 42, Forsaken Valley, Lvl 27]
        • All the Aliens (Part 3 of 5) [Echo Echo 42, Forsaken Valley, Lvl 33]
        • All the Aliens (Part 4 of 5) [Echo Echo 42, Forsaken Valley, Lvl 33]
        • All the Aliens (Part 5 of 5) [Echo Echo 42, Forsaken Valley, Lvl 33]

      Bug Fixes

      • The Traveler and Wayfarer Camp sets had some mixed up graphics on the pants and boots. This has been fixed!
      • The Racer D Jacket no longer considers itself super exclusive and is now tradable.
      • The Nergal Jr. Glasses can now be equipped by level 7 and 6 players.
      • The Fowl Foes and similar monsters didn’t have toon shading, but now they do.
      • Ben now properly refers to the transport to the Darklands as the Kumari Serpent and Admiral for all of his missions. That thing doesn’t even LOOK like a Scamper!
      • Woosh and the Kumari Serpent should no longer appear behind water when object fading is on.
      • A lamp post in the maze behind Foster’s was looking pretty strange, so we gave it a fresh coat of paint.
      • The Meteoric Guardians and similar monsters had the wrong icon. Not anymore!
      • The Turntablist Jerseys were male-restricted for some reason. This restriction has been lifted! Now you can make an accurate Sherri Bird look-alike!
      • A recall point in Green Maw was causing players to fall through the ship. We raised it up a bit!

      Known Issues

      • Albedo and the Echo Echoes are missing a few voice clips.
      • The Null Void Coordinate data given to you as a mission reward from Albedo is not tradeable, deletable or sellable, but it still functions as intended. If you REALLY need to get rid of it, you can drag it onto the trash can icon in your inventory.
      • Last Year's Knishmas Presents now have the wrong icon. Whoops!
      • Players may encounter occasional freezes requiring you to force close FusionFall Retro.
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