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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.10 Patch Notes
« on: August 05, 2019, 10:37:24 PM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v2.10 Patch Notes

Happy Anniversary! Exactly one year ago today, we released our Sneak Peak for FusionFall Retro! Thank you to our amazing community who's stuck with us throughout the release of the game! We think you'll like what we have in store in the future!

Vehicle Upgrade

  • We’ve totally overhauled the vehicles available for rent. Not only are there many more affordable options, but you can also rent a tricked out version of every ride!
  • Many vehicles have seen price reductions, level changes, and speed changes, in order to better fit with their new vendors. Players can now start renting vehicles at level 4!
  • We’ve added tons of new vehicles (more than 50!), including many fan favorite reskins from the original game and quite a few brand new designs can now be found at new vehicle vendors all over the world.
  • These vendors now sell souped up DX versions of every single ride available. All DX vehicles are 1200 class and are sold for a consistent price. Now you can cruise around using your favorite vehicle design without any drawbacks!

World Build

  • The generic piles of vehicles near the vehicle vendor locations have been removed in order to better match the shopkeeper’s inventories.


  • Now that the object fading feature has been re-enabled, we’ve toned down the skybox glow a bit to better match how the game looked when it first launched.
  • The Toon Shading option now keeps the game’s art style intact, and instead simply turns off the toon outline around the characters.


  • A few of the Timejump Tennyson items were mislabeled as “Tumeump”. Whoops! We’ve since corrected this.


  • Many new vehicle vendors have popped up all over the place, selling more specialized stock than previous vehicle vendors. You’ll find them in the following areas:
    • Sector V
    • Peach Creek Commons
    • Genius Grove
    • Goat's Junkyard
    • Foster's Home
    • Endsville
    • Townsville Center
    • City Hall
    • Pimpleback Mountain
    • Mojo's Volcano
    • Nowhere
    • Tech Square
    • Offworld Plaza
    • Forsaken Valley
    • The Precipice
  • The Mount Blackhead vehicle vendor has been relocated to Sector V and now sells a smaller selection of vehicles appropriate to that level. The other existing vehicle vendors have also received different stock to better match the areas they’re in.
  • We’ve re-tooled the ‘Buttercup is missing’ plotline to be a little closer to how it was originally envisioned.
  • Speaking of Buttercup, we’ve borrowed the updated PPG textures from FFL to help the girls better match their character artwork.
  • We’ve also adjusted various other NPC textures and models to better match their character artwork.
  • The Mysterious Vendor has vanished! We hope you stocked up on the items you wanted from him!
  • Adjusted the scale and speech bubble heights of a few NPCs.
  • A few of the roaming cars downtown were driving around in places they really shouldn’t have been.  The drivers have all had their licenses suspended.


  • A couple of stray Batty Bloodsuckers were hogging up some of the space in Endsville. They’ve been scared away!
  • The Overcharged Megawatts were dropping Level 23 CRATEs. Now they’re super stingy.
  • The Riot Rogues were really small! Fuse has beefed them up a bit.


  • Quite a few existing missions have been adjusted to better reflect the changes made to the ‘Buttercup is missing’ plotline.
  • ⚠️Heads up, everyone! In order to ensure that certain characters better fit with our plans for future content updates, the following missions will be removed in the next patch. Complete them while you can!
    • Something’s Fishy [Stickybeard - Candy Cove, Lv 7]
    • Hello from Camp Kidney (Part 3 of 3) [Spencer Spidermonkey - Camp Kidney, Lv 11]
    • Lou and You [Toiletnator - Camp Kidney, Lv 15]
    • Salty Scavenger [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 15]
    • Nautical Nonsense [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 15]
    • The False Flapjack [Flapjack - Leakey Lake, Lv 16]

Bug Fixes

  • Woosh and the Kumari Serpent appearing behind water when object fading is on should ACTUALLY be fixed this time, we swear.
  • The Fusion Dracula Cloak and the Nergal Jr Glasses should now sell for the correct price.
  • The game’s habit of randomly freezing should (hopefully) be reduced!
  • Nano Numbuh Two’s summon sound now plays at the correct time, we had previously uploaded an early version of the fix by mistake.
  • Fixed various typos leftover from the original game, and one or two of our own.
  • Vehicle sounds no longer play exclusively in one ear.
  • Fixed the 1-minute long email send cooldown being reset after logging out.
  • You will now be dropped from your group properly if you warp to a buddy that is not in your group.

Known Issues

  • Certain characters and items are not yet affected by the “Toon Shading Off” setting.
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