Author Topic: Making Rocket and Thrown Weapons Actually Viable  (Read 122 times)


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Making Rocket and Thrown Weapons Actually Viable
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:49:53 PM »
I was chatting with a colleague of mine while i was streaming Retro and I described to him how Rockets and Throwns are rather inconvenient when fighting off monsters. We then came up with a way to actually improve them.

First off, give them a reticle so that they're actually accurate like Rifles, Pistols, Melees, and Shatterguns. Second, extend their range greatly. "Oh, but that's gonna make them way too overpowered!" I already hear you saying. Now come the drawbacks.

Reduce the Rocket weapon fire rate from Retro level by about 25%-50%. They would hit incredibly hard, but at a slower pace than a Rifle. Finally, if another enemy is within the blast radius, they'd take about half of the damage the main target took. The shot would still be one round in appearance.

Reduce the Thrown weapon fire rate from Retro level by about 10%-20%. There would still be an explosion delay, but the weapon would function as a sort of Sticky Bomb, attaching itself to the main target. Blast radius would still cause less damage to surrounding enemies, but not as less of damage as a Rocket's blast radius. Only 1 Thrown projectiles can be out at a time per player. Once the timer has run out for one, another can be thrown.

Not perfect, but just a way to make sure these weapons are actually used. Seeing how lesser they are when compared to the other 4 aforementioned weapon classes makes me a little sad.

Also, as an added bonus, in order to make Melee weapons used more often, simply increase the swing rate.


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