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Chupacabra Lore Theory
« on: September 09, 2019, 05:17:00 PM »
So in the OG's birthday bash we saw a model for Secret Saturday's Chupacabra design, but CN has had different versions, I've got a theory that can explain the wildly different designs seen in each show.

First we'll talk about the real Chupacabra from Generator Rex, which is clearly stated in that show as being a legendary cryptid/animal and not a EVO.

Now for the "false" Chupacabra line which would consist of the artificial Chupacabras, this line starts with the cursed tape Grim rented for Billy that summoned a small reptilian creature they called Daisy. Now consider if there were non-cursed versions of that tape that Dexter could have seen as a child to loosely inspire him to create Charlie to scare Dee Dee before he escaped to Latin America where he was mistaken for a real Chupacabra. As a experimental creation Charlie's offspring could be ripe for mutations, easily enough so for them to lose the pointless tail, wings and turn a blueish color, thus leaving us with the current Secret Saturday's design for the Chupacabra seen during the Birthday Bash. Finally in the Ben 10 Omniverse episode TGIS set a few years after Secret Saturdays, Chupacabras are seen again, seemingly having reverted back to Charlie's size and regaining their tails.

Did I miss any Chupacabras from a CN show or do you have a timeline that makes more sense? Please let me know.
*Note that I do not count Mucha Lucha's as the show hasn't been hinted for the game as of now or the gorilla like disguise from the Scooby Doo film because as mentioned in the film, that disguise looked more like a Bigfoot then the Chupacabra.*


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