Author Topic: Nano Roulette Tourney #1 Signups [WIN Solomon Hats, Ace jackets, Taros & more]  (Read 138 times)


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I have decided to begin a tournament similar to rock/paper/scissors using the nano types (Adaptium, Blastons, and Cosmix) in a tournament to give people a fun chance at some pretty good prizes. The entry fee to join is 10,000 Taros, 100% of the entry fees will also be added to the prize pool (ex. If 5 people join, on top of the initial items to be given to a winner, they will also receive 50,000 taros!)

This is the first of its kind to be done, and if it is successful I will host many more.

Rules are simple:
1) Both players will grab Buttercup, Numbuh Two and Eddy to represent the 3 Nano types. These are the first 3 Nanos you receive in the future so anyone new to the past can participate.
2) The matches will be hosted in Mt Blackhead
3) Matches will be 2-3 falls
4) Adaptium beats Blastons, Blastons beats Cosmix & Cosmix beats Adaptium
5) Players will draw their Nano at the same time, the Nano that trumps the other type wins! In-case of a draw, a do-over will be allowed.
6) To prevent flooding, you are only allowed one character entry!

The tournament will be hosted using
There is no  timed date to this event, matches will occur over days to allow everyone time to play!

To signup, leave your IGN and Timezone.
Sign ups will close once we reach 10-15 people.

Prize pool currently consist of: Idea hat, Solomon Hat, Leviathan Set (Red, Purple, Yellow, etc) and the entire entry fee pool. The more I grind the more the prize pool will have.
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IGN:Agent Whine
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