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FusionFall Retro Beta v2.12 Pumpkin Patch Notes
« on: October 23, 2019, 12:22:11 AM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v2.12 Pumpkin Patch Notes

Future Zone

  • When logging in to the Future Zone, players will now be prompted with a special news image that explains the original purpose of the future as a tutorial zone, as well as the opportunity to skip it.

Happy Halloween

  • Eternal night has once again fallen on the FusionFall world!
  • Fred Fredburger and Jeff the Spider have climbed their way up to our mortal plane and into Eternal Vistas from the Underworld!
  • It seems Jeff and Fred weren’t very careful and accidentally let legions of spooky Pumpkin Spawns follow them up to our world as well!
  • Speak to Jeff the Spider at the graveyard entrance in Eternal Vistas to help get rid of this Pumpkin Spawn invasion, and maybe earn some treats along the way.
  • Redeem the code “Halloween2019” to grab yourself the Jerk-O-Lantern Head. Be quick, the code expires after Halloween!
  • Redeem the code “GrimBoard” to get a free Grim Hoverboard, on the house! This vehicle and code both expire after Halloween, so be sure to redeem it quickly!


  • Fred Fredburger and Jeff the Spider have arrived at the Eternal Vistas graveyard.
  • Demongo’s location has been slightly adjusted, he’s moved further away from the camp. You’ll now find him near the big gate leading to the Dark Tree Clearing.
  • Power Item vendors inside Infected Zones have been retired, and in their places are Potion vendors!


  • Pumpkin Spawns are wreaking havoc all over the graveyard! Defeating them may reward you with special Pumpkin CRATEs!


  • Hallows Eve Helper [Jeff the Spider - Eternal Vistas, Lvl 4]
    • Pumpkin Spawns trailed Jeff and Fred through their portal from the Underworld, and Jeff is enlisting you to help clean up the mess. Who knew even the Underworld was infested with Fuse’s freaks! Harness the spirit of Underfist and put those pesky Pumpkin Spawns in their place!


  • Pumpkin CRATEs dropped by Pumpkin Spawns in the graveyard may drop exclusive Halloween items, outfits, and weapons.
  • Revive Tokens can be received from Pumpkin CRATEs. With these in your inventory, you can instantly revive when knocked out!
  • Last year’s Pumpkin CRATEs’ names and descriptions have been updated to better differentiate them from those dropped by Pumpkin Spawns.
  • The holosuit has changed to a spooky red Blastons Wraith outfit! Be sure to grab the permanent version of this holosuit from Pumpkin CRATEs dropped by Pumpkin Spawns.

Bug Fixes

  • Players landing from Monkey Skyway trips used to teleport! We’ve made sure all temporal travel is restricted to the Null Void.
  • Slider movement for players has been adjusted and should look better!
  • some players may have experienced the inability to attack after attacking monsters for a while. This should no longer happen!

Known Issues

  • Using a Revive Token leaves a "ghost" of the item in your inventory! Spooky! Placing another item over top of it will get rid of it.
  • There’s a mysterious missing Fusion Pod in Green Gullet! We have our best men on the case!
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