Author Topic: Crashing constantly due to irregular connection to server?  (Read 270 times)


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Crashing constantly due to irregular connection to server?
« on: November 06, 2019, 01:54:43 AM »

My game is constantly freezing serverside. On my client, I can still move and shoot, but enemies freeze, and nothing changes and I end up dying instantly with the message:

"Some Irregularities have been found with your connection to the server. So your game will be closed."

This happens either when I unbox or move multiple things in my inventory at a time, or fight every 10ish minutes or so.
Anything I can do settings-wise to fix my "connection"?


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Re: Crashing constantly due to irregular connection to server?
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2019, 08:18:57 AM »
Have you tried uninstalling the app & redownloading the game? Did you check your Control Panel to see how many versions of Unity Web Player you have installed? Do you have the right drivers installed on your PC? Is your PC fully up to date? *Check Windows Update if it's not. Do you have Microsoft Windows Redistributable on your device (*+ any related files)? I recommend you check out my other post in the forums (* a guide) that goes into detail on technical malfunctions. *Have you checked the status of your Internet provider (network) in your PC settings? *Is your Internet fluctuating due to a bad server/network connection? I recommend that as well; you may have to consider contacting your local Internet provider & try doing a manual reset on your modem/router + checking your Windows Defender/Firewall to make sure access is enabled. *Is your PC's user name (admin name) in letters only or is it alphanumeric? You may have to consider changing it to just plain letters man. Try those steps & run the application as an administrator and see what occurs.
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