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FusionFall Retro Beta v3.0 Patch Notes
« on: November 22, 2019, 05:35:39 PM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v3.0 Patch Notes


  • Our original plans for including Time Squad have changed! While we originally intended to include both the high level and low level content in one large update, we will instead be splitting the content into two smaller patches to better allow for us to flesh out and polish various aspects of the game. We plan to release part two early next year!
  • We’ve added a brand new feature in the form of Local Banking! Check out the full details on local banks down below.
  • Redeem the code “TurkeyTime” to receive the Candy Corn Blunderbuss. Be sure to redeem it before it expires on December third.
  • Redeem the code “OutaTime” to receive the Time Cop Cruiser DX for free for a limited time! Be sure to redeem it before it expires on December third.

Time Run Amok! Part One...

  • It seems the mysterious time pods crash landing all over the world weren’t just for show! Coop was apparently hard at work fixing up Larry 3000, and it looks like the robot is functioning well enough to send you on some new missions!
  • Help Larry 3000 figure out just what this “Fusion Invasion” seems to be, and help him reach out to Buck, whose time pod seems to have been knocked off course!


  • Larry 3000 has been rebuilt by Coop and is fully operational! Or at least, he’s as operational as he was previously....You can find him in Goat’s Junkyard.
  • Eddy, Edd, Wilt and Father have received model updates to make them more accurate to how they were intended to appear, and a few others have seen minor texture changes!
  • Many of the NPCs in Peach Creek Commons have moved!
    • Father has moved to Peach Creek Estates to keep a closer watch on his housing development. You can now find him near the Delightful Developments sign.
    • Wilt has moved from his spot in the center of the Cul-De-Sac and can now be found near the front gates, making sure the door stays held open for any new visitors.
    • The bank character has moved to a location within the castle better suited to share space with the additional local bank NPCs for the area.
    • Various NPCs have been shuffled around in the Cul-De-Sac Fortress to be better organized.
  • The gang at Mount Blackhead have also reorganized!
    • Numbuh Three is now way easier to find, and can now be found near Numbuh Four near the front gate.
    • Ed has taken up a new throne as the King of the jungle, and can now be found at the base of the Magic Tree.
    • Mac and Coco have moved slightly to compensate for Ed’s new placement.
    • Bob O’Ganoosh has also been made more visible, and can now be found near the Croc Pot.
    • Prince King Morbucks has moved to a location better suited to share space with the additional local bank NPCs for the area.
  • Four new local banker NPCs have been added to the game, along with the Morbucks Accountant.
    • Gold Banker - Peach Creek Commons
    • Sapphire Banker - Townsville Center
    • Emerald Banker - Mount Blackhead
    • Ruby Banker - Forsaken Valley
  • The Woosh Operators and Kumari Admirals have received (long overdue) voice clips!


  • To go along with the addition of Larry 3000, there are now six new missions to complete! An * symbol next to the mission name means that certain quests in the mission line must be completed before you can access it.
    • First Contact [Larry 3000 - Goat’s Junkyard, Lv 9]
    • Time Run Amok [Larry 3000 - Goat’s Junkyard, Lv 9] *
    • Father Time [Father - Peach Creek Estates, Lv 10] *
    • Time to Groove [Larry 3000 - Goat’s Junkyard, Lv 10] *
    • Making History [Larry 3000 - Goat’s Junkyard, Lv 9] *
    • When Harry Met Larry [Coop - Goat’s Junkyard, Lv 12]
  • Father’s mission dialogue has changed to reflect his new location in Peach Creek Estates.

World Build

  • Adjusted the sky and fog color in Goat’s Junkyard (The Past) to better differentiate it from the future version of the infected zone, as well as to make it closer to how it was originally intended to appear.
  • The sidewalk color around the cul-de-sac now matches the rest of the street.
  • The resurrect ‘em sound in the cul-de-sac was emitting from slightly to the right of the resurrect  ‘em. We’ve moved it in to place.
  • We’re testing out a new skybox for the past zone! We’re still trying to find a good blend between the two skyboxes used during the original game’s lifetime, while also making the textures higher resolution. Expect this to change again down the road as we make further adjustments.
  • Cleaned up and adjusted a couple world textures around the junkyard.


  • The Gangreen Gang Jackets have been renamed! They now accurately describe that they’re recolors of Ace’s jacket, rather than reflecting the jackets that the rest of the gang wear.
  • The Time Squad outfit has been made a bit lighter to fall better in line with official Time Squad uniform code.
  • The Time Squad Cowl has been added to the game, and can be earned by completing the mission “Time to Groove.”
  • A special new item, the Blossom Talks-A-Lot Action Figure, has been added to the game!


  • In preparation for our plans to add additional nanos, we’ve changed the way nanos are displayed in the nano book. You can now see silhouettes of all Nanos you do not have, as opposed to only being able to see the silhouette of the nano to be unlocked next.
  • This change also allows us to add Nanos outside those locked to levels! We’re not totally set on how or when additional Nanos may appear, but we’d like to introduce additional Nanos not linked to levels at some point. We hope you’re as excited as we are!
  • There is now a hotkey to see your Nano Book! Press ‘N’ to quickly bring up the Nano Book!

More Item Storage with Local Banking

  • The Morbucks clan has been stepping up their banking game, and they’re proud to introduce local banking!
  • Local bankers are now available, each with 200 bank slots to store additional items that you can’t fit in the global bank. You can only withdraw items from the same local bank you deposited them at, so remember where you’re putting your stuff!
  • Four different local bankers have shown up at each of the four main hub areas alongside their global banker counterpart.
  • Keep in mind, the Morbucks family requires a *ahem* modest service fee in order to open and keep track of your local bank and it’s inventory. You can find the accountant shop NPC selling memberships near all of the local bankers at the main hub areas. Use these membership cards to gain access to the corresponding local bank.
  • After activating a membership, you have permanent access to that location’s local bank.
  • The standard bank is still around, and standard bankers will still hold your items. They can still be found at all of the main hub areas, and you are still able to access the standard bank by talking to any of them.
  • If you include the standard bank, you’ll have a grand total of 1,000 bank slots after unlocking all of the local banks. Just don’t forget where you store your items!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some of the Junkasaurus Wrecks outside of Goat’s Junkyard were using the wrong NPC ID, and as a result weren’t counting toward mission goals.
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