Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v3.1 Patch Notes  (Read 7453 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v3.1 Patch Notes
« on: December 17, 2019, 10:28:37 PM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v3.1 Patch Notes


  • Redeem the code “TisTheSeason” to receive the Frosty Wreath. Be sure to redeem it before it expires on December 30th.
  • Redeem the code “KingOfCool” to receive the Ice Bolt for a limited time! Be sure to redeem it before it expires on December 30th.

Ice King’s Home Invasion

  • From now until January of next year, Pokey Oaks South (The Past) is home to a very special winter themed event!
  • The Ice Kingdom is under attack from one of Fuse’s monsters! As such, Ice King has enlisted the help of his “very best friends” Finn and Jake to take care of the problem while he and his penguins take a vaca- er evacuate to safety!
  • While Finn and Jake are dealing with the situation back home, you can temporarily find Ice King and his penguin friends in Pokey Oaks South!
  • With four special missions and tons of new items to collect, you’re going to want to complete this event before it melts away for good!


  • Ice King and his entire legion of penguins have temporarily taken up residence at a nice house in Pokey Oaks South.
  • Prince King Morbucks, the Emerald Banker, and the Accountant have now all moved to be a little closer to the entrance of the main path through Mount Blackhead.
  • Mac and Coco felt left out from their most recent move, so they’ve now taken up residence to where Prince King Morbucks was previously.
  • The Holosuit vendors have packed up for good, and no longer sell the Holosuit.
  • Added additional functionality to escort NPCs.


  • Frozen Fowl and Penguin Pests, Fuse’s twisted copies of Ice King’s loyal penguins, have been added to the game for this winter event and can be found in Pokey Oaks South!
  • Two new Fusions have also been temporarily added to the game as part of this event!


  • New special event missions have been temporarily added to the game! While all four missions are level 4, they have you facing monsters that are much stronger! If you aren’t yet strong enough to complete them on your own, team up with your friends to get the job done!
  • The following is a list of missions that have been added to the game. The (*) symbol next to the mission name means previous missions must be completed in order to accept it.
    • Home Invasion
    • Naughty or Nice King?*
    • Penguin Extermination*
    • Ice Cold*

World Build

  • The weather has picked up and it started snowing!
  • A mysterious and massive ice fortress has shown up on the Southern end of Pokey Oaks. Make sure you explore it thoroughly before it melts when the winter event is over!
  • City Hall now features grass in its courtyard as originally intended.


  • The newly frozen area of Pokey Oaks South features a brand new, chilly track. Secret Lairs within the spire also feature a brand new music track!


  • The Holosuit has been retired, and has permanently reverted back to its original appearance! If you like the solid black threads, hang on to it!
  • Tons of new holiday exclusive items are available for a limited time during Ice King’s stay in the suburbs.


  • Nanos you haven’t yet earned now display the level you become when you create them! We hope this helps new players getting a hang of how required Nanos work.
  • Nanos’ descriptions also now describe if they’re required or not, and the level you become upon creating the Nano.
  • Nano icons have all received a facelift! Each one was remade to be consistent across the board and now features a colored glow, allowing you to quickly figure out which type (A, B or C) they are. This should help you more easily create a balanced loadout.
  • We went through every single Nano power and made changes to their descriptions to add a bit more flavor!
  • Nano Juniper Lee looked just a little off, so her texture has been updated!
  • Nano Coco was super tiny! Her size has been adjusted to better fit with the rest of the Nanos.
  • Four additional Nanos set to be added to the game at a later date are now viewable at the end of the Nano bank, including Flapjack and Johnny Bravo! Who could those mysterious final two be?

Local Banking

  • Morbucks Savings and Loan has adjusted their prices in response to current market trends, and now each Membership card costs 500,000 taros each regardless of location. Princess has been taught a very important lesson.

Bug Fixes

  • We’re in the process of rolling out one last fix to prevent freezing when loading certain characters and items! Stability!
  • NPCs in escort missions wouldn’t give you credit if they were the ones who took down a mob! This issue has been corrected.
  • Deleting an item while trading used to freeze your game! Now, it won’t do anything.

Known Issues

  • The ice structure in Pokey Oaks South is HUGE. Like, too huge… Loading this area may sometimes freeze your game for a second or two.
  • Due to us restructuring the way the server is configured, you will be dropped from a group when warping to/from the darklands to anywhere else in the world.
  • As a result of changes made to add support to the game for additional Nanos, Nano Icons in the hotbar sometimes take a little bit to load in when you first log in to the game.
  • Evidently players have been getting kudos from various characters for doing the Out of the Omnitrix missions even when they haven’t completed them. We’re looking into fixing this.
  • The brand new pistols are classified as melee weapons (and act like other weapons!)
  • Redeeming codes with an 'N' in them will take you to the Nano book screen! Don't worry, you can still redeem the codes.
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