Author Topic: FusionFall Retro Beta v3.2 Patch Notes  (Read 8587 times)


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FusionFall Retro Beta v3.2 Patch Notes
« on: January 09, 2020, 06:08:47 PM »
FusionFall Retro Beta v3.2 Patch Notes


  • How time flies! As of January 14th 2020, FusionFall is eleven years old!
  • To celebrate FusionFall’s Birthday, we’ve added four special new Nanos to the game, all based on characters and concepts that can only be found in FusionFall!
  • The holiday season is over, Ice King has returned home, and his giant ice structure has melted away.


  • New Nanos! In celebration of FusionFall’s 11th birthday, we’ve added four new Nanos to the game! Each of these special Nanos is themed around a character or element that can only be found in FusionFall. These include:
    • Belladonna (Adaptium)
    • Computress (Cosmix)
    • Runty (Blastons)
    • Unstable Nano (Unstable)
  • A brand new type of optional Nano, the World Nano, can be received after completing special Nano missions you can find in the world which conclude certain storylines.
  • The Unstable Nano is a special new World Nano that will occasionally change its appearance to currently unavailable Nanos for special events.
  • Changes have been made to the Nano book behind the scenes that allow us to reorganise it whenever new nanos are added.


  • A brand new type of mission, the World Nano mission, has been added to the game! You can accept these special Nano missions by talking to characters in the world.
  • Each World Nano mission requires you to be the level listed in the Nano book. Most World Nano missions also require certain quests to be completed before you can accept them, and can be seen as a sort of finale to certain storylines.
  • Four new World Nano missions have been added to the game, but we’re keeping which missions you need to complete to unlock them a secret!
    • The Unstable Nano
    • Record Break-In
    • Nostalgia Chip
    • Fuse Some More
  • Your selected guide will send out ingame emails for each World Nano mission once the criteria needed to accept the mission has been met, however they’ll only send you one email at a time. We recommend doing the new Nano missions in the order your guide tells you about them!
  • You can now delete active Nano missions from your journal. Players may still only have one nano mission in their journal at a time, and you will not be automatically given a standard level-up Nano mission until space in your journal is made available.

World Build

  • The massive ice structure in Pokey Oaks South has melted.
  • Harada-Bridges Records, the world famous record label located in Marquee Row, has finally gotten around to putting some signage up on their building.
  • City Station’s elevator speed has been adjusted to be a bit faster.
  • New Fusion Lairs have been added alongside the new Nano missions.
  • Downtown has seen a ton of sky and fog color changes to better match how the areas were originally intended to be presented, as well as to make them feel more memorable. Some of these areas include Offworld Plaza, Morbucks Towers, and Galaxy Gardens.


  • Ice King has returned home to the Ice Kingdom and brought his penguins home with him.
  • The Gangreen Gang felt they were in a weird formation, so Arturo and Grubber switched places.


  • A few new monsters & Fusions have been added to the game as part of the new Nano missions.
  • The Fusion Powerpuff Girls have brand new textures to better match their updated NPC counterparts.
  • A couple of monsters’ drop rates have been adjusted. We’ll be looking into further changing drop rates in the future as we gear up for the expansion.


  • A couple of the new fusion lairs have brand new music!


  • The loading screen now quickly fades out when returning to gameplay.
  • Fusion Bubbles’ artwork on the loading screen has been adjusted to better match her new ingame appearance.
  • The Computress tutorial popup has been updated to feature 2D Artwork instead of a picture of her ingame model.
  • Buddy chat has been updated, and it should now be a bit easier to keep track of your conversations with multiple buddies.
  • The “New Chat” option should no longer occasionally break while trying to type during combat.
  • The banners used for guide missions in your journal have been updated, and now feature 2D character artwork as opposed to pictures of the ingame models. We intend to update more UI elements related to guides at a later date.

Game Guide

  • A section on Nano Missions has been added to the ingame Game Guide.
  • The “Login” section of the ingame Game Guide has been replaced with a foreword from Computress.
  • The Nanocom Efficiency section of the Game Guide has been removed, as the information contained inside was inaccurate.
  • A couple typos and mistakes left in the ingame Game Guide by the original team have been fixed, and we intend to slowly roll out updates and fixes to the guide to better represent the game in its current state.

Bug Fixes

  • Trying to type with new chat option no longer breaks while in combat! As far as we can tell, the option is now completely stable!
  • Mobs who existed at a certain height, specifically some inside of Fuse’s Lair, were behaving weirdly. They no longer teleport around rapidly!
  • Nanos will now always play their power sounds, even if the camera isn’t focused on them!
  • Some characters did not receive Nanos as a result of the changes we made behind the scenes. This issue has since been corrected!

Known Issues

  • Nano previews in your inventory may sometimes not appear when logging in.
  • One of the tasks of “Record Break-In” plays the wrong task advance sound and mistakenly puts it in your completed journal list early and changes your active mission. This is just a local issue, and simply advancing through the mission to the next task fixes this.
  • The journal pages that feature the Unstable Nano display incorrect power icons.


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