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New Nanos?
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:16:21 PM »
I would love to know what nanos people want and what abilities and type me personally the only one i can think of is diamondhead as an adaptium and have a damage ability and a freedom and a guard


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Re: New Nanos?
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 01:09:31 AM »
What about some nanos like...

Ben 10 (Classic Form)
Type: Cosmic
Powers: Its Hero Time! (Bonus)
            Alien Collector (Drain)
            Protector Of The Earth (Guard)

Ben 10 (Alien Force Form)
Type: Adaptium
Powers: Alien Transformation (Freedom - Self)
            Alien Scan (Radar)
            Alien Force (Damage - Area)

Ben 10 (Ultimate Alien Form)
Type: Blastons
Powers: Ultimate Transformation (Stun - Area)
            Power Healing (Health - Self)
            Not Die Yet! (Revive - Self)

Keven Leven (Classic Alien Form)
Type: Blastons
Powers: Destroctive Blast (Damage - Area)
            Insane Mind (Drain- Point)
            Eternal Rest (Revive - Group)           

Keven Leven (Alien Force Form)
Type: Adaptium
Powers: Don't miss with me (Damage - Cone)
             Rock Shield (Freedom - Self)
             Mineral Bomb (Snare - Self Area)

PS: I know the Classic Ben is on the BETA but they can try to update him or just put on the game,since Belladonna is on then i don't see why not have some others variations...


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Re: New Nanos?
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2020, 06:29:45 PM »
I'll spitball some ideas for nanos of characters (in NPC form) that are in Retro but don't have their own nano.

As for the type, that will be for the devs to decide because there's really no lore reason as to why certain nanos have certain powers.

Johnny Bravo

Disclaimer (I haven't watched much Johnny Bravo, so I'm going off what Carl's character is in Retro)

Carl Nano

Carl doesn't have much experience in combat, so his nano should mainly focus on passive and support powers (but he still has one that is somewhat useful in combat).

Powers: Nerd Vision (Radar)
              Chatterbox Lullaby (Sleep - Area)
              Digression Suppression (Recall)

The Powerpuff Girls

Princess Morbucks Nano

Since Princess is known for her large swaths of wealth and prowess in combat, her nano should be a balance of support, passive, and combat nano powers.

Powers: Money Maker (Bonus)
              Jetpack Joyride (Rocket - Self)
              Buck Bombs* (Damage - Area)

*According to the wikia, in the episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey", she used stacks of burning dollar bills as Molotov Cocktails.

Mayor Nano

Although the mayor may be an old man, he has shown some skill in fighting. In the episode "Impeach Fuzz", he was successfully able to defeat Fuzzy in a wrestling match, and regain his title as Mayor of Townsville. That said, he isn't shown fighting often (at least in the original series), so his nanos powers should have one combat power and two other passive/support powers.

Powers:  Diplomatic Immunity (Guard)
               Townsville TKO (Stun - Cone)
               Political Protector (Freedom - Group)

Fuzzy Lumpkins Nano

Fuzzy is quite a hostile and territorial person, so his nano should focus on combat, with a nano power for leftover for a passive effect.

Powers: Boomstick Volley (Damage - Cone)
              Raging Lumpkin (Run - Self)
              Botched Banjo (Stun - Area)

Ace Nano

Ace doesn't really engage in fights physically, and mainly acts as the Gangreen Gangs tactician. So his nano should focus on passive and support powers.

Powers: Gangreen Getaway (Run - Group)
              The Eye of an Ace (Radar)
              Dumpster Diver* (Scavenge)

*In the show, the Gangreen Gang live at the Townsvile Dump.

Ed Edd n Eddy

Well, I'd put nanos based on the Kanker Sisters here, but their characters are rather similar to each other, so I'm not sure how to make their nanos unique from one another.

If anyone else has ideas, feel free to post them!

Time Squad

A Larry 3000 nano has already been made for Legacy, so I assume that it could be ported over to Retro as well.

Samurai Jack

Scotsman Nano

Since he is a very combative person, it would make sense for his nano to focus on combat nano powers, along with a support power thrown in.

Powers: Celtic Blade (Damage - Point)
              Gatling Gun Barrage (Drain - Area)
              Runeic Revival (Revive)

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Hoss Delgado Nano

Since Hoss engages in combat multiple times in the series, I think his nano should focus on combat, with a passive power thrown into the mix.

Powers: Machine Gun Go-getter (Drain - Point)
             Paranormal Locator (Radar)
             Iron Underfist (Damage - Point)

Dracula Nano

Legacy already has a Dracula nano, so it would be the same situation with the Larry 3000 nano.

Jeff Nano

Jeff doesn't really focus his efforts into fighting, and mostly tries to be nice to everyone he meets. Although, there are times when he harms people, such as when he wraps others in his web. For this reason, his nano should mainly focus on support, but also have a combat ability.

Power: Web of Protection (Guard)
            Helping Hands (Revive)
            Web Slinger (Snare - Cone)

Fred Fredburger Nano

In the series, he never really fights anyone. The only time where Fred is seen fighting someone is in the Billy and Mandy video game, where he was a playable character, and was given a frying pan as a weapon. He also uses a frying pan in Punch time Explosion, where he is kind of like an assist trophy from Super Smash Brothers. I think it would be cool that if he were to ever get a nano, one of the nano powers references his style of fighting in other video games.

His nano should mainly focus on combat, but also have a support power.

Powers: Frying Pan Slam (Damage - Point)
              Frozen Yogurt Freebie (Health - Group)
              Brain Freeze (Stun - Cone)

Codename: Kids Next Door

Father Nano

Father's nano should focus on combat, since he has a variety of offensive powers he uses on the show, with his main power being pyrokinesis. He also has levitation, which can be used as a support power.

Powers: Fiery Rage (Drain - Area)
              Levitation (Jump - Self)
              Flaming Hands (Damage - Cone)

Toiletnator Nano

Although he and his powers are mostly a joke, when he puts his mind to it, the Toiletnator can actually be pretty powerful! For example, in the episode "Operation C.A.N.Y.O.N. ", he was able to create a hurricane in order to flush out all the cereal the KND put in the canyon. Even Father couldn't do that!

For this reason, his nano should be combat focused.

Powers: Toilet Paper Trap (Snare - Cone)
              Finishing Flush (Drain - Point)
              Plunger Punishment  (Damage - Point)

I'd continue, but I think that's enough ideas from me for now.

Hope you enjoyed the post, because I had a blast making it!  ;D


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Re: New Nanos?
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2020, 02:13:35 AM »
Nice ideas so far. If anyone's interested, I made a thread on the off topic forum with potential Nano powers for every single Omnitrix alien from the OS to Omniverse (even the bad ones like Walkatrout). Personally I gave Diamondhead Leech, Heal Self and Antidote.

If we're just talking about NPCs in the game though, I'd love to see Nanos for Dexbots and Mandroids. Maybe Dexbot could have passive powers like rocket and freedom and Mandroid could have more aggressive/fighting powers like stun.


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